All 50 Tinker Bell Characters: The Complete List

All 50 Tinkerbell Characters

Tinker Bell and the world of her fellow fairies and their friends are vast, imaginative and extremely interesting. There are many fairy and non-fairy characters, characters from the books and movies and both and all of them are intriguing individuals with different characteristics and personal traits. This is the list of all 50 Tinker Bell characters.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is Peter’s companion, a sassy and cute little fairy who cherishes their relationship and enjoys going on adventures with him. She can get really jealous and spiteful in Wendy’s presence since she feels threatened by her. She is feisty, stubborn and hot-tempered and often shows this side of hers when she spends time with Wendy and other humans.


Bobble is a Tinker-talent sparrow man with a fair complexion, red hair and blue eyes and is very short and skinny. He is cheerful, helpful, and can get fussy, excitable, and argumentative, especially with his best friend Clank. Like all fairies, he can always find a good reason to celebrate.


Buck is an animal-talent sparrowman with fair skin, light brown hair and green eyes. 


Chloe is a garden-talent fairy with a fair complexion, short brown hair and brown eyes. She entered and studied for the Pixie Hollow Games because she thought she could end the garden fairies’ long-lasting losing streak.  


Dewey is also known as The Keeper, since he is known as “the keeper of fairy knowledge” and has written many books on them, such as Wingology. He is an elderly fairy with a light complexion, white hair and blue eyes and he wears glasses and has a vaguely Ukrainian accent. 

Fairy Mary

The head of the Tinker Fairies, Fairy Mary is fussy, organised, and very proud of being a Tinker. She is stout, wise and calm, with brown hair and brown eyes, always ready to listen to others’ stories and believing in her fellow fairies, being motherly and protective of them.


Fawn is an animal fairy and one of Tinker’s first friends, always ready to play. She has a light complexion, brown hair and amber eyes and is a tomboy ready to do mischief and play tricks on her fellow fairies. She is fluent in almost all animal languages and is one of the best with this talent.


Iridessa is a perky light fairy in Pixie Hollow, full of energy and spark, with tan skin, short dark hair and brown eyes. She tends to get worrisome and even panic when she senses danger. She is kind and friendly but surrounded by many reckless friends so it is not too weird that she constantly worries. 


Periwinkle is a Frost-talent fairy from Winter Woods. She is Tinker Bell’s twin sister since they were born of the same laugh. She has a fair complexion, white hair and blue eyes. She is very loyal to Tinker and is always by her side. 

Queen Clarion

Queen Clarion is the beautiful queen of Pixie Hollow who is dedicated to making her fairies safe and sound. She is extremely wise and knowledgeable but doesn’t seem to take her position too seriously.

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She is approachable and gentle and it is said that she can be quite mysterious. 


Rosetta is a garden-talent fairy who speaks with a Southern accent. She is well-mannered and charming, elegant and always wants to look her best. She loves flowers, talking about beauty and giving makeovers to her friends. She has a light complexion, red hair and green eyes.


Silvermist is a Water-fairy with an East-Asian appearance, pale skin, black hair and brown eyes. She is a bit strange, calm and doesn’t get nervous easily, is pretty easygoing, friendly and likes to make new friends. She likes to listen to rumours and gossip from the babbling brook and singing fountain.


Vidia is a fast-flying fairy with fair skin, long black hair, pouty lips and green eyes and is quite tall for a fairy. She can get very secretive and usually keeps extra fairy dust in a box hidden under her bed. She likes to chase dragonflies when other fairies aren’t looking. She believes not all fairies are created equal.


Cheese is a mouse that helps around Tinker’s Nook by pulling mouse carts around and helping the fairies transport goods. He absolutely adores cheese and eats it all the time, spending so much time around it that he has even started to smell like it. 

Martin Griffiths

Dr Martin Griffiths is a scientist whose primary field of study is lepidopterology, the study of butterflies and moths. He is very absorbed in his work, but always finds time for his daughter Lizzy. He believes he is pretty rational and doesn’t have much patience with the things he believes to be fantasy.


Grimsley is a troll who has been guarding a bridge on a Lost Island north of Never Land, together with his friend Leech for more than three hundred years. He is big and strong, a bit funny looking, with a very big nose.


Blaze is a brave little firefly who always acts tough and tries to help Tinker Bell on her adventure as much as he can. He likes to take things that aren’t his, such as Tinker Bell’s mouse cheese and Fira’s sparkles. He can be very helpful, especially with his glow that helps Tinker when she needs light in complicated corners.


Beck is an animal-talent fairy with a light complexion, blue/green eyes and blonde hair. She is kind to all animals and spends most of her time with them, dreaming of being one as well. She can read the thoughts of all animals and is the only one who speaks Bird with no accent.


Bess is an art-talent fairy with a light complexion, brown hair in a ponytail and violet eyes. She is the most talented art fairy in Pixie Hollow and is a very outgoing, friendly and fun-to-be-around fairy. She is always absorbed in her work and rarely notices paint in her hair and on her clothes.


Lily is a garden fairy who spends all her time in the garden and can make any plant or flower bloom and grow. She is very hard working but also enjoys sitting and watching the grass grow.

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She is one of the main characters in the stories but doesn’t appear in the movie. 


Lumina is a Light fairy with a fair complexion, long brown hair and green eyes. She was Iridessa’s partner in the Pixie Hollow Games where she played for the light talents. 


Lyria is the best story-telling fairy in Pixie Hollow who tells magical tales at Fairy Tale Theatre. She is quite shy with her friends but transforms when telling stories on stage. She is beautiful, with a fair complexion, long brown hair and brown eyes. 


Fira is a light-talent fairy and known as one of the brightest fairies. She is the star of the fairies’ light show and her main job is to make sure that Pixie Hollow is well-lit in the evenings and that mine fairies have enough light when they go to visit the mines. 


Prilla is a Clapping-talent fairy with fair skin, curly brown hair and blue eyes. She seemed untalented at first but discovered her abilities a bit later. She has the ability to talk in both human and fairy language and differs from her fellow fairies being very similar to humans, too.


Rani is a Water-talent fairy with a light complexion, extremely long blonde hair and blue eyes. She can do magical things with water, such as bounce it like a ball, mould it into a shape of a fish and even make sounds with it. She cries very easily and is considered to be passionate and emotional. 


Elwood is a fast-flying-talent sparrowman with black hair and purple/black eyes. He likes when things are purple, such as dewdrops, feathers, flowers, thread, seeds and shells. He talks very fast and often doesn’t even finish his sentence before he starts a new one. He can also be described as hyperactive.


Glissandra is a light-talent fairy with long brown hair and blue eyes. She is friendly, outgoing and cheerful and loves to wear make-up. 


Humidia is a water fairy who enjoys juggling raindrops or simply floating on a lily pad. She is popular at fairy parties since she tends to break fragile objects such as glasses or teacups more than an average fairy. She has fair skin, blue eyes and brown hair.


Luminaria is a light-talent fairy who likes garnet. She loves spending time with fireflies, playing tags with them and sharing a lot of light with them. She is an easygoing fairy who likes to shine bright. She has brown hair with flowers in it and green eyes. 


Magnolia is a leaf-talent fairy with fair skin, long black hair and green eyes. Her favourite time of the year is Autumn because that’s when her talent for painting leaves is put to the best use. She likes all colours of the leaves and is always mixing various berries to get the most perfect shade of orange and red. 


Melina is a glass-blowing-talent fairy with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She always wears a blue tunic, turquoise leggings, a bright green headscarf, a green leaf apron and olive green shoes.

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She takes part in glass-blowing workshops where she meets Iridessa and Tinker Bell.  


Mixie is a baking fairy, beautiful with fair skin, long brown hair and green eyes. She is Dulcie’s and Dunkin’s friend and always spends time with them when she is not occupied with her cake baking.


Nilsa is a scouting-talent fairy who dies of disbelief in Fairy Dust and The Quest for the Egg.


Numi is a never-mermaid with a maroon tail, dark blue hair and a red and purple tunic.


Nyx is a devoted and loyal friend of scout fairies, but one of the main antagonists of the Disney Fairies in this cartoon. She leads a team of fellow scout fairies fury, Chase, Di and Shade who follow her without ever asking any questions. She is not evil but will risk everything to keep the fairies safe.


Olwen is a garden-talent fairy, often found in Spring Valley, Summer Glade or Midsummer Hills. She can grow seeds in no time and has become a talented cultivator of all plants and flowers. She has fair skin, short brown hair and blue/green eyes. 


Oola is a never-mermaid with green hair, a green tail and a pink scarf. 


Pah is a never-mermaid with white hair, green hair, a green tail and an orange scarf. She has a speech problem. 


Pell is a harvest-talent fairy with darker brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a sleeveless purple shirt with a green collar, green belt, green boots and a purple skirt. She is Pluck’s best friend.


Quill is a painting fairy with a slightly darker complexion, blue hair and green eyes. She is thoughtful and artistic and she mostly focuses on carving and sculpting, rather than painting and sketching.


Rune is a storytelling-talent sparrow man with brown hair and green eyes, with a love for white things and a dislike for sour plums He can be found in Sunray Plaza in the middle of Midsummer Hills. He is cheerful and talkative and really loves telling tales which he often tells himself when no one else is around.


Soop is a mermaid with long green hair, brown eyes, a green tail and a pink scarf. She is Pah’s friend and they are often seen fighting. Soop is her nickname, given to her by Peter Pan since her name is too long and difficult to pronounce. 


Temma is a shoemaking-talent fairy who drowned. Her last living wish was to make a show with a reversible toe.


Tizzywing is a fast-flying-talent fairy, an easygoing, happy-go-lucky fairy with curly brown hair and brown eyes. She can be pretty distracted and never knows if she is coming or going.

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Everyone loves her and enjoys spending time with her despite her constant fidgeting and messiness.


Queen Tutupia is the ruler of the Great Wanded Fairies who depends greatly on her wand. She is the tallest of all the Great Wanded fairies and has curly red hair and brown eyes. She is very emotional and seems a bit dangerous and impetuous. 


Viola is a summoning fairy and possibly one of Queen Clarions’ helpers and is usually seen blowing her horn. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes and is usually seen blowing her horn.


Violet is a dyeing-talent fairy with light a light olive complexion, pink cheeks, curly red hair and brown eyes. She is usually wearing a blue-green dress died in fancy patterns.


Voona is a never-mermaid with red hair, yellow eyes and a red tail and she is always seen wearing a violet scarf. She is Mara’s and Oola’s good friend.


Zarina is a curious dust-keeper fairy intrigued by blue pixie dust and wonders about its numerous magical properties. She is fair-skinned, with thick wavy auburn hair and light hazel eyes. She is a master in pixie dust and can create, control and easily comprehend its magical abilities. She is rebellious, speaks her mind and doesn’t like being told what to do.


Zuzu is a tinker fairy with long curly blonde hair and green/blue eye

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