Tsunami Alert Delays ‘World Trigger Season 3 Finale’ and ‘Ryman’s Club’ Premiere

On Saturday, around three in the afternoon JST, an underwater volcano in Tonga erupted, spurring the Japan Meteorological Agency to issue a tsunami warning for two regions in Kagoshima Prefecture (Amami and Tokara Islands). Japan’s east coast received an advisory to watch out for waves as high as three meters or 10 feet. 

Other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Canada followed suit and also released tsunami advisories. The tsunami warning was lifted in Japan Sunday afternoon. 

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Because of the recent natural disaster, the 14th and final episode of the TV anime World Trigger and the premiere of the TV anime Ryman’s Club were rescheduled. The season three finale of World Trigger was set to air on Sunday, January 16, on TV Asahi. However, the show’s official Twitter account released a tweet saying that they have moved the airing to next weekend, January 22, instead. 

Ryman’s Club was set to premiere in the time slot next weekend that is now reserved for World Trigger’s finale. Shortly after the change, Ryman’s Club’s official website released the news that the anime’s premiere has been delayed to Saturday, January 29. 

After World Trigger tweeted the news regarding the delay of episode 14’s premiere, fans understood the situation and didn’t respond negatively. In such situations, we can’t do anything but be thankful to the crew and staff that work hard to produce the shows we love watching. 

Source: World Trigger’s Official Twitter Account, Ryman’s Club’s Official Website 

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