TV Anime ‘Extreme Hearts’ to Air This Summer, Cast and Staff Released


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According to the official website of Masaki Tsuzuki’s Extreme Hearts, the upcoming anime will be broadcasted this summer. The staff, cast, and the fourth teaser visual were also released on the website. 

Here’s the fourth visual for the original TV anime: 

The cast members released for the extreme sports anime are Ruriko Noguchi as Hiwa Hayama, Miho Okasaki as Saki Kotaka, and Kana Yuki as Junka Maehara. The anime is set in the distant future, where individuals participate in what is known as Hyper Sports- a hobbyist game that uses support items called Extreme Gear. 


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The story unfolds after a certain incident happens to protagonist Hiwa Hayama, a popular high-school singer from Hokkaido. Knowing nothing about these extreme sports and what it offers, Hiwa is sucked into the games to compete. She then meets the two other protagonists, Saki and Junka, along the way. 

The key visual features the still images of these said characters looking out into the horizon, their backs to the audience. 

Cast members Ruriko, Miho, and Kana, shared some words with fans excited for the upcoming series on the anime’s official website. Ruriko describes Extreme Hearts as a passionate story about friends with like-minded goals. She commented that she’s been looking forward to the release of the anime and hoped everyone would be excited as well. 

Meanwhile, voice actress Miho said that she’d been excited about the series ever since she auditioned for the role. She also said that she couldn’t wait for everyone to see the character growth of the character she plays. Lastly, seiyuu Kana talked about how thrilled she was when she heard she’d gotten the part as Junka Maehara. She loves the character she plays and can’t wait for everyone to watch the broadcast this summer. 

Source: Comic Natalie 

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