Ulti vs. Nami: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Ulti vs. Nami: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Ulti of the Beasts Pirates is one of the strongest female characters in One Piece, that cannot be denied. She is powerful and has a very strong Devil Fruit, which has helped her gain notoriety within the franchise. On the other hand, Nami is not known as one of the series’ strongest fighters, but she can pack a punch and is very popular. But is she stronger than Ulti? Nami and Ulti have fought in the series and in this article, we are going to tell you who won and who the stronger character is.

Although Nami managed to defeat Ulti in their fight in Wano Country, she is objectively not as strong as her. Namely, Ulti is far more powerful than Nami in almost every category, but lost the battle because she was weakned and because Nami is one of the protagonists, so she had to win because of other plot-related reasons, but she is not objectively stronger.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Nami and Ulti in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why, despite their in-universe fight, we think that Ulti is stronger than Nami.

Physical powers

Ulti possesses great physical strength, his fighting style is based on hitting his opponents with his head, and with his great strength and durability he is able to unleash blows so powerful that his crewmates compare them to a cannon blast, and they believed that he had almost certainly cracked Luffy’s skull when he confronted him. He was able to physically outmaneuver Luffy, an immensely powerful and accomplished pirate, in a headbutt clash, though he ultimately did not take much damage.

Ulti was able to knock Tama unconscious and bleeding, though transformed into her beast-human form. She doesn’t seem to be very fast, as she was overwhelmed when Luffy rushed in at high speed and was unable to do anything against Yamato’s raimei hakke. Despite that she managed to recover quickly, she was also able to withstand Nami’s various attacks, receiving a lightning bolt and a tornado at a short distance, and both times she was able to get up without much difficulty showing to have great resistance. Despite having great resistance, Ulti has a certain limit because she fell unconscious due to an attack from Big Mom using her homies.

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Nami spent most of her life stealing money from numerous people, including dangerous pirates, to buy back her village from the Arlong Pirates; these harsh and sometimes brutal experiences gave Nami a very high level of physical capabilities. In the Water 7 arc, she demonstrated exceptional agility and incredible leg strength, being able to jump the great distances between the rooftops of Water 7.

Nami is also physically very strong and fit, and when considerably angry, especially when Luffy recklessly spends the money, he can deliver extremely powerful blows, which can cause Luffy, who has tremendously tough durability, to end up with noticeable and bloody bruises (this, however, is mainly a comedy gag, and does not represent the Nami’s actual strength).

While Nami actually is a solid fighter, she was never a true fighter like Ulti. Ulti’s physical powers and abilities are superior to Nami’s and objectively, we have to award this point to her.

Points: Ulti 1, Nami 0

Devil Fruit

Ulti consumed the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus, a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into Pachycephalosaurus. Due to this fruit and her fighting style, Ulti can perform devastating headbutts. With this fruit, his already enormous physical strength is further increased, to the point where he can quickly grab Luffy and immobilize him even though the pirate is immensely strong.

The front of his skull is also greatly improved, likely greatly increasing the power of his headbutts, though just how powerful they are is yet to be seen. Ulti’s subordinates consider her transformation to be overkill against most opponents, and she only uses it against opponents she takes seriously.

Nami is a characer whose powers and abilities don’t really surpass those of a regular human being. She is not like Zoro, for example, who has some superhuman skills and abilities, so one should conclude that Nami did not eat a Devil Fruit and that would be correct. This makes Nami one of a very small number of Straw Hat crew members (the most notable other one being Sanji and Zoro) who are powerful, but have not actually consumed a Devil Fruit; most of the other powerful characters have to thank their Devil Fruits for their individual reputations.

Since Never never really ate a Devil Fruit in her life, it makes sense for the points in this category to be allocated to Ulti, as the Beasts Pirates crew member actually ate a Devil Fruit.

Points: Ulti 2, Nami 0


Ulti can use two of the three types of haki. Ulti can use Kenbunshoku Haki, sensing the great threat that Luffy is and at the same time still being able to detect his presence in the face of his subordinates’ claim that he had killed him. Ulti can use Busoshoku Haki, hardening her head to collide with Luffy. Her Haki is so hard that he was able to knock Luffy down and hurt him even though Luffy also attacked with his hardened head.

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We don’t have any confirmation of that, which is why we cannot say anything about Nami in this category. From what we know about her and her skills, it is highly unlikely that Nami cannot use any of the three Haki.

Well, as the text itself states, Nami probably cannot use any Haki technique, whereas Ulti has can use two of the three known types of Haki, which is why Ulti – clearly – wins this point as well.

Points: Ulti 3, Nami 0


Ulti wields a club with sharp spikes, which she used to take on Yamato’s kanabo. This is the only known weapon she wields and we know that she is quite proficient with it.

At the beginning of the manga, Nami only possesses a simple wooden staff, and does not seem to be a real fighter, although, thanks to this weapon, she can knock down five attackers with a single blow. Unlike the other members of the crew, she does not have superhuman strength or uncommon abilities and can only rely on her weapon and wits to fight, much like Usopp.

From episode 117, she fights using her Climat-Tact, which Usopp made for her, and which she uses to defeat Miss DoubleFinger. This weapon can play on the climate and thus create mirages, call rain, throw lightning, etc. It allows her to release all of her combat potential. After Skypiea, Usopp will improve it to Perfect Clima-Tact, making it even more versatile: Nami can now create lightning or mini-cyclones, making her even more formidable.

She further improved her weapon with the help of Professor Haredas thanks to the technology of Weather-balls, plants composed of a sphere that produces meteorological effects: it is the Sorcery Clima-Tact. She has been in possession of a new Sorcery Clima-Tact since the end of the Zou Arc.

Although Nami is nominally not a master fighter, her skills with the Clima-Tact are amazing and they do surpass Ulti’s general weapon skills. This is why Nami wins the final point.

Points: Ulti 3, Nami 1

Ulti vs. Nami: Who wins?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. We are also going to tell you how the brief skirmish between these two characters evolved in the manga.

During the fight against the two Tobiroppo, Nami and Usopp were seriously injured by Ulti’s headbutts. After incapacitating Usopp, Ulti grabbed Nami and prepared to finish her off. Nami promised to leave Onigashima if Ulti spared her, and Ulti ordered her to say out loud that Luffy would never become the Pirate King.

However, Nami refused and as Ulti was about to kill her for it, Nami was suddenly saved by the timely arrival of Tama and Komachiyo, as the latter bit Ulti. Tama and Komachiyo then flee with Nami and Usopp while Hihimaru stays behind. As they were once again chased by Ulti and Page One, they ran through the area where Franky was fighting Sasaki.

In her hybrid form, Ulti jumped on the group and tried to attack with a headbutt, but Nami hit her with a Thunder Lance Tempo. Later, Ulti took out the Komainu with a single attack and slapped Tama when she started crying, drawing the united ire of Big Mom and Nami, the latter hitting the Tobiroppo with an electric attack. Nami followed up with a Tornado Tempo but the attack was easily dodged, with Ulti managing to grab the Navigator and attempt to headbutt her.

Luckily, Big Mom then unwittingly saved Nami by using Maser Ho on Ulti, knocking her out. By the time the Straw Hats manage to reach the stage, Ulti catches up to them and sends Usopp to the ground with a headbutt, while grabbing Tama. The Tobiroppo begins strangling the girl, having figured out that she was the reason the Gifters and Big Mom had turned on them.

Nami attempted to stop her by hitting her with the extended Clima-Tact, when she surprised her by enlarging the end into a mace. Zeus then states that although Ulti is strong on the outside, her innards must be severely damaged and she only needs one more strong blow to be knocked down, though Nami states that she couldn’t do it while she was holding Tama.

Usopp solved this by separating the two with Midori Boshi: Saragasso, allowing Nami to use Raitei on her, though Ulti managed to dodge it. Just as she was about to counterattack, Zeus possessed the attack and headed towards Ulti finishing her off.

Nami won the fight but we’re still not convinced. Ulti was weakened after her fight against Big Mom and Nami was extra furious, which gave her additional strength. Also, with her status of a main character, Nami naturalli has a solid plot armor which became a relevant fact during this fight. Objectively, we think that Ulti is the stronger fighter, as the numbers suggest, and that Nami won simply because she is a protagonist.

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