Top 10 ‘Ultraman’ Villains Ranked by Strength

strongest ultramna villains

‘Ultraman’ is a Japanese superhero franchise that has been running since 1966. The series features giant alien heroes who protect the Earth from various threats, such as monsters, aliens, and evil beings. Among these enemies, some stand out as the most powerful and dangerous foes that Ultraman has ever faced. In this article, we will rank the top 10 Ultraman villains by their strength based on their abilities, feats, and battles with the Ultras. Who are the strongest villains in the Ultraman universe? Let’s find out.

10. Dark Lucifer

Dark Lucifer render

Debut: Ultraman Nexus

Dark Lucifer is the ultimate Dark Ultra created by Dark Zagi and emerged in 2012, three years after his master’s demise. Unlike other Dark Ultras, Dark Lucifer lacks a suit but features a design crafted by Yasushi Torisawa, incorporating elements from previous main antagonists in the Ultra N project. In the Story, three years after Dark Zagi’s defeat, Kazuki Komon leads the Japanese Night Raider division. Unusual incidents involving memory loss lead Komon and Nagi to discover that a dark giant named Dark Lucifer, a member of the Memory Police, is the culprit. Teaming up with Ultraman Noa, Komon, and Nagi confront this new threat.

Originally intended as the final antagonist in Ultraman Nexus, Dark Lucifer’s role was altered due to low viewership, with Zagi becoming the ultimate adversary. Initially planned as Zagi’s revived form, the novel adaptation redefines Dark Lucifer as a final creation, marking a shift in the series’ conclusion.

9. Absolute Tartarus

Absolute Tartarus

Debut: Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Absolute Tartarus, a powerful warrior from the Absolutian kingdom, aims to forcibly take over the Land of Light by gathering accomplices and monsters from different timelines, including Maga-Orochi. Collaborating with an alien named Sran, Tartarus supplies Gudi’s cells to Maga-Orochi, accelerating its evolution to destroy the universe. His presence is detected by Delacion of Universal Justice, triggering Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice to investigate and confront Tartarus across various dimensions.


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8. Yapool

Yapool Full

Debut: Ultraman Ace

Yapool is the main antagonist of Ultraman Ace, portrayed as an evil entity with eternal hatred for Ultras, making him seemingly immortal despite numerous defeats. His survival is attributed to his ingenuity, intelligence, and the use of alternate forms and creations, known as Choju, to evade detection and escape death. Yapool’s resilience and strategic approach contribute to his recurring presence as a formidable adversary in the series.

7. Dark Zagi

Dark Zagi Full

Debut: Battle of Dream NOA

Dark Zagi, a demonic clone of Ultraman Noa, serves as the main antagonist in the Ultra N Project. Originally created as a biological weapon against Space Beasts, Zagi rebels against his alien creators and embarks on a destructive path across the universe, confronting an army of creatures known as Space Beasts.

Despite his bestial behavior, Zagi displays intelligence in devising long-term plans, showcasing strategic thinking. His human possession exhibits exceptional skills in hacking and analysis, aiding the Night Riders in saving Ren by disabling TLT security. While more self-controlled in stage performances, Zagi appears as a berserker in film and TV, unhesitant to attack fellow antagonists like EX Zetton in Ultraman Ginga’s stage show.

6. Cicada Human

Manusia Jangkrik

Debut: Ultra Q

The Cicada Man, in disguise as a human, stole the Tilsonite meteor to control two Garamons and ordered them to devastate Tokyo. When soldiers intervened, the alien’s advanced technology allowed weapons to float and fire, but Jun managed to disrupt the device. As his plans unraveled, the Cicada Man, revealed in his true form, was shot, prompting his own people to kill him with a beam of light for the failure, resulting in a blazing inferno.

5. Ultraman Tregear

Ultraman Tregear

Debut: Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Tregear, as a child with a fascination for taboo subjects, earned his name “mad curiosity” and developed a close friendship with Taro. However, the discovery of Belial and Hikari’s fall from light shook his sense of justice, leading to self-imposed exile after enduring hardships. Since absorbing Grimdo, Tregear has become a sadistic deceiver, offering to fulfill people’s dreams while reveling in causing despair and suffering indirectly, even committing seemingly insignificant crimes, showcasing his watered-down morals and preference for chaos and destruction.


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4. Camearra


Debut: Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Camearra, also known as Kamila, serves as the leader of the Three Dark Giants and the primary antagonist in the 2000 film, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey. Formerly a comrade of Ultraman Tiga, Camearra possesses stronger dark powers than the other two dark giants but is still inferior to Ultraman Tiga’s dark abilities. Ultraman Tiga’s Multi Type and Glitter forms were granted by Camearra’s powers before he chose the path of light.

3. Alien Empera

Alien Empera

Debut: Ultraman Taro

Alien Empera, also known as the Lord of Darkness and simply Emperor, serves as the main antagonist in Ultraman Mebius, being the last survivor of his alien race who embraced darkness for survival. As the master of the Empera Army and commander of the Four Heavenly Dark Kings, he is a formidable adversary, on par with his creation Armored Darkness. Despite being mentioned in Ultraman Taro, he physically appears in the final four episodes of Ultraman Mebius, and “Empera” is not the name of his kind or his home planet.

2. Bemular


Debut: Ultraman

Bemular, a reptilian monster, escaped from the Giant’s Tomb and confronted Ultraman on Earth, leading to its destruction. Another Bemular emerged from the Monster Graveyard but was intercepted and defeated by Ultraman Mebius, leaving uncertainty if the two are the same entity. The original Bemular fled the Monster Graveyard, landed in Lake Ryugamori on Earth, and hid while Ultraman, crashing into Shin Hayata’s ship, merged with him out of grief, prompting the Science Patrol to track and confront Bemular in the lake, resulting in a fierce battle where Bemular grabbed and attacked their ship.

1. Ultraman Belial

Ultraman Belial

Debut: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultraman Belial, initially a powerful hero, succumbed to greed, attempting to steal the Plasma Spark and later transformed into a Reionic Ultra by Rayblood after his failure. Sealed away by Ultraman King, Belial’s subsequent attack on the Land of Light was thwarted by Ultraman Zero. Establishing an empire in the Other Space, Belial’s repeated conflicts with Ultraman Zero eventually led to his death, but he persisted as a spirit seeking revival, briefly possessing Ultraman Zero before being defeated and later fathering Ultraman Geed in Ultraman Geed.

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