‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 2 Ending, Explained: What Happened on March 8, 1994, Around Lake Michigan

Unsolved Mysteries is back with its third volume on Netflix. The famous show has found new life on the streaming service. It makes sense that Netflix keeps renovating the series, as it is a very cheap production in comparison with many of its most blockbuster shows and still manages to gather a considerable audience. People love to see a mystery unfold before their eyes, and Unsolved Mysteries is basically delivering a new, fresh mystery every single episode.

The second episode of volume 3, Unsolved Mysteries, goes into the sighting of a UFO that occurred on the night of March 8, 1994. There were more than 300 people able to see these lights in the sky moving at amazing speeds. There were so many witnesses experiencing the same thing that night, which makes the event something that is very hard to dismiss. Most UFO encounters are often witnessed by a few, but here it was the complete opposite.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Episode 2 of Unsolved Mysteries. Read at your own risk.

What Happened On March 8, 1994, Around Lake Michigan

The episode spends most of its runtime describing the events that occurred on the night of March 8, 1994. The episode gathers a good number of witnesses and lets them explain exactly what they saw that night. One of the witnesses explains that she was talking over the phone with a friend when suddenly light coming straight from the sky started to light her garden. When she looked up to see the source of the lights, she discovered four big lights in formation.

The light was so intense that nothing could be seen beyond that. One of the lights on the extreme right ended up separating from the other three and leaving them behind. All this occurred during a lapse of at least 30 minutes. What really surprised this witness, besides, of course, watching these strange lights in the sky, was that they were moving in complete silence. The witness’ horse was in the backyard, and not even the animal found the lights strange. It was as if it hadn’t realized what was over its head.

The episode also takes us to the point of view of a police officer who communicated then with the National Weather Service. The service was in possession of radar, so they could better tell what the lights were all about. The meteorologist in charge of the service that night was Jack Bushong. He discovered that the radar definitely caught up with something in the sky moving in ways that were just not possible by any aircraft that we could know of at that moment in time.

Bushong describes the behavior of the lights as strange. They were moving in and out of the area around Lake Michigan, and they were apparently creating a triangle formation as they advanced through the area. Of course, the impressive thing was not only that the formations were perfect, but also the speed at which they managed to go from one place to another. Bushong takes the recording of his finding that night as a sign that there was undoubtedly something that could not be explained in the sky.

What Could The Light Possible Be?

The rest of the episode focuses on showing how the witnesses have to deal with what they saw through the decades. Many people call them crazy or even worse things, but they just do not falter under the pressure. They know what they saw, and they stick to their world. Bushong, doesn’t want to say that it was an alien ship, as he lacks evidence to say that absolutely, but there was without a doubt something out there that could now have been from this Earth.

There are several possibilities for what the lights could be. Yes, the lights could certainly be UFOs coming from space. Aliens ships whose technology is hundreds of times more advanced than ours. This is what allows them to be not only faster than anything on the planet but also quite precise when they are moving.

The other possibility is equally impressive. It could be that these lights are not ships from outer space, but that they are secret technology developed on Earth, and that they were simply testing the technology in the open space of the lake. At that time of year, the lake is frozen, but on that night, the water was not frozen around the area where the lights were flying. We might never know what the real answer is, but with solid recordings of that night and with the government now finding more interest in UFO activity, it seems that there is definitely something happening out there.

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