‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 3 Ending, Explained: What Happened with Tammy Williams?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 3 of Unsolved Mysteries. The series is coming back to Netflix for a third volume, and it is ready to explore some of the most mysterious events that still haven’t been uncovered. The series explores a bit of everything. Yes, there are a lot of murder cases, but the series also goes into more supernatural affairs like aliens and even ghosts. The show has managed to stay relevant in people’s minds because there are really a lot of mysterious things out there, and not even today’s technology can uncover everything that happens in our lives.

This third episode of the third volume focuses on a murder mystery that is still in development even today. The case of David Carter, and Tammy Williams. Both of them were once a couple, but sadly, love turned to murder when David disappeared for days, only to be found in several pieces in bags all around the area of Michigan. It is a disturbing and scary case, and the major suspect, Tammy, is still on the run. No one knows where she is, and like in every other episode, the audience is compelled to contribute relevant information if they have it.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Episode 3. Read at your own risk.

How Did Tammy Williams Kill David Carter?

The episode begins with the introduction of the case. The strange bag is discovered in the fields near the state of Michigan, and the people who discovered it call the police, suspecting that the bag has something illegal inside. When the police arrive, and they open the bag, the suspicions are confirmed, as the body contains the lower half of a body. The coroner identified the body as a black man, or possibly biracial, of around 40 years of age. However, further, identification seems to be impossible.

The body does have one detail that could really help with identifying who this person is. The tattoo of a Pitbull with red eyes can be seen on one of the legs. This takes us to the case of David Carter, a factory worker, and father of one. David seems to be a very regular person, a serious but loving individual, very well-loved by his family and friends. However, at this point, something weird was happening with David. He hadn’t gone to work for around three days, which was weird enough, but he was also not answering his texts.

David’s son goes to his father’s apartment, and there he only finds Tammy Williams, David’s new girlfriend. The son goes inside to collect some of his things, but when he goes to say hello to his father, Tammy says that he isn’t home and that he went for a walk. This is all very strange because in a past text, David had said he was sick, and the weather was freezing. David’s son feels a strange vibe, but he leaves the apartment. What would have happened if he had pressured the subject further? No one knows, but it would probably haven’t been pretty.

Days later, David’s entire family is very worried about David’s status. They have filed a police report with missing persons, and they all go to David’s place. They find the place empty, but in the bedroom, one of his sisters finds a bloody mattress. Thanks to the report, the authorities link David with the body they found days before, thanks to the Pitbull tattoo. It is there that the entire family realizes that their brother, friend, and son, David, is dead.

What Happened With Tammy Williams?

Later, by searching even more around the area, more body bags are found, and with them, the rest of David’s body; his torso and arms; and a separate body bag for his head. The coroner basically pieces the body together once again, and they discover that the cutting was done with a simple knife. Which must have taken a lot of time as it is a very rudimentary tool to do such heavy work. They also find a bullet hole behind one of his ears. The wound exists on the upper side of his head.

There are also some hints of drugs in his system, the drug in this case is a type of medication that makes you sleepy. So, what probably happened is that Tammy gave David the medication and waited until he fell deeply asleep. Once David was dreaming, Tammy took out a gun and pushed the trigger. Later, she decided to cut the body in pieces as a way to dispose of it. David was a big man, so it must have taken a lot of hours and a lot of effort to cut through his body.

What is even crazier about this case is that soon after the missing person report was filed, Tammy was arrested by the police, but because they lacked any evidence against her, she was set free after 72 hours. After that, Tammy disappears from the Michigan area, and she has never been seen again. The U.S. Marshall organization is after her, but they lost track of her a while ago.

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