‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 9 Ending, Explained: What Happened to the Parents of the Kidnapped Children?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3, Episode. In this episode, the Netflix show goes for a low blow of sadness as it doesn’t really present a mystery but more of a situation. Something that is occurring not just in the United States of America, but everywhere in the world. The situation the episode talks about is indeed the fact that many parents seem to be kidnapping their own children to get revenge on their partners. This means that there are fathers and mothers that are not able to see their children again because of a marital dispute.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers on Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 3, Episode 9. Read at your own risk.

What Happened To The Parents Of The Kidnapped Children?

The episode introduces two stories dealing with the same issue. The first story presents the case of a mother who has lost their children to a husband that had become depressed with his own life. The mother explains that after finding himself in financial problems, the father basically became a very negative person, who didn’t want to find a job nor wanted to do anything else. The father clearly fell into a series of depressive episodes, and this led to a clear erosion of their love life.

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It was his wife who decided they should split. For a time, things seemed to be going normally, but then one day, when the kids went with their father to spend the weekend, they never came back to their mother’s house. It was later found out that instead of going to Canada, the father had taken their kids to Turkey, and after some extensive investigation, it was found out that they were probably living in Egypt. The mother received an email sometime later, from the father, saying that she could communicate with her kids once they were older, and they could see right from wrong.

The second case presents a similar story. However, here it is the father who is the victim. The father and mother’s relationship became unsustainable, and they separated. The mother then found a new husband and, because the law said so, his kid had to live with his mother and stepfather. One day, while waiting in court to finish the procedure of divorce that they had initiated, the father receives the news that the mother is nowhere to be found, and he will never see them again.

In both cases, the fate of the kids and the parent who kidnapped them is a mystery.

How Can These Parents Receive Any Help?

Like in every episode of the show, the audience is compelled to help in resolving these cases. In this particular case, it seems that there is really nothing much that can be done to find and take these children back to their respective parents. They were kidnapped by their own parents, so in some places that is not even a crime. The fact that these two people and many others managed to disappear completely in this day and age is almost impressive.

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This last episode of the series closes the third volume of the show with a whimper. The episode doesn’t really present a mystery to be solved; we know exactly what happened, and now the victims in these cases can only wait and see what happens. There is no investigation of clues that might help them have their kids back. Because of that, the episode kind of betrays the premise of the show. It is great to call attention to this situation, but it doesn’t make for very compelling television.

Maybe in the next volume, the show can really put the focus on things that are truly mysterious. There are many YouTube channels that offer better quality content than this one with regard to these mysterious topics.

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