‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 9 Review: When a Parent Kidnaps a Child

Unsolved Mysteries is back again on Netflix with a new volume. The third volume’s last three episodes arrive this week, and they finish with Episode 9. The popular series has been able to come back over and over again thanks to the variety of mysteries that it presents. Some mysteries deal with the supernatural, while others deal with more grounded issues, such as the evil nature of human beings. It is all very compelling, but some of these episodes are truly some of the saddest cases you are going to see.

Episode 9 ends the show on a downer note. Not only because the episode deals with such a sad note, but also because it is one of the shortest episodes, and one of the least compelling. The big mystery here has to do more with the whereabouts of a person than anything else. It is very sad to hear about the people affected by the cases on display, but there is not much here to think about. We can only hope that someone can help these people to overcome these terrible tragedies and that happiness can come back to their lives.

The episode deals with a problem that has been permeating society for a while but isn’t widely known. We are talking about the moment when their own parents kidnap a child. This often occurs when the husband and wife unit is suffering from a crisis and one of the parties decides to take the child and leaves with it without telling the other person. There are hundreds of families that have been dissolved in this manner and hundreds of fathers and mothers who have never seen their children again.

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This seems like a very logical behavior, but still, it happens more often than we would like to. The episode presents two different stories where the mother and the father have lost contact with their children after their husband and wife decided to leave with the children and never come back. This is one of the saddest episodes, and it seems like a very easy thing to fix, but in reality, it is very complicated. However, it is still crazy to think that in this day and age, someone can completely vanish from the face of the Earth, as these people have done.

The episode highlights just how easy it is for one parent to do something as horrible as this and get away with it. It is a truly frightening scenario, but one that is very much difficult to avoid, as you never really know what the other person is willing to do. So, the episode is very much a warning call to all parents out there who are passing through a difficult situation like the one these parents had before their children were taken away from them. Parents who are in these situations need to be very careful about whom they trust their children with, even if it is the children’s mother or father.

There is not much to say about the episode as such. The episode uses the format it has been using for most of the season, and this time the recreations are some of the weakest parts of the episode. There is some good use of graphics, but the episode is very much just the parents telling how their children disappeared and how much they missed them. More than a mystery to be solved, this episode is a call for help. Let’s hope that both parents can get the help they need to see their children once again.

SCORE: 6/10

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