Vampire in the Garden Parents Guide: Can Your Kids Watch It?

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Netflix has been going all-in on anime lately as the streaming giant has been releasing animated originals more and more. In that regard, one of the more intriguing anime series that you can watch is Vampire in the Garden, which follows the story of the relationship between a human girl and a vampire queen in the middle of an ongoing war between humanity and vampires. Given that most anime is friendly to children, you might be wondering if Vampire in the Garden is something that your kids can watch. That’s what we are here to talk about.

Vampire in the Garden Age Rating

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It isn’t a secret that Netflix has been releasing more and more anime series every year, given the fact that there is a huge market for anime and that the streaming giant could use this large anime market as leverage against its competitors that don’t have the same roster of anime series that Netflix has. That’s why some of the best anime series that you can watch today are available on Netflix.

The thing about anime is that it is almost always friendly towards children in the sense that the themes aren’t too violent or full of different suggestive content like intercourse, alcohol, and opiates. That may be the case for most anime shows, but that isn’t always true. And when it comes to Netflix, which allows everyone to choose what they want to watch in a manner that’s quick and efficient, children may end up making the mistake of watching an anime series that isn’t exactly right for them.

One such anime series that may be something that your children wouldn’t be able to watch is Vampire in the Garden, which is a show that focuses on the relationship between a human and a vampire. The series is set against the backdrop of a war between humanity and vampires, as the two protagonists seek to find a place where they can coexist and live peacefully. So, what is the age rating of Vampire in the Garden?


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Vampire in the Garden is rated TV-14. That means that this series is fit for teenagers that are 14 years old or older. But that doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t monitor their kids whenever they are watching shows that are rated TV-14. 

There might be some parents that wouldn’t want their kids to watch a series like Vampire in the Garden, even though it is rated TV-14, but, in general, this series should be friendly enough for younger teenagers. And it probably isn’t the best series to watch for kids who are younger than 14 due to how it can still be quite mature.

Vampire in the Garden Parents Guide

As mentioned, Vampire in the Garden is rated TV-14, and that means that it is generally friendly towards teenagers 14 years old or older. Still, there might be certain themes that parents aren’t going to necessarily like when it comes to Vampire in the Garden. In that regard, we are here to look at some of the different elements of Vampire in the Garden that may or may not be friendly towards children and younger teenagers.

Vampire in the Garden: Nudity

One of the reasons why Vampire in the Garden is rated TV-14 is the fact that it hardly has any nudity. There are some hinted nude scenes, but the fact that this is an animated series means that it isn’t as overtly intimate as the nude scenes that you can see in live-action shows.

Of course, romance is only something that is suggested in Vampire in the Garden, and that means that it almost doesn’t have anything to do with intimacy at all. The implied nudity isn’t intimate in nature as well.

The only problem that parents may have about this series is that Vampire in the Garden may be a yuri anime, which portrays an intimate relationship between women. So, parents who may not want their children to question their gender or sexual orientation early on may not be comfortable with them watching something like Vampire in the Garden. Other than that, it shouldn’t be something that parents should be worried about when it comes to intimacy or nudity.

Vampire in the Garden: Violence & Gore

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Considering that Vampire in the Garden is an anime series that explores a war between humans and vampires, there is no doubt that this is a violent anime series that’s full of fight scenes.

Vampire in the Garden is not short on violence, as there are plenty of bloody scenes in the anime. That is what makes it a series that is on the mature side of things, even though it is rated TV-14. The only reason why it isn’t rated higher is the fact that the violence and gore in this anime are all animated. Had this been a live-action series, it would have been rated TV-MA.

Vampire in the Garden: Profanity

True to the fact that most anime series don’t have profanity, Vampire in the Garden is also on the lower end of the profanity scale. There are hardly any profane words used in the anime, and that means that it should be something that your kids can watch if you are a parent that cares a lot about the words that your children would learn when they are watching movies and shows.

Vampire in the Garden: Alcohol, Opiates, & Smoking

Finally, there are no scenes that show a lot of alcohol, opiates, and smoking in Vampire in the Garden. It might be true that blood consumption in this anime is something that suggests alcohol drinking, but that shouldn’t be a problem for parents because of the fact that anything that is suggestive of alcohol in Vampire in the Garden is within the flow of the story of the anime.


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Of course, there are hardly any scenes that suggest drug use or smoking in Vampire in the Garden. That is one of the reasons why this anime is rated TV-14, as it doesn’t influence children to drink, do drugs, and smoke.

Should You Allow Your Kids To Watch Vampire in the Garden?

If you have kids that are 14 years old or older, then you might not have any problems with the themes that are presented in Vampire in the Garden. In fact, some parents may be okay with their children watching this anime even if they are younger than 14, as long as they are supervised.

However, children that are probably in the single digits in terms of their age shouldn’t be watching Vampire in the Garden because of the violence and gore that you can see in the series. And parents with children that are sensitive to violence and gore might not want their kids to watch this anime, regardless of their age.

There are also some parents that may want to supervise their children when watching Vampire in the Garden even if they are already 14 years old or older because some themes in this dark fantasy anime might not be too suitable for younger teenagers. 

But, other than those, Vampire in the Garden isn’t something that you would want to keep away from your teenage children because, despite its violence and gore, it doesn’t have intimate scenes or themes that promote drinking or smoking.

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