Vampire or Werewolf in Skyrim: Differences & Which Is Better?


There’s plenty of power at your disposal in Skyrim. The game is designed to incorporate most powers and abilities you would have come across in just about any other RPG game. You have the option to orient your characters in a way that suits you, and you are able to choose between a wide range of mage-oriented characters or between a range of melee-oriented warriors. What makes Skyrim even more interesting is the fact that you can choose between being a werewolf or a vampire. Both forms have their pros and cons and are able to suit the needs of specific playstyles. If you have trouble deciding between the werewolf or vampire form, stick with us as we explain to you all the differences and, ultimately, which of the two is better.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When it comes to the two forms, the werewolf form is more suitable and better for melee-oriented characters as you can utilize your claws and werewolf perk tree to further improve your skills.
  • However, when it comes to magic-oriented characters, they should find themselves enjoying vampire lord form more. Vampire lord form strictly utilizes magic and magic-based attacks in order to empower you.

How do you become a werewolf in Skyrim?

You can become a werewolf in Skyrim during the Companions storyline. In fact, it’s one of the requirements to finish the storyline in the first place. You will be forced to ingest Aella’s blood, and subsequently, you will be transformed into a werewolf.

werewolf featured
Werewolf form

Once you have been turned into a werewolf you can access a specific perk tree added by the Dawnguard add-on, you acquire perks for the tree by eating corpses in your beast form.

What are the pros of Werewolf form in Skyrim?

The pros of being a werewolf are many but most are focused on melee combat and enhancing your physiology. As a werewolf, you will gain 100% resistance to all diseases, you will be able to move faster, jump faster and deal lethal damage with your claws. Your health and stamina are also improved, and you are able to carry more items while you are in your beast form.

jump higher
You can jump higher in werewolf form

One of the best aspects of being a werewolf in Skyrim is the ability to use so-called “Howls.” They are very similar to shouts and give you the ability to scare people, summon other wolves, and reveal other enemy NPCs and creatures.

werewolf perk tree 1300x555 1
Werewolf perk tree

Any crime that you commit while you’re in the werewolf form will not carry over to your human form as you are completely transformed and the guards do not recognize you.


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What are the cons of being a werewolf in Skyrim?

Most of the negatives associated with being a werewolf are tired to your inability to interact with people while you are in your beast form and your inability to rely on your weapons and gear. As a werewolf, you will be attacked on sight by guards and other populace of Skyrim. Even merely transforming near them will earn you a bounty of 1000 gold.

You also cannot receive a “well-rested” bonus while you’re sleeping due to having “a beast blood.” If you think about amplifying your powers in beast form with your spells and magic, that won’t be possible. You are unable to loot corpses or containers, or use your own items when you are stuck in werewolf form.

Is Werewolf form worth it in Skyrim?

Werewolf form is an extremely interesting way to play if you are a melee-oriented character. As much as it comes with its own sets of cons, it’s still a highly powerful form that greatly improves your stats, such as stamina and health. As long as you keep away from the populated areas when you are able to transform, you should be fine with managing the less pleasant effects that come with being a werewolf in Skyrim.

How do you become a vampire in Skyrim?

You can be infected by vampirism in Skyrim at any time while you are fighting against another vampire. The disease in question is called Sanguinare Vampiris, and if you do not address it in time, it will eventually progress into full-blown vampirism, which is later more difficult to resolve. However, if you wish to acquire a powerful new Vampire Lord form added with Dawnguard DLC, the only way to do that is to be bitten by either Lord Harkon or Serana.

Vampire Lord form is a highly superior form of being a vampire, and it was a much-needed overhaul of the existing vampire system that was boring at best in the vanilla game.

vampires float
You can levitate and transform into a cloud of bats while you are in your Vampire Lord form

Like with werewolves, Dawnguard DLC added a new vampiric skill tree that you are able to access while in your Vampire Lord form.

You earn the perks in the tree much in the same way as werewolves by feeding on corpses.


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What are the pros of being a vampire in Skyrim?

Vampire Lord form greatly enhances your magical and stealth abilities, and as such, this form is more suited for mage and stealth-oriented players. Depending on your vampirism stage, you gain resistance to diseases, poisons of ice-based attacks, and effects. Your illusion spells are more powerful, and you are able to sneak more successfully as your chances to remain hidden are increased by 25 %.

vampire perk tree 1300x655 1
Vampire perk tree

When it comes to special abilities, you have at your disposal the ability to absorb the health of other NPCs through a specialized spell, the ability to reanimate corpses to fight for you, and you have a night-eye vision for a limited duration after you cast the appropriate spell.

You will also be able to calm aggressive and enemy NPCs by using a vampire seduction special power and be invisible for 180 seconds once per day.

In Vampire Lord form, you are able to hover and transform into an invulnerable cloud of bats at will.

What are the cons of being a vampire in Skyrim?

The cons are mainly associated with the sunlight, as a vampire, you are extremely weak to its effects and the further your vampirism progresses the weaker you become. The sun drains your health, magicka, and stamina. You are also extremely vulnerable to fire and fire-based spells and effects.

Like with werewolf form, the further your vampirism advances, the less likely people will generally like you.

Being a stage 4 vampire may result in people becoming aggressive and violent toward you. You need to feed as often as possible to maintain your vampirism at acceptable levels in order to ward off the negative effects of vampirism.

Is vampire form worth it in Skyrim?

If you prefer to play as a mage or stealth-oriented character, you will have tons of fun playing as a vampire. Your arsenal of spells will be further enriched by powerful magic-based abilities. The cons are easily manageable as long as you control your vampirism by feeding in regular intervals in order to avoid late-stage vampirism.

Werewolf vs vampire form: which is better?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as both forms are clearly designed to appeal to different types of players. Werewolves are more suited for brawler types of characters, while vampires appeal more to magic-oriented characters. Both forms are powerful and, as a result, have a set of inconvenient limitations. Bad effects are equally easy to manage as long as you time your transformations (and feedings) properly.

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