Vanessa Kirby Comments on Her Rumored Role as Sue Storm in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’

Vanessa Kirby Comments on Her Rumored Role as Sue Storm in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four

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The MCU has a bunch of movies lined up, and ‘Deadpool 3’ is currently stealing the spotlight as the most anticipated one. Following closely behind is the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, generating a lot of buzz.

Finally, Marvel’s first family is making its way into the MCU, and all eyes are on Shankman, the new director taking over from Watts. Here’s hoping the new series brings some fresh vibes and doesn’t follow the same path as the original.

As for the cast of ‘Fantastic Four,’ it’s still a mystery. There’s a lot of speculation, and fans were surprised that Krasinski might not be reprising his role as Reed Richards, even though many thought he was a perfect fit. Other names like Adam Driver and the latest buzz, Jake Gyllenhaal, are being thrown around, with rumors suggesting Gyllenhaal might be the top choice.

When it comes to Sue Storm, various names have been mentioned, including Margot Robbie and Vanessa Kirby. Currently, Vanessa seems like the more probable choice, especially considering her recent statement during the premiere of ‘Napoleon’ in Paris.

Oh I don’t know you’re going to have to ask them. I would be very honored to join. 

Kirby’s response to questions about her role as Sue Storm is making waves, and it’s not just about what she said but the way she said it. Regardless, the rumors surrounding Kirby taking on the role of The Invisible Woman are gaining momentum.


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As for the casting of Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, it’s still a well-kept secret. However, fans strongly believe that Joseph Quinn and Daveed Diggs are the likely choices for these roles, respectively.

‘Fantastic Four’ is set to hit the screens on May 2, 2025, if the movie sticks to its current release schedule amid all the reshuffling happening in the industry.

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