‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Do Leif and Harald Reach Constantinople?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Vikings: Valhalla, season 2. The series, which serves as a continuation of the fantastic Vikings series, arrives on Netflix with a second season, and it is ready to deliver more violence, drama, and political intrigue than ever before. The series continues where the previous season ended. The second season still follows the characters of Harald, Leif, and Freydis as their storylines develop further toward the day they will achieve their destiny.

Season 2 definitely feels more like a transition season, with the characters spending a lot of time on long journeys and basically preparing themselves for war over the nomination of Norway. The region has become such an important location for the Vikings’ world that getting control over it seems to be the endgame for most characters in the series. However, the completion of the crown will not be easy, and along the way, our characters will learn that victories and defeats often come together.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Vikings: Valhalla, season 2. Read at your own risk.

Do Leif And Harald Reach Constantinople?

Harald and Leif find themselves in a troublesome situation when they have to escape Norway in order to survive. However, the journey is hard and full of obstacles. Leif has found love on his journey to Constantinople, in the shape of a woman named Mariam. The same goes for Harald, who has fallen in love with a woman named Eleana. The end of the season shows that Mariam is having a hard time on the journey. She is clearly sick, and while she tries to put on a good face for Leif, the truth is clear.

The party makes land, and it becomes apparent that they don’t have the resources to save Mariam from her illness. She has a strange fever, and her strength is leaving her. Leif and Mariam share one last moment together. Leif holds Mariam in his arms as the woman fades into unconsciousness and then death. Before leaving, Mariam gives Leif one last mission. She says that when he arrives in Constantinople, he must search for a place called “The Gate of the Lion” She also gives him a key that he must use in that place.

On the other hand, Harald feels the death of Mariam will affect Leif, his companion, but he must focus on his mission. He has come all this way in search of an army, so he can go back and reclaim the throne of Norway. However, his objective doesn’t seem any closer than when he took to the sea in the first place. Eleana assures him that his destiny is the greatness and that maybe he is closer to something even greater than the throne of Norway; he just doesn’t realize it.

The morning after Mariam’s death, the party receives a surprise visit. Harald seems to be the last one to arrive and see his visitor, who is none other than Emperor Romanos, emperor, of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople is the capital of the empire, and he has come to receive them personally. However, for Harald, things take an unexpected turn when it is revealed that Eleana has always been just a gift for the Emperor, and she is meant to become his wife. The Emperor celebrates his new wife’s arrival and commends Harald for delivering her.

Eleana assures Harald that this is good, as now he has the favor of the Emperor himself. She tells him that there is nothing that is out of his reach.

Does Olaf Manage To Kill Freidys?

The rest of the season focuses on the continuing conflict between faiths. The old gods, now represented by Freydis, who has now taken the moniker of “The Keeper of the Faith.” Freydis has managed to keep her people from becoming Christians, and she is there to maintain them following the old ways. However, Olaf, who is now in possession of Kattegat, which makes him King of Norway, has the intention of turning the entire Viking world into the Christian faith.

Olaf manages to capture Jorundr, who doesn’t know that Lord Harekr is dead at this point in the story. He shares all he knows with Olaf, and leads the party to what he thinks is an abandoned post of operations. However, the place really is the headquarters for Freydis and her people. When Jorundr arrives, he feels the weight of his betrayal but realizes that Freidys is meant to use him to drag Olaf into a trap. He recommends that Olaf come back with more men, but Olaf doesn’t trust him and gets ready for battle.

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Olaf and his ships make their way to Freydis’ harbor, and there he is received by Freydis, who is all by herself. Freydis and Olaf begin a conversation where they declare their objectives and how they don’t match in a world where they can leave together in harmony. Freydis wants to maintain all old traditions, while Olaf is adamant to turn every single Viking into the Christian faith. Freydis asks if all of Olaf’s men are baptized, and he answers affirmatively, and then Freydis says that is good. She throws a torch to the water, which has been filled with oil, and the entire harbor bursts into flames.

The fire traps Olaf’s soldiers in their ships as they burn to death. It is a gruesome sight, but those who manage to make land are quickly killed by Freydis’ men. Olaf makes land and starts fighting against Freidys in a one-on-one fight. The battle is gruesome, but Freidys prevails in the end, killing Olaf by impaling him through his body. Olaf claims Freidys has only made him a martyr, but Freidys comes back with the fact that there are no witnesses to tell Olaf’s story.

The season ends with Freidys sparing Svein’s life and taking him back to Kattegat. There, Freydis asks for peace, and Queen Algifu accepts it. As she returns to her boat, people begin to recognize Freidys as the keeper of the faith, and many want to follow her back to the old ways.

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