Do You Need To Watch Vikings Before Watching Vikings: Valhalla?


Vikings: Valhalla is one of the newest historical drama shows that you can watch on Netflix. It is the sequel to the original Vikings show, as we get to see some more Viking action in this series. However, there are some who are yet to watch this series because of the possibility that they might not understand its events since they didn’t watch the original Vikings series. So, do you need to watch Vikings before watching Valhalla?

There is no need to watch Vikings before watching Vikings: Valhalla because they are not directly related to one another. The characters and the story of Valhalla are different. However, the events of Valhalla historically happen 100 years after the events of Vikings, and that’s how they are related.

Considering that Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla are stories that were plucked out of the history books, it is easy to see why they are both related to one another. However, the fact of the matter is that they are both entirely different stories that happen in different eras in history. As such, we are here to talk about why you don’t need to watch Vikings before watching Valhalla.

Do You Need To Watch Vikings To Understand Valhalla?

Vikings: Valhalla is the newest Vikings series to hit Netflix, as season 7 of the original Vikings series is no longer happening. As such, those who are fans of the original Vikings series can get their fix of Norse action in Vikings: Valhalla, which is also just as full of action and political drama. Of course, like Vikings, Valhalla is a story that is based on real events that happened in history.

Even though Vikings: Valhalla isn’t season 7 of Vikings, it is still regarded as the sequel series to the original series. And the events of Vikings: Valhalla are quite similar to the events of the original Vikings.


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The fact that it is labeled as the sequel series to the first Vikings series is probably the reason why there are some people who might not watch this show, especially if they haven’t watched Vikings. After all, it would be incredibly difficult to understand the story of a show if its events are directly related to a previous series. So, with that said, do you need to watch Vikings before watching Vikings: Valhalla?

One of the best things about Vikings: Valhalla is that, although it is a sequel series to Vikings, its story, events, and characters are able to stand on their own with or without the original Vikings series. That means that you will be able to perfectly understand the Vikings: Valhalla series without watching the original Vikings.

VAL 104 Unit 01703RC 1
Vikings: Valhalla. (L to R) Bradley Freegard as Canute in episode 104 of Vikings: Valhalla. Cr. Bernard Walsh/Netflix © 2021

The story of Valhalla is completely unrelated to the story of Vikings, and that’s why there is no need for you to watch the original series first. On top of that, none of the original Vikings characters made an appearance in the Valhalla series for reasons that are obvious, considering that the sequel series takes place a hundred years later.

So, for those who are hesitating to watch Valhalla because you haven’t seen Vikings, there is no need to worry. Vikings: Valhalla’s story is unrelated to Vikings, and that’s why you’ll still be able to watch either series without watching the other.

How Is Valhalla Related To Original Vikings Show?

While it might be true that you can understand the story of Vikings: Valhalla without watching the original Vikings series, there is a reason why it still is considered a sequel series to the original show. That’s because Vikings: Valhalla, in a way, is still related to the first Vikings series.

As mentioned, Valhalla takes place a century after the original Vikings show, and that means that we are presented with an entirely new story that focuses on an entirely new cast of characters as well. However, the reason why they are related is the fact that they happen in the same place and that they are both based on historical stories.

The original Vikings series takes place during the height of the Viking attacks on England, as Ragnar Lothbrok and the rest of the characters of the series are beginning to create settlements in the English territories by raiding and invading the island. At that time, the Vikings were just beginning to establish their power in the territories of England while also waging battles with the Saxons.

However, Vikings: Valhalla starts off at the point where the Viking Age is about to end. The series revolves around a group of Viking leaders and King Canute, who invaded England to take revenge on the king who killed all of the Vikings in his country during the start of the series. However, the series no longer focuses on Viking raids, as the Vikings are steadily creating and establishing their settlements not only in England but also in the other Northern European settlements.

Vikings Valhalla Harald Sigurdsson 3933726

The connection between the two shows is historical in nature. That’s because some of the Vikings that are present in Valhalla were able to establish their homes and settlements in England because of the events that happened in the original Vikings series. 


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Of course, the animosity between the Vikings and the Saxons that was prominent during the events of the original Vikings series continued all the way down to the events of Vikings: Valhalla, as the Norsemen and their Saxon counterparts are still warring against one another.

There are also points in the Vikings: Valhalla series where the Vikings talked about Ragnar, Ivar, and the rest of the original Vikings characters as legends that were able to achieve a lot during their time and were able to pave the way for them in their own timeline.

As such, while there may be a century between Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla, the events in the original series, as history dictates, had an effect on the issues and problems between the Vikings and the Saxons and even amongst the Vikings themselves in the sequel series. 

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