Was Amber Heard in Zombieland? (& Who Was She Playing)

Zombieland Amber Heard as 406

One of the names that have been all over the news as of late is Amber Heard because of the fact that she is involved with a defamation case filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, a high-profile celebrity himself. Outside of the fact that she has had her fair share of controversies, Heard is also a pretty talented actress herself and has starred in big and small roles alike. Of course, there are those who may have seen her in Zombieland. But was Amber Heard really in Zombieland?

Amber Heard was in Zombieland as she played a somewhat minor role in the film. She only appeared for a few minutes and was named 406, which was her room number in Columbus’s apartment complex. Columbus had a crush on her, but she was turned into a zombie and attacked him in his apartment.

It is worth noting that Amber Heard was still somewhat a rising actress during the time when she was called to appear in Zombieland. Regardless of her ongoing case with Johnny Depp right now, she is still a known actress today compared to when she appeared in Zombieland. That said, let’s take a look at her appearance in Zombieland, which is a pretty entertaining zombie movie.

Was Amber Heard In Zombieland?

There is no doubt that one of the names that you may often read all over the news and on social media is Amber Heard. This is due in large part to the fact that she is involved in an ongoing case regarding her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, who filed a defamation suit against her. We all know for a fact that Depp himself is a megastar in the film industry, as anyone who’s involved with him, for better or worse, will often be under the spotlight.

While we can say all we want about Johnny Depp’s status as one of the greatest actors over the last three decades, we can also say that Amber Heard herself isn’t a bad actress as she has landed several roles in the past decade and a half, considering that she hasn’t been in the industry for as long as her ex-husband has. As such, she also has her own fair share of acting roles for a woman who is in the middle of her 30s.

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Like a lot of different actors and actresses, Amber Heard started out with smaller roles during the earlier part of her career when she was still trying to make a name for herself, while Johnny Depp was already one of the biggest names in the industry. This is where it gets interesting because not a lot of people know that she was actually in Zombieland.


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Released in 2009, Zombieland quickly became one of the greatest zombie movies in recent memory because of the fact that it was able to combine different genres in an action-packed and bloody zombie film that isn’t short on laughs and drama as well. This action-comedy-horror-thriller movie is a favorite among different zombie movie fans thanks to the fact that it isn’t similar to all of the other vanilla zombie movies that were released during the earlier part of the 2000s.

Zombieland focuses on the journey of main characters Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock, who are all named after the areas where they lived, considering that they wanted to keep their real names private during a time when no one could trust anyone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Of course, we also got to see some familiar faces in a movie that isn’t short on cameo appearances.

So yes, Amber Heard was indeed in Zombieland during a time when she was still just starting to make a name for herself. By the time that Zombieland was released, Amber Heard has had some roles in smaller productions like Never Back Down, Pineapple Express, and The Joneses. However, she was yet to break out as a leading actress in a somewhat big production at that point in her career.

While Amber Heard was yet to become a big-name celebrity during the release of Zombieland, her appearance in that movie allowed her to get the exposure she needed to steadily break out of the pack and make a bigger name for herself until she was able to land bigger roles in bigger productions, such as Drive Angry, The Danish Girl, and Aquaman, which is the biggest movie she has appeared in as of this writing.

Who Was Amber Heard Playing In Zombieland?

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As mentioned, Amber Heard was indeed in Zombieland in a role that is somewhat forgettable due to the fact that it was actually quite minimal. She also appeared in the movie for only a few minutes as part of Columbus’s backstory when he was narrating the events that led to the zombie apocalypse.


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In the movie, Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Columbus, who was a shut-in that lived a solitary life before the events of the zombie apocalypse. He spent most of his life indoors but had a huge crush on his neighbor in the very same apartment building he lived in before the zombie outbreak. That neighbor was Amber Heard.

True to the film’s nature of not giving real names to the characters, Amber Heard played the role of a young woman named 406. Of course, her name in the movie was taken from her room number, as Columbus called her 406 because he probably didn’t know what her real name was.

During the events of one of the flashbacks of the movie, 406 came knocking on Columbus’s apartment door as she was panicking because a man who she believed was homeless had bitten her. At that time, Columbus knew nothing about the zombie apocalypse, as did 406.

As Columbus was comforting 406 in his apartment, thinking that he had a shot with her, she eventually became a zombie that attacked him. That was how Columbus found out about the zombie apocalypse, as he was able to narrowly escape with his life without a scratch following that encounter with the zombified 406. 

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