Was Count Dooku Evil? (Working for Darth Sidious)

Was Count Dooku Working for Darth Sidious?

Introduced in Lucas’ Episode II, Count Dooku was and still is one of the most interesting villains in the Star Wars franchise. A former Jedi-turned-Sith, Dooku was one of the key figures (head)s in Palpatine’s ascend to unlimited power. But what is the exact nature of their relationship? This article is going to examine that question, and we will let you know was Count Dooku working for Darth Sidious or not. Was Count Dooku evil?

Count Dooku was evil. He was Darth Sidious’ apprentice and was, therefore, working for him throughout the series. He was, though, tricked by Sidious and was replaced as soon as the future Emperor found a more potent apprentice in Anakin Skywalker.

Saying that, there is still a lot more to be discussed about Count Dooku and Darth Sidious!

The relationship between Count Dooku and Darth Sidious

After betraying the Jedi and studying the Dark Side, Dooku became Darth Sidious’ second apprentice, after Darth Maul died. He was a loyal apprentice to the main Sith Lord and carried out his wishes without further thought. He organized the creation of the clone army and was the leader of the droids during the Clone Wars. He also fought the Jedi on several occasions and was an associate of General Grievous.

In order to further his plans, Palpatine told Dooku to organize a group of rebellious planets who wanted to be independent of the Republic. Thus, the Separatist Alliance was created with Dooku as its head, although he was just a figurehead. Palpatine never cared for the Separatists and was using Dooku to control them for his own goals. Dooku hated his alien “allies” and wanted them dead, but had to act as their leader to serve his Master’s purpose. Here is an abstract from the official novelization of Episode III, giving more insight into the whole relationship and Dooku’s perspective on it:

Again, Dooku sighed. Today he felt every hour of his eighty-three years. ‘It is … fatiguing, to play the villain for so long, Master. I find myself looking forward to an honorable captivity.’

A captivity that would allow him to sit out the rest of the war in comfort; a captivity that would allow him to forswear his former allegiances-when he would conveniently appear to finally discover the true extent of the Separatists’ crimes against civilization-and bind himself to the new government with his reputation for integrity and idealism fully intact.

The new government … This had been their star of destiny for lo, these many years. A government clean, pure, direct: none of the messy scramble for the favor of ignorant rabble and subhuman creatures that made up the Republic he so despised. The government he would serve would be Authority personified. Human authority. It was no accident that the primary powers of the Confederacy of Independent Systems were Neimoidian, Skakoan, Quarren and Aqualish, Muun and Gossam, Sy Myrthian and Koorivar and Geonosian. At war’s end the aliens would be crushed, stripped of all they possessed, and their systems and their wealth would be given into the hands of the only beings who could be trusted with them. Human beings.

Dooku would serve an Empire of Man. And he would serve it as only he could. As he was born to. He would smash the Jedi Order to create it anew: not shackled by the corrupt, narcissistic, shabby little beings who called themselves politicians, but free to bring true authority and true peace to a galaxy that so badly needed both. An Order that would not negotiate. Would not mediate. An Order that would enforce. The survivors of the Jedi Order would become the Sith Army. The Fist of the Empire.

Matthew Stover, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Dooku fully trusted Palpatine. He believed that they would rule the Galaxy together and that Palpatine would effectively end the Rule of Two (allowing for only one Sith Lord and his apprentice at a time), allowing for the creation of a full Sith Army, which would rule over the Empire.

Sadly, this trust was misplaced. Palpatine never truly cared for Dooku and used him only as a tool to achieve his goals. His ultimate goal was never to rule with Dooku, nor was it to abolish the Rule of Two. He needed Dooku to reach Anakin and nothing more. This is why Palpatine effectively sacrificed Dooku when Anakin overpowered him, ordering the unstable Anakin to decapitate Dooku, which he did.

Was Count Dooku Working for Darth Sidious?

This was a very sad ending for Dooku, who – despite being a villain – died only because he fully trusted an even bigger villain than himself. Dooku knew Palpatine’s secret identity and was truly shocked when the chancellor ordered Anakin to kill him. This is quite probably the reason he did not give up his Master – he could not think properly due to the shock. Well, be that as it may, Count Dooku died at the hands of Anakin Skywalker, who would soon replace him as Palpatine’s apprentice.

This covers everything you need to know about the topic. As you can see, Count Dooku really did work for Darth Sidious, having faith in him and his manipulations. He was ultimately betrayed by his own Master, who never actually cared about him or his wishes and was just using him to achieve his ultimate goal – unlimited power.

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