Was Homelander Made In A Lab? (& Is He Soldier Boy’s Test Tube Son)

Was Homelander Made In A Lab Is He Soldier Boys Test Tube Son

Homelander is one of the most polarizing characters in the entire world of fiction because of the fact that he is a superhero that has all of the power in the world but chooses to become a deranged maniac that emotionally and mentally manipulates people. However, season 3 of The Boys was able to shed some light on Homelander’s origins and how he came about. This was the biggest twist as it was mentioned that he was a product of a genetic experiment. So, does that mean that Homelander was made in a lab?

There is a good chance that Homelander was indeed created in a lab by Jonah Vogelbaum, who used to be the lead scientist working for Vought. In fact, Vogelbaum asked for some of Soldier Boy’s semen so that he could work on a genetic experiment, which turned out to be Homelander.

The biggest twist in the entire series is the fact that Homelander turned out to be Soldier Boy’s son all along, as his semen was used to create the perfect specimen meant to be his replacement. With that said, it would be quite interesting to see how this father-son relationship will turn out to be, especially with the possibility of Homelander and Soldier Boy teaming up in the future.

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

One of the things that we know about the supes in The Boys is that they were not created through natural means. In fact, the supes were created when babies were subjected to Compound V, which allowed them to develop powers at an early age. This was one of the biggest revelations in the series and was something that Vought had to admit to the general public.

But while most of the supes in The Boys were created through genetic enhancements by exposing them to Compound V during infancy, the biggest mystery of them all is Homelander, who didn’t have conventional parents, unlike the other supes. For example, Annie January or Starlight grew up with her parents, even though they were paid by Vought to allow their baby to become a test subject for Compound V. on the other hand, Homelander never got to experience the same kind of family life that all of the other supes were able to enjoy.

That was why, for a while, Homelander saw Madelyn Stillwell as a mother figure that he never had. It was also mentioned earlier in the series that Homelander’s biological mother was a deranged woman that died in childbirth. Meanwhile, his father remained a mystery.

stillwell homelander

Still, Homelander was able to discover that he wasn’t exactly created through the usual means of creating a supe because he didn’t have parents that allowed Vought to inject Compound V into his system. Instead, he grew up in a lab and was raised by Jonah Vogelbaum, the head scientist of Vought, who subjected him to harsh experiments so that he could end up becoming a powerful supe. But his exact origins were still unknown until season 3.

It was in season 3 when the members of Payback were given the go signal to give Soldier Boy to the Russians so that Vought could replace him with someone stronger and younger. This happened to be a young boy that Vogelbaum raised in a lab so that he could become a powerful supe that had the potential to surpass Soldier Boy. Of course, that boy turned out to be Homelander. So, does that mean that Homelander was created in a lab?

Yes, it is more than possible that Homelander was indeed a test tube baby that Vought created in a lab so that they could make the perfect supe that was strong enough to replace Soldier Boy. In fact, due to the volatile and random nature of Compound V, the only way for Vought to make sure that they ended up with a perfect specimen was for them to create the specimen in a controlled lab setup.


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In that regard, there is a good reason to believe that Homelander was indeed cooked up in a Vought laboratory through some genetic experiments that Vought conducted so that they could find a suitable replacement for Soldier Boy, who was the most iconic supe in the history of the company before Homelander came to exist. 

Who “Created” Homelander?

It was mentioned in both seasons 2 and 3 that Jonah Vogelbaum, who used to work as the head scientist of Vought, was the one who raised Homelander in a lab. In fact, in season 3, it was specifically mentioned that he asked for a semen sample from Soldier Boy for a genetic experiment.


In that regard, it is obvious that the one who “created” Homelander and raised him in a lab was Vogelbaum, who got killed by Victoria Neuman during the events of season 2 when he was about to speak in front of Congress about the things that he did when he was still working for Vought. 


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As such, there is a good possibility that he created Homelander through artificial means in a genetic experiment that was conducted in a controlled laboratory setup. This makes it even more possible that Homelander was indeed a test tube baby that was created using the semen and the egg cell of two different donors.

Who Is Homelander’s Biological Father?

The biggest revelation in the series so far happened in episode 7 of The Boys season 3 when Soldier Boy was just about to kill Mindstorm. That was when Mindstorm told him that Vought allowed Payback to give him to the Russians because he was going to be replaced by someone stronger and can fly. Soldier Boy was in disbelief when he heard this coming from Mindstorm as he proceeded to kill his former ally with his shield.

Then, after that, he put the pieces together and realized that he was Homelander’s father. He made a call to Homelander and told him that he donated some of his semen to Vogelbaum for some sort of a genetic experiment. It turned out that Vogelbaum used his genetic qualities to create a specimen that had his strength and invulnerability.

homelander and soldier

Of course, while we do know that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father, his biological mother is still a question. Any genetic scientist would have wanted to create a perfect specimen by using the genetics of the two strongest candidates. In fact, that was actually Homelander’s idea when he opted to keep Maeve alive so that he could use her eggs to create perfect children, considering that she is still the strongest female supe in the world.

So, with that said, there is a good chance that the best candidate to donate an egg cell at that time was Stormfront because she has been around for as long as Soldier Boy has been around as well. Of course, she was still named Liberty back then, but the fact that Homelander has her ability to fly could point to the possibility that she could have been the unknown egg cell donor that allowed Vogelbaum to create a specimen that had Soldier Boy’s physical attributes and could fly.

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