Victoria Neuman vs. Homelander: Who Is More Powerful?

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Season 2 of The Boys basically allowed us to see a mysterious supe that was popping heads out of nowhere as the final episode of that season revealed that it was Congresswoman Victoria Neuman who had been killing people off just by looking at them. Meanwhile, in season 3, Hughie Campbell found out about Neuman being the head popper all along as she now has one of the most powerful abilities in The Boys. But who between Neuman and Homelander is more powerful?

Homelander is still more powerful than Victoria Neuman because he is a lot stronger and more durable. We also don’t know what Neuman’s limits are in terms of her powers and if it is possible for her to kill Homelander. That said, Neuman is still very much powerful but still doesn’t stand a chance against Homelander.

The limits of what Congresswoman Neuman could do are still largely unexplored because we haven’t seen what she could do against someone of Homelander’s caliber. As such, Homelander is still the most powerful supe right now because he has more powers and abilities at his disposal and has the training and experience to win a battle against Neuman.

Physical Capabilities

Victoria Neuman is like any other supe in the sense that she has physical capabilities that have been augmented by Compound V. That means that she is stronger and more durable than any ordinary human, as seen from the fact that he was able to physically keep up with Tony in their brief fight. As such, she is no slouch when it comes to her physical capabilities, even though she might not be as strong and as durable as the other supes.


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Homelander has always been the strongest character in terms of his physical capabilities because no character, except for Stormfront, has been able to actually show that they could keep up with his strength and durability. He is no doubt the strongest supe in The Boys when it comes to his physical prowess as only Stormfront and probably Soldier Boy are close enough to what he could do. Then again, there could still be a huge gap between them and Homelander because he is just that strong and durable.

The Boys Homelander

By virtue of the fact that Neuman only has augmented capabilities that come from his status as a supe, her physical prowess isn’t that impressive. On the other hand, Homelander could be exponentially stronger and more durable than Neuman.

Neuman 0, Homelander 1

Powers and Abilities

The one thing that stands out about Victoria Neuman is that she has a psychic influence over the molecules of a person’s body such that she could increase the pressure on the molecules to the point of combustion. As such, she can make a person’s body parts explode just by looking at them, as she was powerful enough to kill the likes of Shockwave and Tony, who are both supes. It is unknown how well she could perform against someone of Homelander’s durability, but she is no doubt powerful enough to take down regular supes with a look.

The Boys 3x01 revealed Victoria Neumans Weakness

Homelander was always a parody version of Superman from DC as he has all of the Man of Steel’s powers. That means that he has flight, heat vision, and X-ray vision on top of the fact that he has all of Superman’s augmented physical capabilities. This allows him to be the perfect killing machine as he is impervious to damage and can kill and destroy in a hurry. The only difference between him and Superman is the fact that he doesn’t have the capability to use his super strength whenever he is in the air.

Victoria Neuman’s powers are unlike any other because she can kill with just a look. She can probably kill anyone in The Seven except for Homelander just by looking at them. But Homelander himself is a powerhouse in terms of his powers and abilities. As such, they are tied this round.

Neuman 0, Homelander 1

Combat Skills

Victoria Neuman is a civilian politician that was raised by Stan Edgar to be a congresswoman and not a fighter. She was never trained to be a fighter because her career path always led her to politics. As such, she doesn’t have fighting skills that allow her to excel in a hand-to-hand fight against anyone. In fact, she even struggled in a fight against Tony, who himself is not a trained fighter.

While Homelander is yet to see his fighting skills because he could basically kill anyone with a punch or laser them to death with his eyes, it is possible that he could be a trained fighter that could also take on trained fighters in a hand-to-hand close-combat fight. He might not be as well-trained as the likes of Black Noir or Queen Maeve, but it still is possible that he underwent some sort of combat training.

No Mans Land copy

Even if Homelander isn’t a trained fighter, the fact that he is so much stronger than any person in the world is more than enough for him to take this round. On the other hand, Neuman has never shown her ability to fight, and that could be her undoing.

Neuman 0, Homelander 2


There is a good reason why Victoria Neuman was chosen to be the political arm of Vought, as Stan Edgar probably saw how intelligent she was. Of course, it takes an intelligent person to become a congressman, as it is possible that Neuman went through intense education throughout her younger years. She might have also finished college in a notable school, as it is clear that she is an intelligent person.

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Homelander, while he may not have the same education that other smart people have, told during his rant in his birthday special that he is smarter than any of the other person in the world. It could be possible that Vought also enhanced his intelligence when they created and engineered him to be the perfect supe. Of course, this is taken straight out of the Superman playbook because the Man of Steel and all of the other Kryptonians are also smarter than regular human beings. And Homelander has displayed his intelligence when he thinks of ways to emotionally and mentally manipulate the people around him.


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There is no doubt that both Victoria Neuman and Homelander are intelligent in their own right. Neuman has the education and training, while Homelander has the genetic makeup that allows him to be smarter than normal people. As such, we cannot give this round to any of them.

Neuman 0, Homelander 2


Probably the only experience Victoria Neuman has as a supe is when she is using her powers to kill people without being noticed. Aside from that, she probably has never been in a real fight that requires her to use her skills in battle. As such, she might be an experienced politician in the political realm, but she is still inexperienced in a real fight. It goes without saying that any experienced fighter might be able to take her on in battle.

Homelander may not be the most experienced member of The Seven because, as revealed in The Boys Presents: Diabolical, he is fairly new to the superhero business. Nevertheless, he is still quite experienced because he has been on countless missions ever since he joined The Seven. He probably doesn’t have the same kind of experience that Black Noir and the other older characters have, but he surely has experienced enough battles throughout his entire time as a supe.

The Boys Season 3 Homelander.jpg 1

Considering that Neuman is not a fighter and doesn’t have the experience of a real supe, there is no way she could ever win this round against Homelander, who has had his fair share of experience as a supe.

Neuman 0, Homelander 3

Victoria Neuman vs. Homelander: Who Is More Powerful?

With all that said and done, Homelander will defeat Victoria Neuman in a fight. It is true that Neuman has powers that are still largely unexplored in The Boys because we don’t know their limits, but we could make the assumption that she probably couldn’t kill someone as durable and as powerful as Homelander. And even if she was still powerful enough to kill Homelander when she pushes her powers to their very limits, she is outclassed in terms of physical strength, combat prowess, and experience.

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