‘Wedding Season’ Ending, Explained: Do Katie and Stefan End Up Together at the End?

Wedding Season

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Hulu‘s Wedding Season, a romantic comedy mixed with a murder mystery that really takes the genre to new and interesting places. The romantic comedy genre has been stuck in the same place for many, many years. So it is quite fresh and intriguing to see that there are still creators out there with new ideas to build the genre towards new directions. The series is more successful than many recent efforts because it creates a couple that is worth investing time in.

Most of all, the series is great because of the fantastic performances of its two lead actors. Rosa Salazar, who always brings great energy and high-level acting to everything she does, and the lesser-known Gavin Drea. The two make a great couple, their chemistry is great, and the show knows how to put them in very different situations so that they can express their love for each other in several ways. They are one of the best romantic couples in 2022.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Wedding Season. Read at your own risk.

Do Katie and Stefan End Up Together At The End?

The series starts in a very unexpected way. We see Katie getting married to a guy named Hugo. Stefan, our main character, appears and confesses his love for Katie, but she rejects him in a very cold and cruel way. Of course, we have seen this scene many times in films and television, but none of them have ended this way. Later, Stefan is arrested by the police and taken to the station. He is being interrogated because Katie is nowhere to be seen.

What happened? After Stefan left, with his heart broken, it seems that Hugo and his family died. They were poisoned during the reception, and Katie hasn’t been found, so she is a major person of interest. Later, we see how Stefan and Katie met, and we see that they have fantastic chemistry. It seems that Stefan has really found the love of his life, but things go awry when Katie leaves him for Hugo. Stefan doesn’t understand, but there is a story behind Katie’s decision.

Wedding Season

Katie is actually looking for vengeance. Her father built a fantastic building, but Hugo and his family took it over and tore it down. This ruined her father, who is now dead. She is looking to take revenge on everyone who destroyed her father’s life. However, she didn’t poison Hugo’s family. Someone else did. It is later revealed that the one that did it was Meets, a police officer who is actually an assassin under the employment of The Block, an Asian mafia.

Katie and Stefan infiltrate the wedding of the daughter of The Block’s leader. Their mission is to get revenge on them as well, but things go bad and Katie ends up kidnapping the bride and leaving the party. Now she is being pursuit by Stefan, Meets, and the entire The Block. It doesn’t seem that this story will have a happy ending. Katie comes to the realization that this is all wrong, throughout the journey she has found love, true love with Stefan, and she wants him back.

Who Dies At The End Of Wedding Season?

Katie realizes she doesn’t want to keep doing this. She is tired. She confesses that she loves Stefan very much. He is the first person who has accepted her for who she is. She says all these things to Mitzi, the boss’s daughter, who also doesn’t want to get married to a man. She is in love with her bodyguard, a woman named Gloria. Stefan arrives at where Katie is, but he informs her that Meets is about to kill him if Katie doesn’t release Mitzi.

A shootout starts, and Katie confesses to Stefan that she loves him. However, Stefan is still angry at her for kidnapping Mitzi. Meets is ready to kill them. They need to release a video confession where Meets confesses she was the one who poisoned Hugo’s family. Once that is done, it will mean Katie is innocent, and she can have the building papers on her name once again. Katie creates a distraction so that Stefan can reach a higher place and post the video on the internet.

Wedding Season

The Block also arrives, and Katie goes out to talk to the boss. She proposes that she can transfer the building papers to him, giving him the buildings. The only condition is that he leaves her and her friends alive. Katie says that the video with Meets confession is already on the internet, and she has a will that will make acquiring the property quite difficult for him. The boss accepts the deal, he kills Meets, and Katie signs the papers.

Katie and Stefan kiss each other, and they are all happy with one another. Stefan understands that Katie has chosen him over her revenge. They begin their life together. However, one night after having a great time at a bar, Katie goes to open her car, and the car explodes with Stefan watching as the love of his life is probably dead. Katie is definitely alive. We only have to wait for Hulu to renew the series. However, she will probably be really hurt by the explosion.

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