One Piece: What Are the Sea Kings & How Powerful Are They?

What Are the Sea Kings in One Piece & How Powerful Are They?

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The characters we’ve seen in Oda’s One Piece are truly amazing. They are diverse, intriguing, and – in most cases – loved by fans. On top of that, they are – generally – very well-written characters whose stories are always fun to explore. And that is what we are going to do in this article. This article will focus on a group of characters that are not actually human or humanoid – they are animals or creatures if you prefer that term. They are big, they are strong, and they are dangerous, as well as feared by most. Yes, they are the Sea Kings, huge, carnivorous monsters that live all around the world’s oceans. We’ve seen numerous Sea Kings so far in the series, and in this article, we will finally tell you a bit about them and reveal just how powerful they are in One Piece.

The Sea Kings, also known as Kaiōrui, are massive, carnivorous sea creatures that come in many different shapes and sizes, and their natural habitat is the Calm Belts. However, several of these monsters appear in other waters and are generally thought to be present worldwide. Only a small number of other species don’t fear them and are generally thought to be among the most powerful and feared creatures in One Piece.

The rest of this article will be about the Sea Kings, their role in the story, and the world of Oda’s One Piece series, as well as their powers and abilities. We will introduce you to their role and importance for the story, how it has been evolving, and tell you just how powerful and feared they are in the context of the overall narrative of the manga. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

The Sea Kings are feared around the world

The Sea Kings, also known as Kaiōrui (a Japanese term which literally means “species of sea kings”), are enormous, carnivorous sea creatures that come in many different shapes and sizes, and their natural habitat is the Calm Belts, although several of these monsters appear in other waters and they are generally thought to be present around the world, which is why those sailing are always on the lookout when these monsters are concerned.

Only a small number of other species don’t fear them and are generally thought to be among the most powerful and feared creatures in One Piece.

Eight hundred years before the start of the narrative, during the infamous Void Century, a human named Joy Boy promised Poseidon that he would help the Fish-Men live on the surface using Noah’s ark, which the Sea Kings would tow. Joy Boy, however, broke his promise, so Noah was abandoned without ever being used.


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Mont Blanc Noland killed a Sea King to eat with his crew four hundred years later. The two ships encountered yet another such beast during the adventurer’s second voyage to Jaya. Noland killed it, so the expedition could continue. In the book Liar Noland, however, the King defeats the Sea King.

One hundred years before the narrative begins, Dorry and Brogy each killed a Sea King and could not agree on which was the greatest. For this reason, they decided that in a duel in Little Garden, their gods would make the one who was a right triumph and leave the bodies of the two beasts on the island, of which only the skull remains. The Sea Kings infest the Calm Belts.

Sea Kings stop Noah

In the past, they were the only defense to protect Amazon Lily, an island located right in that stretch of sea. Boa Hancock, however, by accepting the status of a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, has placed further protection on his people.

Other places, such as Water Seven, were also infested by the Sea Kings, but in this case, their presence was harmful, and it was necessary to build the sea trains invented by Tom, which emit a sound that annoys the Sea Kings, keeping them at bay and away from the tracks; this made it possible to safely cross those waters.

Since he was a child, Franky has tried to overcome the Sea Kings by building his Battle Franky, then managing to kill one of them. Ten years before the start of the narrative, the Lord of the Coast devoured Higuma and deprived Shanks of his left arm. Two years later, Shirahoshi unknowingly summoned some Sea Kings to save his mother from danger. After centuries of unchallenged domination of the sea, the danger of these creatures has decreased.

Dr. Vegapunk realized, at one point, that agalmatolite emits the same energy as the sea. For this reason, the keels of Navy ships are covered with this material so as to be able to cross the calm zones freely. The Sea Kings are called to the rescue by Shirahoshi to help Luffy. These creatures arrive in time to grab the chains of Noah’s ark with their teeth and prevent it from crashing on the island. By doing so, they also push Luffy to stop trying to destroy it.

Then they reveal to the mermaid princess that she is meant to be their queen. Finally, they take Noah to the Sea Forest, where it can be repaired until the time comes to carry out the mission for which it was created.

There is a good reason for that

The Sea Kings are enormous creatures listed as Type “C” creatures, which means “Big Savage.” They are said to be around 5,000 meters long, which is an impressive number. They are also extremely powerful, and their mere presence makes trade and travels through their regions extremely difficult. This is why the people had to devise various ways of avoiding the Sea Kings during their travels.

They are natural apex predators, and they have enormous strength. They can devour a human in no time (one of them even bit off Shanks’ hand, which is impressive, although Shanks was able to chase it away with his Conqueror’s Haki), they can (collectively, though) tow a ship as big as the Noah, and they can only be defeated in direct combat by giants or extremely powerful characters.


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And while they are apex predators, they have natural enemies, but only a small number of species are actually not afraid of the Sea Kings. The giant crocodiles known as Bananawani are their only natural predators and enemies, while the Yuda snakes are considered to be too fierce, even for the Sea Kings, and are, on top of that, poisonous. We also have the Blue Gorillas, the guards at Impel Down, who are excellent swimmers and are not afraid of the Sea Kings.

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