What Did Eren See When He Touched Historia?

What Did Eren See when He Touched Historia?

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is one of those franchises where a seemingly small and insignificant moment can actually mean a lot in the context of the plot. One of them is Eren touching the Historia. So, what exactly happened when Eren Yeager touched and kissed Historia’s hand?

When Eren kissed Historia’s hand, he saw yet another glimpse of his father’s memories. What he saw was the scene from the Reiss Chapel, when Grisha begged Frieda Reiss to destroy the Titans. Grisha then proceeded to take the Founding Titan he even slaughtered the whole family.

The rest of this article is going to further elaborate on the given answer. You’re going to get some additional context for this scene, the circumstances under which it happened and its overall importance for the plot and the evolution of Eren’s character and his ultimate plan. This article is going to be your best guide on the topic, as we have collected all the information available from various sources.

What Did Eren See When He Kissed Historia?

The whole story starts as the remaining members of the Survey Corps prepare for a ceremony in their honor. As they chat, Hitch walks over to greet them. Jean assures him that Marlowe fought bravely to the end, and asks Floch to back him up. Floch tells Hitch that out of all the Survey Corps recruits, Marlowe was the only one who stood his ground when all had given up hope, encouraging them to continue fighting.

However, Floch acknowledges that Marlowe probably ended up regretting accompanying the Corps in their last moments. Shocked to hear that, Hitch simply says goodbye to his teammates and leaves. Jean reproaches Floch, and demands to know why she had to say such a thing to Hitch. Floch replies that someone among them has to tell the truth. Armin acknowledges knowing that Floch tried to use the Titan Serum on Erwin.

Floch affirms his position, emphasizing that not only did he believe that Erwin Smith was the logical choice, but all those who have read the reports. Eren tries to defend Armin, asking Floch what Armin knows about him. Floch admits to not knowing him well, but states that the only reason Armin was chosen was because Eren, Mikasa, and Levi let his personal feelings influence his decision.

Eren tries to shut Floch up, but Floch replies that his behavior is like that of a child unable to listen to reason, and praises Mikasa for being mature enough to give up trying to save Armin. Jean stops the discussion, and Connie asks Floch about her motives for bringing it up.

Floch accuses the two of having done nothing but observe at the time, and clarifies that in the future, they should tell the recruits what kind of organization they are joining, to prevent cowards like him from making the wrong decision.

Armin agrees with Floch, clarifying that he won’t be able to change anything. Eren asks her not to think that way, because no one can predict the future or know what the right decision is. Eren reminds Armin of his dream of reaching the ocean and seeing the outside world. Eren claims that there is freedom beyond the ocean, but she remembers what happened to her aunt, Faye, in the civilization beyond the sea.

Levi orders them to line up to begin the ceremony. As the members of the Survey Corps are decorated by Historia, Eren wonders if what they found in the basement was hope or despair. Eren feels ready to give his life if it changes anything, but he doesn’t feel ready to sacrifice Historia. Receiving the medal from him, Eren kisses Historia’s hand and gets another memory from Historia’s father, from the night Wall Maria fell.

Arriving underground at Reiss Chapel, Grisha reveals to the royal family that he comes from the outside world, and asks Frieda to eliminate the Titans before everyone on the walls is devoured. Eren is dismayed at the sight of him, while his companions stared at him. He begged Frieda Reiss to intervene but she categorically refused, telling him the same speech that Marley has kept repeating to him during his childhood.

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Grisha revealed to them that he had a Titan whose particularity was to resist the influence of the Founding but also to see the memories of the owners as past and future and thus to see the future. Grisha then told her that he was going to devour her. He pulled out a scalpel but deflated as he cut his hand.

It was finally Eren, who had traveled back from the future, who convinced him to act and Grisha stuck his scalpel in his hand and slaughtered the Reiss. Leaving the chapel, Grisha stole a needle and some serum.

He then howled his distress at Eren and his plan and blamed him for not showing him what had happened to his wife Carla. He then had a vision of his son Zeke, Eren’s half brother. He hugged him apologizing for his mistakes and begged him to stop Eren.

This memory once again shook Eren as it revealed the truth about his world to him, a revelation that would prove crucial for the later development of his story.

Did Eren Kiss Historia on the Lips?

No, this actually never happened. Eren did kiss, as we have explained, Historia’s hand during an official ceremony, but so did several other commanders at the time. Eren Yeager did not love Historia so there was no reason for him to kiss Historia on the lips, which is what some fans think actually happened at one point in the series, but it actually did not.

Why Did Eren See the Future?

Although Eren had the Attack Titan in his possession, which allowed him to see the future, this had nothing to do with him kissing Historia’s hand in the third season of the anime series. Him being able to see the future and him kissing Historia’s hand are two completely unrelated facts.

In fact, when Eren kissed Historia’s hand, he didn’t actually see the future, but rather the past, as he saw a memory of his deceased father, Grisha.

What Episode Does Eren Kiss Historia’s Hand In?

The particular scene in which Eren kisses Historia’s hand and then relives his father’s memories once more happens in Episode 22 of Season 3 of the Attack on Titan anime. It was the 59th episode in total and it was titled “The Other Side of the Wall”. The episode had its Japanese premiere on July 1, 2019.

In case you’re interested, the scene was taken directly from the manga, i.e., from the pages of Chapter 90 of the manga, titled “To the Other Side of the Wall”. This particular chapter was actually Chapter 4 of Volume 22 of the Attack on Titan manga.

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