Why Did Eren Attack Marley in Attack on Titan?

Why Did Eren Attack Marley in Attack on Titan?

One of the most important events in the whole Attack on Titan storyline was the destruction of Marley as part of Eren Jaeger’s revenge. It was a disturbing moment that showed the destructive power of Eren Jaeger and it certainly was one of those moments that marked the whole series. So, why did Eren attack Marley in Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager attacked Marley because it was a plan to stop Marley from launching a quick attack on Paradis. A surprise attack by Eren caused chaos in Marley and the attack was averted, which was all part of Zeke’s plan, but it ultimately ended up being a catastrophe, as Eren went overboard, killed too many civilians and went a step further into his irreversible madness.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you more details about Marley’s fate. You’re going to find out why Eren attacked Marley and everything else connected to Eren’s stay in Marley and his plan to get revenge on Marley for what they did to his friends and allies. This article is going to contain all the information you need to explain why Eren attacked Marley in Attack on Titan.

Why Did Eren Go to Marley?

Well, there are actually two chief reasons for Eren’s trip to Marley. First of all, as a member of the Survey Corps, he had to do his duty and protect his people. Secondly, he went to Marley to meet up with Zeke Yeager, whose plan – communicated to him via Yelena – he had rejected earlier. In this section, we are going to further elaborate on these elements.

In 851, Eren worked with Hanji Zoe and the Survey Corps to prepare for Marley’s attack on Paradis. When the Marley’s first exploration ship reached Paradis, Eren transformed into his Titan form and destroyed the ship. At a meeting between members of the Eldia military, Eren supports Zeke Yeager’s plan and reveals his encounter with Dina Fritz, which prompted him to use the powers of the Founding Titan.

He explains to Hanji and Levi Ackermann that he remained silent so that Historia Reiss’ life would not be threatened. In the next three years Marley sent a total of 32 exploration ships to Paradis, all of which were destroyed by Eren and Armin Arlert. While the two are on a shooting range, Eren asks Armin if he saw anything from Berthold’s memories that could help them.

Armin wonders whether it is possible for Paradis and Marley to resolve the conflict diplomatically, which Eren does not believe. He justifies this with the fact that they are still viewed as devils. Therefore, he also thinks that Paradis must take the first step in order to buy the island’s time. Eren later attends a meeting between Kiyomi Azumabito of the Hizuru nation and the leaders of Paradis to forge an alliance.


Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan? How & Who Kills Him?

When Eren hears that one of the three possible plans would involve Historia as the successor to Zeke as the Beast Titan, he refuses to agree to the plan. When Eren was helping his friends build a railroad in 853, he was very disappointed to hear that Hizuru couldn’t find any additional allies for them. Eren mentions that Zeke only has two years to live before he dies and is wondering who should take over his Titan if he has to pass it on.

His friends offer up, but he tells them he wants them to live long. About a year later, Flocke allows Yelena to meet Eren discreetly at a festival in Trost. Yelena explains Zeke’s plan to euthanize the Eldia race, along with his plan to give military officers his spinal fluid so they cannot defy his or Eren’s orders. Yelena later denied advising him to infiltrate Marley himself.

Eren also learns from Yelena that Zeke wants to talk to him about his real intentions to free Paradis. After meeting Yelena, Eren meets with Flocke privately and tells him that he wants them to pretend they are working with Zeke. Flocke asks what he actually wants to do and Eren explains to Flocke his plan to kill everyone outside of Paradis with the Founding Titan. This was, of course, something Eren couldn’t agree with so he decided to infiltrate Marley.

How Did Eren End Up in Marley?

Before the end of the Marley Mid-East War, Eren severed his own leg and cut out one of his eyes to infiltrate the Marley military as an injured Eldian soldier. He returns to Liberio and is taken to hospital along with the other wounded and traumatized Eldia soldiers. After being thrown to the ground by a frightened soldier, he is assisted by Falco Grice, who points out to him that he is wearing his armband on the wrong arm.

Using the pseudonym Kruger, Eren is visited by Falco while he is in the hospital. He admits to Falco that he faked amnesia so that he would not be released and asks the boy to send him a letter outside of the detention zone so that the hospital does not find out that he is faking his illness. Eren says the letter was addressed to his family to let them know that he is okay.

Eren resolves to move forward

During his stay in Liberio, Eren meets with Zeke and learns about the true nature of the Ackerman clan line. Eren asks Zeke if Mikasa’s headache is something that every Ackerman experiences, and Zeke claims he has never heard of such symptoms. Zeke tells Eren that he doesn’t believe Ackermans really have ingrained attitudes towards a “host” and claims that Mikasa just likes Eren.

Eren replies that he only has four years to live and that he would like his friends to live longer. Zeke asks if Eren would join in his plan to save the people of Ymir by wiping them out. Eren claims her father was wrong and agrees with Zeke’s earlier claim that Grisha brainwashed him into carrying out his plan. Eren says there would be no suffering if the Eldia had never been born and agrees to work with Zeke.

Why Did Eren Attack Marley?

Shortly before the Tybur Festival begins, Eren leaves the hospital and moves into a building near the stage where Willy Tybur is set to give a speech. On the way there, he meets Falco and asks the boy to bring Reiner to him. Upon Reiner’s arrival, he asks Eren why he is in Marley and Eren replies that he is there for the same reason as Reiner – he has no choice but to be there.

Eren reveals that he has already slit his hand open to transform if necessary and insists that Reiner sits with him to watch the festival. Eren regenerates his leg and apologizes to Falco for tricking him during his stay in the hospital. He admits that the letters Falco sent were not addressed to his family but to his allies stationed in Marley.

The Attack Titan crushes Willy

When Eren hears that Willy claims he is a threat to Marley’s peace, he admits that he is indeed the “bad guy” but argues that the Marley warriors were also the bad guys when they broke through Wall Maria. Eren asks why Reiner and the others destroyed the wall and Reiner says that they had to do it in order to get to the Founding Titan and save the world.

Reiner asks if Eren came to kill him, and Eren replies that he saw that there are both good and bad people in Marley. He admits that he understands the turmoil Reiner went through, causing him to collapse and beg Eren to kill him. Soon after, Eren ended up attacking Marley with his Titan. So, the reason because of which Eren attacked Marley was to save the people of Paradis and to stop a surprise attack by Marley, which is something we have talked about above.

What Episode Did Eren Attack Marley In?

Eren’s massive attack on Marley begins in Episode 76 of the Attack on Titan anime series, which is actually the 17th episode of Season 4 and the first episode of the second part of the fourth season. The episode, titled “Judgment”, premiered on January 10, 2022.

In the episode, Zeke recovers from his injuries after being treated by a mysterious girl in a place called “Paths”. Hange retrieves Levi’s body and flees from the Jaegerists. In Shiganshina, Marleyan soldiers descend from the sky in airships as Pieck and Gabi reunite with Magath.


In the ensuing fight, the Jaeger soldiers are massacred by Marley’s forces, while Reiner and Pig fight Eren, who uses the power of the Warhammer Titan to try to impale them with his spikes. Pieck shoots Eren from Wall Maria, causing him to lose control, giving Reiner a chance to pierce Eren with one of his own hardened thorns.

Fearing imminent defeat, Onyankopon frees the Recon Division members and asks for their help in defeating the Marleyans. The continuation of the heated battle will be presented in the forthcoming episodes of Season 4.

How Long Was Eren in Marley?

The timeline of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan anime is a bit messed up so we don’t really know the exact dates and whatnot concerning the events; we know when some of the events took place and we can estimate others, but some are still a complete mystery. Eren’s stay in Marley is among the ones we can estimate based on other information we have, and we assume that Eren was in Marley for around three months.

With Hizuru’s investment, the rail lines in Paradis were finished by 853. The year 854 is when the Marley-Mid East Alliance War reached its climax at Fort Slava. From Eren’s state at that moment, it’s quite obvious that he had infiltrated the unit that was digging trenches during the war. Therefore, the Survey Corps arrived in Marley when the war is going on. This is what we know.

Later, Eren left the meeting after its disappointing outcome and went to infiltrate Marley’s army (see above). He was there in the frontlines for more than a month, perhaps even two. The meeting with Falco and the Tybur festival probably took place another month after his return to Liberio which adds up to roughly three months in total.

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