What Does Softie Mean in Roblox?

What Does Softie Mean in Roblox?

Avatars are a huge part of gaming and as a gamer, I love having my in-game character’s appearance having a personal meaning or connection to me. The appearance of my avatars is almost as important as the gameplay itself. I see a lot of people tag the word softie with an appearance in Roblox, but what does it mean?

The term softie is used to describe certain kinds of Outfits or Outfit ideas in Roblox, and because of how being able to customize is one of Roblox Forte, the term has gained a lot of popularity over time.

Appearance is particularly important to Roblox gamers, as it is an open-world game that explores a vast virtual world where you can interact with other users. Roblox offers users a unique experience of creativity and exploration. 

As a Roblox gamer, you can create and partake in numerous games. Appearance is a big issue in the Roblox community as gamers want to show off and that’s where the term Softie comes into play.

Softie is a term that comes up a lot in the Roblox community. What does it mean? What is its significance? Why is there so much confusion among new players and even some veterans about the term Softie? All that and more is what you’ll find out in this article.

What Is the Meaning of Softie in Roblox?

What Does Softie Mean in Roblox?

Softie is a brand of clothing in Roblox that is warm and sweet. It is a brand that is rapidly growing among users and focuses on a particular style of clothing that has a sweet and welcoming appearance.

Appearances in the Roblox community are a massive part of gaming, this is what has influenced the rise of Softie clothing. Softie styles are not officially recognized by the game, this makes them vary according to the user’s preference.

A lot of users have shown their creativity with a combination of clothing that is lovely and easy on the eyes which is the aim of a Softie.


The Softie brand is mostly used by female users. They are pastel-themed, Aesthetic, and overall appealing to see.

Softies are a combination of clothing that is appealing to the eyes.

They are mostly pastel-themed, aesthetic, and warm.

There is no particular combination dedicated to Softie, it is open to the user’s creativity.

Softie Roblox Outfit Under 100 Robux

Now that you understand what a softie is, it’s time to venture into the world of a Softie. I’ll be going through simple and cost-effective combinations of Roblox outfits that fall under the jurisdiction of Softie clothing.

Let’s take a look at some softie outfits under 100 Robux;

Outfit One

Hair: Pink beret blonde – 80 Robux

Shirt: Coughing – 5 Robux 

Pants: Pink plaid – 5 Robux 

Face: Silly fun – Free 

Total: 90 Robux 

Outfit Two

Hair: Brown half-up buns with headband – 70 Robux

Shirt: Charlotte – 5 Robux 

Pants: Waves bottom – 5 Robux 

Face: Freckles – 10 Robux

Outfit Three

What Does Softie Mean in Roblox?

Hair: Black beret brunette hair – 80 Robux

Shirt: Bb – 5 Robux 

Pants: Lightwash – 5 Robux 

Face: Silly fun – Free 

Outfit Four

Hair: Blonde short anime hair – 80 Robux 

Shirt: Bunched up  – 5 Robux 

Pants: Escape – 5 Robux 

Face: Silly fun – Free

Total: 90 Robux 

Outfit Five

Hair: Long brown hair with headband – 80 Robux 

Shirt and pants: Vanilla – 5 Robux 

Face: Silly fun – Free

Total: 85 Robux

With the proper combination of outfits, you can easily pass as a softie. I prefer the freckles softie face look among others. Silly fun is also another favorite among softies, mostly because it is free but also because it is a simple softie look.

The shirts are the most noticeable part of the softie look, it’s where the pink, warm, aesthetic, and pastel theme comes into play so it’s a big part of the softie look. 

As important as the shirts are, they are only half of the essentials of a Softie, the shorts also plays a huge part in complimenting the shirt to create the softie feel.

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The hair is the single most expensive part of a Softie outfit, I find it amusing that while they are expensive they are not a significant part of the softie look. You can have any type of hairstyle as long as your face, shirt, and shorts scream softie, you’re good to go. 

I should note that some particular hairstyles fit more into the criteria of a Softie than others. Take for instance hairstyles with headbands that will contribute greatly to a softie look if the accessory on the hair matches the softie look. 

I think it’s worth mentioning that while the looks are the definition of a Softie, most in-game players with the look are usually warm and friendly.

There’s a popular misconception about softies in Roblox being the only female. This is derived from the style necessary to the brand but I’ve seen different people with softie profiles and I can confidently say gender has no part to play in it. 

With that being said I do have some personal opinions on the style which you will find enlightening.

Thoughts on Softie Style

What Does Softie Mean in Roblox?

While the softie profiles are taking Roblox by storm and gathering more users by the minute, I do not think having a softie profile is a good move for a Roblox gamer. 

Yes, I understand that may be a controversial opinion but after all my research into the softie world, I can confidently say that it contradicts the purpose of the game. Roblox was designed as a world where people can let loose and connect but also show their creativity and variety.

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While softie profiles may be warm and pleasing, the fact that they constrict users to a particular mode of dressing defeats the purpose of the game.

I believe in being adventurous and exploring, there is a good reason that a majority of people don’t like uniforms cause it gives a sense of being caged. Yes, you could argue that there is a wide range of variety for softie outfits, and that makes it possible to explore design options. 

I strongly disagree. Just because a uniform is made into different varieties doesn’t make it any less a uniform, what it does is give the user a false sense of freedom which quickly fades and when reality sets in.

If you’re into fashion or just love dressing your avatar then going softie is just an unnecessary restriction on your designs. I believe it’s a trend that’s going to die out soon as people start to realize there are not many options to work with.

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