15 Old & Classic Scary Games on Roblox in 2023

old classic scary roblox games

Roblox is currently one of the most popular platforms to play games on, and since hundreds of games are being added every day, older players are looking to invoke that feeling of classic gameplay, back when the platform was much simpler. From sinister atmospheres to spine-chilling narratives, our chosen horror games have stood the test of time, proving that the thrill of fear is timeless. Let’s take a look at our list of 20 classic scary games on Roblox.

Editor’s Note: this list was expanded in November 2023 to include additional older gems.

1. Alone in a Dark House

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Dive into the spookiness of Alone in a Dark House, the first entry on our list of older Scary Roblox games. Set in 1996, you become a detective solving a classic murder case. This intensely frightening game supports online multiplayer with a team of 20 players. Work together to uncover clues, solve mysteries, and confront ghosts and criminals. Awarded Best Single Player Game in the Bloxy Awards 2020, it’s a must-play for fans of chilling and intriguing experiences. Gather your friends to share the terror and unravel the haunted tale.

2. Dead Silence

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Experience the unsettling sensation of being watched in the dark by the unknown in Dead Silence. This incredibly creepy game explores the legend of Mary S. and her murder investigation, drawing inspiration from the horror movie ‘Dead Silence’ involving a gifted doll. It’s a must-try for adventurous souls seeking a spine-chilling thrill on Roblox.

Playable with up to three friends, Dead Silence was voted the scariest game by Roblox players. Navigate blood-stained tight spaces, searching for ghosts and paranormal entities to unravel the haunting mystery. Get ready for an intense and hair-raising multiplayer experience!

3. Stop it, Slender!

Stop it slender

Stop it, Slender! is a survival horror tag game by Kinnis97, inspired by Garry’s Mod’s game mode and Slender: The Eight Pages. The game begins with players selecting a map, and one player becomes Slender, while others take on the role of citizens seeking eight pages. Citizens activate generators to unlock areas, but looking at Slender causes damage. Proximity to Slender or a proxy also poses a threat. Spectators can join mid-game. If citizens find all the pages, they win; if all citizens are killed, Slender emerges victorious. The game blends elements of Slender: The Eight Pages with unique features for a suspenseful multiplayer experience.”


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4. Survival Apocalypse

Survival APocalypse

Survival: Apocalypse is a popular zombie game on Roblox created by Garnold and armour5 in 2010. Set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, players navigate remnants of cities, desert towns, and secluded areas to survive. Similar to Survival 404 but with a broader environment, players vote on maps at the start of each server, determining unique aspects like zombie spawns, building locations, and resources. This diversity ensures that each server offers a fresh experience, presenting players with various challenges in their quest for survival.”

5. Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush

Ranked fifth on our list of old and scary Roblox games is Zombie Rush. If you have an equal affection for the undead as you do for the living, Zombie Rush is a must-try. It stands out as one of the best zombie games on the platform, offering a genuinely chilling experience that goes beyond mindless bodies crawling towards you.

Engage in intense battles against hordes of zombies to progress through exciting levels. Zombie Rush is not just visually appealing; its graphics set it apart from typical terrifying games. The game’s difficulty level and the adrenaline-pumping action of fending off the undead make it a thrilling experience. Brace yourself for an exciting journey as you fight to survive and elevate the thrill to new heights in Zombie Rush.



JAWS is a pretty straightforward survival horror game, and your only goal is to escape Jaws, who is roaming the water looking for dinner. The game was created in 2015, updated several times, and then reverted back to the original version.

7. Can You Survive The 892 Epic Disasters!

Can You Survive The 892 Epic Disasters

Can You Survive The 892 Epic Disasters! is a survival game created by TyeMan. It is based on the game Survive the Disasters by VyrissDev. It features plenty of challenges ranging from super killbots, spike walls, dino attacks, big foots and plenty of more traps and creatures summoned straight from the nightmares.

8. Survive the Night

Survive the night

Survive the Night presents three exciting modes. In Survival Mode, your goal is to run, hide, and do whatever it takes to avoid dying. Equip gears and perks to improve your odds against slashers and killers, and unlock over 1000 unique items. In Hunt Mode, collaborate with your team to complete objectives and take down killers.

Customize your operative’s play style with weapons and tools, and work together to achieve various objectives and evacuate. In Story Mode, immerse yourself in the narrative with voiced characters and mo-capped cutscenes. You can play solo or team up with up to 4 people. This game is a remake of the 2016 classic hide-and-seek game “Before the Dawn.” Brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience!


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9. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

For those who revel in paranoia, Murder Mystery 2 is an ideal choice. The game features roles such as sheriff, bartender, and murderer, allowing players to select their preferred role. As a bartender, the objective is self-protection against the murderer, while the sheriff aims to quickly identify the murderer. The murderer, on the other hand, must eliminate everyone without getting caught. Murder Mystery 2 offers captivating play scenarios, providing a refreshing alternative for those who prefer a break from the constant presence of zombies and creepy ghosts in other games.

10. Deception Infection

Deception Infection

Deception Infection, a horror game by Stickmasterluke, is a Last-Man-Standing variation where Humans aim to identify and eliminate the Infected among them. The game involves all players being teleported into the map after an intermission, armed with XM8s. The Infected, starting with one player, use an Infect tool for close-range infection, earning points for spreading the infection. Humans earn points for killing Infected. Surviving teams score points at the end of each round. The Infected must be vigilant, as they appear indistinguishable from Humans, requiring strategic infection without revealing their true identity. The game emphasizes cover and deception for the Infected to win.

11. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel, once a popular destination, now lies swallowed by the earth, captivating people with its mysterious disappearance. The game’s objective is to explore the hotel as it succumbs to nature and uncover the reasons behind its vanishing act. Inside, the player encounters shocking visuals and a haunting ambiance, delivering an immersive horror experience. The hotel holds numerous mysteries, leaving players in awe and suspense as they navigate through the unknown, uncertain of how the journey will unfold.

12. Darkness 1

Darkness 1

Darkness I, created by Loleris on October 2, 2013, has garnered over 38,000 favorites and 3,000,000 visits. A round-based game set in a dark map, it poses a challenge with limited visibility. One player becomes the beast, wielding a scythe and tasked with eliminating others, aided by night vision. The rest of the players are armed with guns, aiming to defeat the beast. Rounds conclude when all players, the beast, or the timer expires. Rising to popularity in late 2013, Darkness I remains somewhat popular to this day.

13. Vampire Hunters 2

Vampire Hunters 1

Vampire Hunters 2, the official sequel to Vampire Hunters by ZacAttackk, boasts a substantial player base with 45M+ visits and 301K+ player favorites, maintaining a positive like-to-dislike ratio. Emerging from BETA, the game allows players to survive, aid the detective, become the detective, or play as a vampire.

In contrast to its predecessor, players can personalize their appearance and use in-game cash for clothing, abilities, and gun customization. Membership game passes offer additional accessories like silver, gold, and platinum. A sequel, Vampire Hunters 3, is in open pre-release. While initially closed due to balance issues and a toxic community, the game reopened on September 1, 2022, with significant improvements and a diminished toxic presence.

14. Silent Dark

Silent Dark

Silent Dark, a horror game on Roblox by Zeekerss, unfolds in the fictional town of Augur Lake plagued by disappearances and rumors of alien visitations. The player, haunted by disturbing dreams about aliens, begins the game in a cottage’s study room. A news broadcast reports on the town’s disappearances and alien sightings, enforcing a curfew.

Entering a dream sequence, the player wakes up on a dock on a small island with a cargo container nearby. Inside, a hole leads to a wooden structure with mysterious occurrences. Discovering a locked door and finding the key, a crash and hissing noise signal a disturbance. The player navigates a series of hallways, encountering a chasing monster. Whether reaching the door or being caught, the player wakes up, immersed in the eerie mystery of Silent Dark.

15. Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud

The final entry on this list of old and scary Roblox games is Identity Fraud. If you’ve ever yearned for an adventurous setting reminiscent of the movie Maze Runner, this game is a must-try. Navigate through mazes, battling monsters to reach the ultimate boss. Packed with secrets and mysteries, Identity Fraud offers a fun and intriguing gameplay experience. As you escape the mazes, confront monsters and devils, fighting to save your life before facing off against the supreme boss in the game. Get ready for a thrilling and suspenseful journey!

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