15 Old Scary Games on Roblox: The Big Horror List

scariest old roblox games

Although there is freedom for becoming anything you want on Roblox, this article exclusively features games for people who instead of getting scared, enjoy the horror…! I am a fan of horror and enjoy things that are frightening instead of inspiring. 

Also, scary games are also my favorite because of the efforts that go into making them. It is an arduous task to make something petrifying and enjoyable at the same time. I really appreciate the efforts the creators of these games put in, to create such amazing games for players to enjoy. The developers behind these games are really innovative and need extra brilliant imagination to make these games so freaking awesome.

Most of these games are multiplayer and fun to play with your friends. Here’s the list of the 15 scariest games on Roblox. Enjoy the terror!

1. Alone in a Dark House

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

We start off our list of older Scary Roblox games with Alone in a Dark House. Mystery and horror combined; Alone in a Dark House is amazingly frightening. The game takes you to a classic murder case in 1996, where you’ve to play the role of a detective and solve the case.

A team of 20 players can play Alone in a Dark House online multiplayer game. A team of players searches for clues and solves the mysteries of the murdered family while fighting against the ghost and criminals. If you enjoy intriguing games, you must play them once.

Alone in a Dark House was awarded Best Single Player Game in the Bloxy Awards 2020. Although, the good thing is you can bring a bunch of players to help you relieve the terror.

2. Dead Silence

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

What does it feel like to be watched in the dark by something unknown? You will find out if you decide to play Dead Silence.

Dead Silence is creepy as hell. But for crazy adventurers, it is the most interesting game on Roblox. Dead Silence is about the legend of Mary S. and the investigation of her murder. The movie Dead Silence, where a doll is gifted to a little girl, inspires the game. Then you can imagine what goes next. 

Dead Silence is a multiplayer game that you can play with three more of your friends.

Dead Silence was also voted as the scariest game by the players on the Roblox. To solve the mystery of the game, you need to squeeze through little places stained by blood, all while trying to look for the ghost and paranormal entities.

3. The Apartment

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

In The Apartment, Your friend is trapped in room 705 and you have to find him somehow. And when you’ll search for your friends, you encounter things that are creepier than creepy. 

The Apartment terrifies you and will crush any courage within you. If you consider yourself a daring person, you must try this game especially at night and with the headphones on.

The sounds that you hear will vibrate the cells in your body. The things get unsettling as you climb the floors. Although the build-up is slow, you’ll start finding it terribly fun once you move towards the second and third floors.

The Apartment is also multiplayer and can be played with your friends. After playing it, you may not dare to go to the kitchen alone in your own house at night to get water.

Things get more frightening as you move towards the upper floors. The game is like any amazing horror movie with great suspense in the end. 

This might become another one of your favorite scary games on Roblox.

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4. Mirror

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Mirror is one of the few single-player games featured in this list. Mirror as the name suggests involves the effects of long staring in the mirror can have on you.

The subconscious mind gets bored if you stare at yourself for long. Mirror uses the subconscious mind’s psychological trick to create various spine-chilling events that will scare the shit out of you.

Mirror begins with the player in a dimly lit space with a mirror at a distance. As the player stares at the mirror for a long time, unpleasant visuals and figures appear.

Once you’ve seen the mirror long enough, you’re certain not to look at it in real life without thinking of this horror game.

5. Zombie Rush

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

On fifth place on this list of old scary Roblox games is Zombie Rush. If your love for the dead creatures is the same as for the living ones, then you must try Zombie Rush for sure. 

Zombie Rush is one of the best Zombie games on the platform. It is not just any other zombie game, feels like stupid dead bodies crawling toward you. Instead, it will really scare the daredevil out of you.

Clash against an ocean of zombies to unlock and advance towards higher levels in the game. The game has exciting features, and it is exciting from the start.

The graphics of the Zombie Rush are pretty. Not just like any other terrifying game. 

The level of difficulty and the amount of killing and fighting makes Zombie Rush quite a thrilling game. 

Saving yourself from becoming a meal to the dead mortals is exciting, and Zombie Rush takes that excitement to another level.

6. School History

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

In School History there’s an old school building which hasn’t been opened for ages. You are to find out the mysteries and hidden secrets of the school and the rumors about it.

The developers of the School History game have done a really fantastic job in terms of visuals, graphics, and sounds.

School History feels immersive and once you get going into it to search for secret doors and rooms to look for the unknown, then it gets a lot more interesting and fun.

There’s a chilling thrill behind every door that you’ll open and all the things that you’ll come along during the game will shake the earth beneath you.

You can play this game with your friends. Bring along your most daring and clever friends to join you in the school’s adventure history.

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7. Piggy Traitor Mode

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Piggy Traitor Mode game is single-player and you have to escape and kill all the other survivors to win it. Also, there is a slight twist. You are not the hero in the game. Instead, you’re a traitor who has to kill all the other survivors to win the game.

As a traitor, you’re given a knife that you can use to kill other survivors. There’s also a bot as a pig that helps traitors to kill other survivors. 

The traitor gets a knife to kill and other survivors can try to find a gun. If the survivor shoots another survivor instead of a traitor, then the survivor becomes a pig after dying and helps the traitor to kill other survivors as well.

Piggy Traitor Mode is very interesting. To win it, kill all the other survivors, or escape the game without being killed. It is one of the most popular games in Roblox and is increasing in popularity every day.

8. Before The Dawn

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Just as the name suggests Before The Dawn needs you to remain alive until dawn. If you can survive in the game until before dawn in the morning, then you’ll win this game.

But a game of such an outstanding quality can’t be so simple to survive, right?

There are many challenges that you need to pass to make it alive all night. Fight against the haunted spirit, and provide support to other survivors while progressing in the game. This game demands clever wits and quick thinking to make it alive.

The ambiance of Before The Dawn is scary and gives you the winter chills. There are many things going on at once. Before The Dawn demands superb skills and experience.

The Player gets only a lantern to survive. The game starts in the middle of the night where players are given nothing but the dim lantern and their wits to survive. One good thing is that you can play it with your friends. Friends might help you get along with the game and together it may get little on you.

To survive till dawn, fight against the creepy spiders and various monsters. 

For that, you need to buy some tools in the game. Before The Dawn requires you to not only use the tools but also your cunningness. A player to win this game must outsmart and outwit all the monsters until the night fades and light comes in.

9. Murder Mystery 2

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

For paranoia lovers, Murder Mystery 2 is perfect. The game includes a sheriff, bartender, and murderer. The player gets to choose any of the roles among these. 

Once you have chosen the role, the game will be based on that. If you choose to become a bartender, you’ll have to protect yourself from the murderer. 

The role of the sheriff is to find the murderer as quickly as possible and the murderer as you can guess has to kill everyone without getting caught.

Murder Mystery 2 has amazing play scenarios and if you are someone who doesn’t like to be surrounded by zombies all the time, then you may play this game to get some change from the bloody zombies and creepy ghosts.

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10. Nightmare Mines

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

The next entry on our list of scary old Roblox games is Nightmare Mines. In 1988, the Robloxia government opened a large mine. But in 2006, some strange things were found in the mine. But that was ignored, thinking of something unharmful. Then again, in the present time, the people working in the mine feel some absurd effects on their bodies. 

Some workers’ bodies changed into a weird brown color. Now, it’s up to the player and his team to save the world from the nightmares of the mine.

The whole of humanity suffers because of this monster preying inside the mine.

Once Nightmare Mines starts, players are trapped inside the mine and have to face the monster inside the mine to protect themselves and the citizens of the world. 

A maximum of eight players can form a team. The game has amazing graphics and visuals and it feels terrific while slaying the devils inside the mine.

Nightmare Mines has become very popular among gamers, especially those who like the call of Duty kind of games.

Nightmare Mines certainly is one of the scariest games in Roblox and you must play it if you are a fan of fighting and dream of protecting the world while risking your life. 

11. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

The Haunted Imperial Hotel was among the most popular hotels once. It was the crown of its area, and people loved to visit it for recreation and fun. 

But, sometimes later, the hotel got swallowed by mother earth, leaving the people in amazement. 

The goal of The Haunted Imperial Hotel is to go inside the hotel while it is being reclaimed by the Earth and figure out why it is being swallowed up.

Once you’re inside the hotel, there are many things that’ll leave you shocked. The Haunted Imperial Hotel has stunning visuals and ambiance and offers an amazing horror experience.

After you enter the hotel, you don’t know exactly how you’re going to come out of it. There are many mysteries to resolve that are going to leave you dumbstruck.

12. The Light Bulb: Reillumination

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

The Light Bulb: Reillumination starts in an uncanny room full of bookshelves and two doors on the North and Eastside. The player has to escape the room without getting trapped or harmed. 

When the player has the option to run, he has two choices. He can choose any of the doors and find the options available there. Because there are two doors, the game has different endings and plays.

This keeps The Light Bulb: Reillumination exciting and fresh, even if you’ve played it a couple of times before.

Once you advance to the new rooms and switch on the lights, you’ll see a message somewhere showing your next move. 

Play goes on like this until you’re out of the building. Both the rooms offer different substances. One has a lot of bookshelves and things, while the other opens to another locker and another set of rooms.

The ending is quite stunning. The feel of the game is terrific and if you love games with uncanny excitement, you must play it at least twice… to find out what is inside each of the two doors.

13. Horror Elevator

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

The horror elevator is one game that reminds you of the old horror movies and stories. There is an elevator in the old abandoned building. 

Horror Elevator starts once you step into the elevator and you take a ride on the 30-floor building. Imagine getting into an elevator inside a creepy building where only monsters and ghosts live.

Elevator gates open on different floors. The Player gets confronted by many terrifying monsters on every floor and has to survive until the very last floor of the building to win the game.

The horrifying challenges in the game that a player has to face make it quite a hard game to complete. Except for winning, there are several badges awards a player might win while playing the game.

Developers built Horror Elevator on a very amazing concept and everyone must try it so they can enjoy an exhilarating ride on a spooky elevator.

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14. Bear Alpha

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

The Bear Alpha is known as the scariest game on the Roblox platform. The game is modeled on a hunt-and-kill survival system. 

A team of 10 players can play Bear Alpha, where they have to hunt and kill everyone to win it. As hinted in the game’s name, the bear is the strongest and most robust of all the survivors and hence the most difficult one to kill.

The player also gets many tools and weapons in the game to fight and kill the opponent. There are various physical moves players can do in the game which makes it animating and enjoyable. 

15. Identity Fraud

15 Scary Games On Roblox: The Big Horror List

Last but not least scary game on this list of scary old Roblox games is Identity Fraud. If you love the movie Maze Runner and ever dreamt of living inside such an adventurous setting, then you are going to find Identity Fraud absolutely amazing.

Identity Fraud is all about trundling through maze fighting monsters to reach the big boss of the game.

There are many secrets and mysteries within the game that make it fun and interesting to play.

While escaping the mazes you will have to deal with monsters and devils and fend them off to save your life before you can kill the supreme boss in the game. 

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