Tsukimichi: What Does the Goddess Look Like? Her Face Revealed?!

What Does the Goddess in Tsukimichi Look Like? Her Face Revealed?!

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Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy is an isekai fantasy web novel series written by Kei Azumi and illustrated by Mitsuaki Matsumoto. The original novel was published in 2012, and the web novel in 2013; it was adapted into manga format in 2015 (the manga is still ongoing), and the first season of the anime series premiered in 2021. With the second season premiering in January 2024, we have decided to inform you about the series a bit, focusing on the characters. This article is going to be dedicated to one specific character – the Goddess – as we are going to talk about her appearance and reveal what she really looks like in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Goddess is a major character from the Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy series and can be considered the series’ main villain. She is responsible for the current state of things in the series.
  • She is by no means a benevolent goddess and her narcissism and her frivolity have been the causes of problems in the series.
  • Her appearance has been the topic of many debates in the series since she generally hides her face and has appeared in many different forms throughout the series.

The Goddess is the main villain of the series

Before we approach the main issue, a quick introduction because we haven’t written about Tsukimichi very often. The Goddess is an unnamed deity and the administrator of the other planet, Elysion, which is the primary setting of the whole series. Because of a pact she has with her parents, Makoto is chosen as the candidate to be brought to the world ruled by the Goddess. But the Goddess ultimately rejects Makoto due to her own choices, leaving him behind in the Wasteland of her planet. Rather than doing that, she kidnaps two other mortals to be their heroes.

The Goddess treats people with such contempt, especially when her physical attributes are concerned that she is a conceited, self-centered, and haughty individual. Despite possessing the ability to create, she seemed to care only about superficial stuff like beauty and detest anything that she deemed unsightly. She also demonstrates a lack of empathy and decency when she uses Makoto as a prop to stop Sofia and a Greater Dragon from invading human territory. She just tossed it there carelessly, without informing Makoto about it beforehand.

She becomes concerned with stopping Makoto and figuring out where he is or might be hidden after learning that he is breaking his own records for having the potential to become someone like her. All she knew was that she would lose her dignity and pride as the world’s goddess primarily because of him. Now that we have told you a bit about the Goddess, we can return to the main question of this article.


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The Goddess’ true appearance has been a question of debate

Namely, the issue of the Goddess’ true appearance has been a major one in the series for a while now and it doesn’t surprise us that fans are mulling over this issue even now. We know that the Goddess is female and that she cares a lot about her appearance, but her seemingly true appearance has been covered and kept hidden in the series, so we don’t really know what she really looks like… or do we?

The first thing you need to know is that she can change her appearance, so when she appears in front of Hibiki, she takes on the form of a young, beautiful maiden. This form is significantly different than her true form. In front of Tomoki, she appeared as a young girl, demonstrating further that she can significantly alter her appearance if she wants to, thus confusing everyone. Here are these two forms:

image 2024 02 01 191624471
image 2024 02 01 191635127

But, as we have said, neither of these forms is the Goddess’ true form, as she actually looks like a voluptuous woman with blonde hair and large breasts. This is something that we have seen despite the authors trying to keep her true appearance hidden, but even though we saw her body, we never saw her face, as it has always been hidden by something. This is why the fans have been wondering about what her face looks like, and while most fans think that it has not been revealed, we advise you to check this out:

image 2024 02 01 191835152

This is a promotional drawing of the Goddess that is part of the Tsukimichi anime series. Since the anime is a canon adaptation of the original series, we can confirm that this is what Goddess actually looks like and that we have a full picture of her with her uncovered face.

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