What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzō In?

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzō In?

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Sasuke Uchiha is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in Masahi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise. In one of the best stories in the franchise, Sasuke has transitioned from a villain to a very specific brand of antihero. Sasuke’s story was marked by several tragedies, including the massacre of his whole clan by his brother, Itachi. It has also been marked by a lot of important battles and in this article, we are going to focus on his fight against Danzō Shimura.

The fight between Sasuke and Danzō takes place during The Gathering of the Five Kage anime arc, starting with episode 209 (“Danzō’s Right Arm”), and ending with episode 211 (“Danzō Shimura”). In the manga, the fight begins in Chapter 475 (“Madara Shows His True Worth!!”) and ends in Chapter 481 (“Danzō Dies!!”).

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of the fight between Sasuke and Danzō Shimura. You now know when it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context.

The fight between Sasuke and Danzō

As we have said, the fight between Sasuke and Danzō takes place during The Gathering of the Five Kage anime arc, starting with episode 209 (“Danzō’s Right Arm”), and ending with episode 211 (“Danzō Shimura”).

Danzō, after returning from the meeting, received a letter from the Fourth Raikage, informing him of the impending Summit of the 5 Kage and Sasuke Uchiha’s actions. At his first order, Danzō ordered Sasuke to be added to the Bingo Book and subsequently executed as a traitor to Konoha. While preparing for the Kage meeting, Danzō gave the Root members a series of tasks.

Danzō was aware of Naruto’s popularity in the village, after defeating Pain. He still needed the support of the Jōnin to officially become Hokage, so it was decided to keep an eye on Naruto at all times. At the time Anko Mitarashi was searching for Kabuto Yakushi, Danzō gave the instructions to find Kabuto before her, hoping that Kabuto had medical information that could help his right eye and arm.

Other than that, Kabuto had information on the relationship between Orochimaru and Danzō. Danzō set out for the Kage Summit with Torune Aburame and Fu Yamanaka as his bodyguards. The three were attacked along the way, by a group of former ANBU from the Forest country in revenge for the root having almost entirely exterminated them but Danzō killed them with his Sharingan.

Upon his arrival in the Land of Iron and the beginning of the meeting, Danzō did not actively participate, Mifune suggested an alliance to eliminate Akatsuki, and, since the Kyubi was the only Bijū that had not yet been captured, he nominated Danzō as the leader. Ao became suspicious about the procedure and used her Byakugan to expose Danzō’s manipulation of Mifune.

Before he could be pressed on the subject, Zetsu appears and reveals that Sasuke is at the meeting. When Sasuke arrived at his location, Danzō and his bodyguard took the opportunity to flee, Ao following them. Danzō ordered Fū to stop Ao, stressing that retrieving the Byakugan from him is the top priority.

Fū managed to throw Ao out of his way, but failed to retrieve the Byakugan. On their way back to Konoha, Danzō and his men confronted the Akatsuki leader. Danzō instructed Fu and Torune to distract Tobi while he tries to use his right arm. Once he was ready, the supposed Madara throws out Sasuke Uchiha and Karin. Danzō, revealing his right arm to show that he was embedded with the Sharingan, stated his intention to add the supposed Sharingans of Madara and Sasuke to his collection.

Sasuke immediately questions him about the murder of the Uchiha Clan, hoping to find out if the elders of Konoha really forced Itachi to murder his family. Danzō confirmed the story and wondered why Itachi sacrificed himself. Angry that Danzō uses his brother’s name, Sasuke crushed him with the Susanoo.

Despite his apparent death, Danzō emerged from the Susanoo unscathed, as well as Sasuke’s subsequent attacks. All the while Danzō was goaded by Sasuke, who constantly talked about Itachi, prompting him to fully develop his Susanoo. Sasuke uses Susanoo to fire an arrow at Danzō, who is forced to use his Wood Release to deflect the attack.

Tobi, having been watching the battle, surmised that his use of the Sharingan and release of wood must mean that he planned to control the Kyubi. He also identified that Danzō constantly escaped death, as a result of the Izanagi kinjutsu, which allows him to warp reality, thus avoiding death, and ensuring the effectiveness of his attacks.

To use the technique, however, he must have at least one active Sharingan, and every time he uses Izanagi he loses a Sharingan. When it was finally down to one, Danzō and Sasuke engaged in a final fight, with both warriors impaling each other on nature blades from their chakras. Danzō attempted to eliminate Sasuke with his last attack.


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Danzō believed that he had won and told Sasuke that he should go join Itachi. Realizing that he too has been injured, and that the last Sharingan on his arm only existed in Sasuke’s Genjutsu, Danzō abruptly lowered his chakra levels, coupled with his new injury, causing him to lose control of the Sasuke’s DNA. First Hokage, he was then forced to cut off his arm before the DNA engulfed his body and turned him into a giant tree.

Not willing to give up, he took Karin hostage and was willing to use Shisui Uchiha’s eye. Sasuke attacked him with a Chidori Eisō and attacks Karin mercilessly in order to stab Danzō in the heart. Dying, he tries to escape from the fight but Sasuke and Tobi corner him, already in his last moments he remembers Hiruzen and how, he could never match him, not even by conveniently becoming Hokage.

With his dying breath for the good of the world, he tried to take Sasuke and the Akatsuki leader with him to the grave by activating his Sealing Technique, but the plan backfired due to Sasuke retreating out of range and Tobi teleporting away. However, even in his last seconds, Danzō tried to help Konoha: in a final act of defiance against Tobi, he destroyed Shisui Uchiha’s eye to prevent the supposed Madara from using it. With Danzō’s death, Tobi claimed his body.

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