What Happened to Arwen After Aragorn Died?

What Happened to Arwen After Aragorn Died

Probably the greatest love story of the Lord of the Rings books, and of all Middle-earth, is the one between Aragorn and Arwen. And while it is even portrayed on screen, as well as in the books, we hear people often ask what happened to Arwen after Aragorn died.

After Aragorn died at 210 in the House of the Kings, Arwen went to Lorien and stayed there until winter. Before spring, she lay down to rest on Cerin Amroth, her green tomb is still there, and it will be green until this world is changed, and until the people who will come later have completely forgotten all the days of her life.

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Arwen Undómiel is a character from the book The Lord of the Rings.

She is the youngest daughter of the elf Elrond, and also a Princess of Rivendell. She lived in Lothlórien with her mother, and at the time of her arrival at Rivendell, she came to visit her father.

She knew Aragorn from before and they fell in love. Her father often persuaded her to go with him to the Dying Land, but because of her love for Aragorn, she stayed in Middle Earth.

In the movie, she rescues Frodo from Nazgûl, but in the book, Arwen is never armed. She made the flag of Isildur’s heir for Aragorn, which he carried on his campaign against Sauron’s forces in the Pelennor fields. When Aragorn became king she became queen of Gondor.

After Aragorn died at 210, Arwen went to Lorien and stayed there until winter. Before spring, she lay down to rest on Cerin Amroth, her green tomb is still there, and it will be green until this world is changed, and until the people who will come later have completely forgotten all the days of her life.



Aragorn is a character from Tolkien’s fictional mythology. He appears in the Lord of the Rings books and the Unfinished Narrative.

Aragorn was known as Strider, a Ranger of the North who protected the inhabitants of Middle Earth. But he is also the last descendant of the ancient royal lineage, and when he joined the Fellowship of the Ring, it was time to fulfill his destiny. While Frodo Baggins sought to get to Mount Doom and destroy the Ring, Aragorn fought the Enemy’s servants and revealed himself to Sauron as Isildur’s heir. After Sauron’s fall, Aragorn unites the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor. Peace and prosperity return to Middle Earth.

What Happened to Arwen After Aragorn Died

Arwen and Aragorn love story

After he turned twenty, Elrond revealed to him who he really was, giving him Barahir’s ring and the Narsil shards that were his heritage. The third item, the scepter of Annúminas, he held it until that right belonged to him again.

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The next day, Aragorn met Arwen in the woods, who had returned from Lórien to visit her father. Thinking that Lúthien was in front of him, he called her by that name, because Arwen was very similar to her ancestor from Ancient days. At first glance, he fell in love with her, but when Elrond found out, he was sad but determined. First, because Arwen would have to renounce her immortality and be separated from her kind by marrying him. Determined, because if that happens, Aragorn would have to do great deeds first.

Aragorn then traveled to the wilderness, gathering valuable experiences during this time, facing many dangers. He was in Moria and even reached the Mordorian borders to figure out Sauron’s plans. In 2956, he met Gandalf and immediately befriended him. At Gandalf’s advice, along with his border guards, he looked for the small land of the Shire, populated by hobbits. This earned him the name Strider.

For many years, Aragorn was a horseman in the army of the Rohan King Thengel, and also served the governor of Gondor [Echtelion II. | Echtelion II.]], as commander and all under the name Thorongil, meaning Eagle of the Star, seeking to hide his true identity. Ecthelion valued his mysterious commander more than his son Denethor, and when he brought victory to Umbar against the rebels, he disappeared from Gondor just as he had come.


On his way to Imladris (Rivendell), in 2980, Aragorn stopped at Lothlórien, where he met Arwen Undómiel again. They spent some time together, and after giving her Barahir’s ring, the two got engaged to Cerin Amroth. Arwen thereby rejected her immortality, accepting the [Eru Ilúvatar | Ilúvatar]] gift to men: death.

But when he returned to Imladris, Elrond told him that he would not marry Arwen until he became King of Gondor and Arnor, because shh’s line was above him. After that, Aragorn went into the wilderness again. In so doing, he visited his mother Gilraen in Eriador, who told him that he would not endure the darkness that had overtaken Middle Earth for a long time. However, she stressed that she was happy because she had given hope to the Dúnedans, with the birth of Aragorn.

Around 3018, Gandalf and Aragorn met, and the wizard told him that the Ring would set off on its journey in September. He went with Froddo and the rest of the Fellowship to help them in their quest to destroy the One Ring. On that journey, he again came to Rivendell, where he met with Arwen again. Aragorn attended Elrond’s council because it directly affected him. This is where his origins are revealed when he pulls Narsil out of the cover, in response to Boromir’s dream and the words he heard in it. Here in Rivendell, Narsil was then forged by blacksmiths, thus fulfilling Elrond’s prophecy.

After Gandalf apparently passed away in Moria, Aragorn became the leader of the Fellowship and went with them to Mordor to destroy the One Ring.

After they destroyed the One Ring and defeated Sauron, Aragorn returned to Minas Tirith on May 1, where he was crowned King of Gondor and Arnor. He was crowned by Gandalf. At his coronation, Aragorn spoke the same words that Elendil had spoken upon his arrival in the Middle-earth – Et Earello Endorenna utúlien. Synome maruvan an Hildinyar tenn ‘Ambar-metta! Which means:

“Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.”

Aragorn received the scepter of Annúminas, the third item of Elendil’s heritage, from Elrond, and married Arwen, who became a mortal, in the White City (Minas Tirith). Aragorn, a few days later, went with Arwen, mistress, and lord of Lórien, and the rest of the Fellowship for the burial of the King Theoden in Rohan, but he did not go beyond Isengard.

His reign lasted 120 years. Arwen bore him a son, Eldarion, and several daughters. But their fortunes came to an end after six-score years in bliss. As Aragorn felt his life drawing to a close, he came to Arwen, saying, “In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.”

When Aragorn realized that the hour of death was nearing him, he willingly surrendered his life rather than be torn away by force. He lay down on the bed at Rath Dinen, handed the scepter to his son, and slept peacefully, while Arwen stayed with him until his last breath. He experienced 210 years because as a Númenórean, he was given 3 times longer life than other people in Middle-earth.

Arwen died a year later in Lórien, on Cerin Amroth hill, the place where they have engaged a long time ago.

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