‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4 Summary & Ending Explained: What If Valkyrie Became a King of Sakaar?

What if Iron Man crashed into Grandmaster

Get ready for a festive treat! ‘What If…?’ Season 2 kicks off on December 22, offering MCU fans a holiday gift of new episodes. The series explores intriguing alternate scenarios, like Nebula joining the Nova Corps and Happy Hogan turning into a Hulk to save Christmas. The excitement continues as we dive into the question of what might occur if Iron Man collides with the Grandmaster. Unwrap the episodes and enjoy the Marvel magic!

Tony is not on Earth anymore

In this ‘What If…’ scenario, Tony finds himself stranded on Sakaar after attempting to annihilate the Chitauri fleet in the Battle of New York. Upon crashing onto the planet’s surface, Iron Man awakens in an unfamiliar place that initially seems heavenly until he spots the Grandmaster and his entourage.

The Grandmaster recognizes Tony and, playfully, informs him that everyone on Sakaar is a massive fan, particularly after the Battle of New York. Grandmaster shares news reports showcasing Iron Man’s nuclear flight and the destruction of the “Chitarinos.”

Relieved that his plan succeeded and Earth is safe, Iron Man watches a clip of Pepper Potts, feeling the weight of the world lift from his shoulders. Despite his desire to leave the planet, Grandmaster invites him to his 21st birthday party. Iron Man declines, prompting Grandmaster to order his servant, Topaz, to melt the statue next to Iron Man as an intimidation tactic. With no choice, Iron Man reluctantly agrees to stay and attend the celebration.


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Grandmaster throws a brutal race as part of his birthday celebration.

Tony Stark joins the event, witnessing what seems like an intergalactic NASCAR spectacle. Despite Grandmaster claiming it’s a charity race akin to “Youth,” Tony is shocked at the extreme danger, with most participants meeting unfortunate fates.

Valkyrie survives the race but faces the crowd’s disapproval, who responds by hurling objects and even small animals like hamsters at her. Concerned, Tony questions Grandmaster about the absence of firefighters, medics, and support staff.

Instead of aiding the racers, Grandmaster summons a colossal tusked monster, dubbing it the champion, to attack the drivers. The monster targets Korg, who believes they are friends, compelling Tony to suit up for action.

Tony’s suit has been damaged

Tony faces a life-threatening situation when his suit malfunctions, leaving him vulnerable to Gamora’s impending attack. Determined to save Korg from the monster, Tony struggles with his sticky suit, but before the creature can charge at him, it is unexpectedly destroyed.

In the aftermath, as the dust settles, Tony discovers that Gamora is the one responsible, though he fails to recognize her. A potential conflict brews between them, but Grandmaster intervenes, incapacitating them both and relocating them to a honeymoon-like room. Grandmaster senses a connection between Tony and Gamora and sees it as a form of punishment, blaming them for ruining his birthday celebration. Korg finds himself trapped alongside Iron Man and Gamora in the unexpected turn of events.

Tony takes matters into his own hands, utilizing his arc reactor to disable the door mechanism and the incapacitating chip. Questioning Gamora’s repeated attacks, she claims to be the daughter of Thanos, a revelation that leaves Tony perplexed. Escaping the room, Tony and Korg make their way off the planet, effortlessly dealing with Grandmaster’s men. However, Gamora resurfaces, having freed herself by mysterious means.

Confronting them on the landing strip, Gamora reveals her motive—she seeks to kill Tony for destroying her father’s Chitauri fleet. Tony connects the dots, realizing Thanos’s role in the Battle of New York and the ensuing chaos. As Grandmaster sounds the alarm, branding Iron Man as a threat, Gamora joins in, disparaging humans as useless and barbaric, claiming that Thanos is doing them a favor.

Fueled by this revelation, Tony decides to dethrone Grandmaster on Sakaar, aiming to prove Gamora wrong and challenge the perception of humanity.

In a bold move, Iron Man proposes a Death Race to Grandmaster, with the victor claiming control of Sakaar

Korg and Iron Man embark on a quest to find a skilled driver for their mission to conquer Sakaar. Their search leads them to Brunhilde, drowning her sorrows in a local tavern. Initially amused by Tony and Korg’s audacious cause, Brunhilde eventually agrees to join their endeavor.

Simultaneously, Gamora escapes her cell, seizes Topaz’s scepter, and takes both Topaz and Grandmaster hostage. With Grandmaster and Topaz showering her with flattery, acknowledging their admiration for her father’s deeds, Gamora asserts her dominance.

Tony collaborates with Korg to repair his gear and successfully hacks into Sakaar’s systems. Projecting a massive image in the sky, he challenges Grandmaster to a death race, the winner securing dominion over the planet. Despite warnings about Tony Stark’s genius, Grandmaster accepts the challenge, driven by the desire to claim Iron Man’s suit as his own if he emerges victorious.


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As the race kicks off, Iron Man observes Grandmaster compelling Gamora to participate. Grandmaster seizes an early lead, employing dishonest tactics that disqualify the majority of contestants. Tony attempts to sway Gamora to their side through a radio in her car.

With most racers out, the competition boils down to Grandmaster and Iron Man. Grandmaster introduces two colossal monsters onto the track. Iron Man contacts Gamora once more, urging her to assist. In a last-second move, she obliterates the monsters, clearing Tony’s path but disqualifying herself.

Now pitted against Grandmaster, Iron Man secures the lead and clinches victory at the eleventh hour. Topaz intervenes with her scepter, but Valkyrie intervenes, preventing her from harming Tony. In the ensuing chaos, Topaz’s scepter accidentally touches Grandmaster’s toes, causing him to instantly melt.

Valkyrie ascends as the new ruler of Sakaar, inviting Tony to stay and assist in leadership, but he declines, citing the need to return to Pepper. As he prepares to depart for Earth, Gamora ambushes him, revealing she can’t face her father without him. Iron Man and Gamora concoct a plan, with her delivering Tony as a prisoner to Thanos. In a surprising twist, Gamora uses Topaz’s scepter at the last moment to melt Thanos instead.

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