‘What If…?’ Season 2: Here’s Why Yon-Rogg Was in Prison

why was yon rogg in prison

The debut episode of ‘What If…?’ Season 2 is out, showcasing Nebula in a newfound, honorable role. After her rift with Thanos and Ronan, the Nova Corps rescued Nebula, leading her to join their ranks. However, challenges persisted, particularly from the Kree. With Yondu’s murder and a looming threat to Xandar, Nebula, desperate for assistance, unexpectedly turned to an old foe, incarcerated in prison. The question remains: What landed Yon-Rogg behind bars in the first place?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Yon-Rogg was in the Xandarian correctional center because he already attempted to hack into the planet’s systems, and Nebula was the one who arrested him.
  • Following his failed plan with Nova Prime, Yon-Rogg presumably returned to prison once again.

Nebula needed Yon-Rogg to hack into the planet’s systems

Upon discovering Yondu’s lifeless body, Nebula swiftly discerned the perilous yet crucial nature of his Yaka arrow. Unveiling Xandarian mainframe schematics, Nebula, after consulting with Korg and Howard the Duck, deduced that someone sought to exploit it to disable the planetary shield. This shield was the sole defense guarding Xandar against Ronan’s impending threat.

Despite Nebula’s Nova Corps affiliation, infiltrating the heavily guarded Xandarian mainframe posed a challenge. While Nova Prime technically had the authority to grant Nebula access, she refrained from doing so, a decision that would later be clarified.

Nebula yondu

Recognizing the need for a skilled hacker familiar with the Xandarian system, Nebula sought out the perfect candidate to assist in this critical mission.

Who is inmate X2357?

Acting on the new lead, Nebula recognizes the necessity of infiltrating Xandarian systems. She heads to the prison, seeking Inmate X2357, an individual experienced in breaching Xandarian systems, who turns out to be Yon-Rogg. Opting to liberate Yon-Rogg, Nebula releases all prisoners, sowing chaos for distraction. Together, they navigate toward the city core, with Yon-Rogg skillfully clearing the path.

Was Yon-Rogg working with Nova Prime?

Upon reaching the city’s underground mainframe core, Yon-Rogg skillfully hacked into it with Nebula. As she began downloading data and erasing Planetary Shield codes to prevent misuse, the transfer’s completion marked the onset of Yon-Rogg’s unexpected attack. Inserting a flash drive into Nebula’s head, he downloaded the codes for himself, causing catastrophic injuries and triggering the mainframe core’s overload, leading to its destruction. Miraculously, this was part of Nebula’s calculated plan, thwarting Yon-Rogg’s intent to exploit the core’s explosion.

yon rogg injuring nebula

Emerging into the outside world, Nebula encountered Nova Prime and Yon-Rogg, who were surprised by her survival. Nova Prime unmasked her true motives, acknowledging Nebula’s resilience and confirming suspicions—she had been colluding with Yon-Rogg all along. Their plot involved bringing down the Planetary Shield, allowing Ronan to seize control of the planet, with Nova Prime retaining leadership of the Nova Empire.


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Despite Yon-Rogg and Nova Prime’s renewed attempt on Nebula’s life, she managed to drag herself to Howard’s casino.

Yon-Rogg presumably returned to prison

Yon-Rogg emerged as a formidable foe during the assault on Nova Headquarters led by Nebula, Miek, Groot, Korg, and Howard. In the heat of the battle, Korg inflicted severe injuries on Yon-Rogg, marking a significant turning point. While his survival is assumed, Yon-Rogg likely returned to prison to face charges for his transgressions against the Nova Empire once more, especially now that Nova Prime’s machinations have been exposed.

Considering Nebula’s success in bringing down the planetary shield without the Kree Armada launching an attack on the planet, it is reasonable to infer that their grand plan ultimately faltered.

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