‘What If…’ Season 2: Here’s Who Killed Yondu & Why

here who killed yondu and why

The inaugural episode of ‘What If….?’ Season 2 has just been released, showcasing Nebula in a heroic capacity as a dedicated member of the Nova Corps. The episode kicks off with Nebula receiving a challenging assignment: investigating the cold-blooded murder of her former associate, Yondu. As viewers delve into the narrative, a pivotal question arises—Who is responsible for Yondu’s death, and what motives underlie this perplexing crime?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Yondu was killed by Nova Prime because of the mainframe core schematics.
  • He presumably managed to get his hands on them hired by Nova Prime but eventually refused to hand over the schematics because he figured out what the plan was.
  • Nebula was assigned to Yondu’s case because that way, Nova Prime could manipulate her more easily.

Yondu somehow stole the mainframe core schematics

Upon discovering Yondu’s lifeless body, Nebula anticipated the imminent Yaka arrow. Triggering an old recording of Yondu’s whistling, the arrow materialized and attacked within moments. Upon interacting with the arrow, Nebula was confronted with schematics revealing the antiquated mainframe core of Xandar.

This data pack contained a wealth of information, ranging from old unpaid parking tickets to codes enabling the disabling of the planetary shield erected to thwart Ronan’s conquest. Nebula swiftly deciphered the puzzle, correctly surmising that someone aimed to hack into Xandar’s core to dismantle the shield.

mainframe schematics

The question lingered: How did Yondu come into possession of such a significant item? Nova Prime disclosed that Yondu had dealings with dark forces. Considering his dubious history, it became plausible that he was hired by Nova Prime herself to steal the old mainframe core. However, upon comprehending Nova Prime’s nefarious intentions, Yondu likely resisted surrendering the core, leading to a consequential conflict.


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Nova Prime wanted to sell the planet over to Ronan

Nova Prime sought the mainframe core for its crucial codes, essential for dismantling the planetary shield. This activation was a desperate move to thwart Ronan and salvage the planet. The planetary shield shrouded the entire world in darkness, isolating it from the universe. Remarkably, this shield didn’t entirely block communication with outer space. Nova Prime, through some means, established contact with Ronan, orchestrating a takeover plan. The objective was to maintain her authority, with Ronan assuming control of the planet and subjecting it to the dominance of the Kree.

Nova prime taking data from Yon Rogg

Nebula was assigned Ronan’s case to be easier to manipulate

As the truth emerged that Nova Prime orchestrated the Xandar invasion, Nebula confronted her, accusing her of deliberately assigning the Yondu murder case. It became evident that Nova Prime knew Nebula was uniquely equipped to locate the core. Nebula, having frequented the same places as Yondu before joining the Nova Corps, shared similar shady connections.

Nova prime before death

Nova Prime recognized Nebula’s dual role: activating the core and tracking it down. This strategic move allowed Nova Prime to have a scapegoat in case her plan went awry, conveniently placing the blame on Nebula’s criminal history.

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