‘What If…?’ Season 2: Steve / Hydra Stomper Is Still Alive & Here’s How

Peggy Cater and Steve Rogers kissing

In the latest installment of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, Episode 5, Peggy Carter’s narrative unfolds further. For decades, she believed Steve Rogers met his demise during his last mission to eradicate Hydra in Argentina. However, the recent episode unveils a different reality. Fury and Black Widow were privy to the revelation that Steve Rogers became seamlessly integrated with the Hydra Stomper, manipulated by the Red Room to orchestrate some of the most egregious terror attacks in history. The seemingly intimate connection between Peggy and Steve takes a dark turn as Steve betrays her, ultimately sacrificing himself to eliminate the Red Room. Considering Steve’s prior demise, the lingering question emerges: Is he truly dead, or is there a possibility of his survival? We delve into the analysis to discern the fate of Steve Rogers.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Peggy Carter confirmed that Steve Rogers is still alive following the destruction of Red Room.
  • The stomper suit is too durable to destroy with regular explosions, so he is definitely out there.
  • Steve is still trapped within the suit, and the chances of him surviving without the suit are minimal; this is why Peggy Carter believes that Red Room has the answers to how to separate him and why she will continue to fight for him.

The Hydra Stomper suit is currently the lifeline preserving Steve Rogers.

At the episode’s onset, when Black Widow unveiled the Hydra Stomper to Peggy, Captain Carter was profoundly taken aback to discover that her former and current love interest, Steve, was still existing in the suit. Despite the overwhelming evidence indicating that Steve had undergone a significant transformation, Peggy clung to the belief that fragments of her original sweetheart lingered within.

Unaware of Steve’s potential survival, Peggy, like the rest of the world, assumed he perished on his last mission in Argentina in 1953, several decades ago. However, a mere glimpse of his face provided undeniable proof to Peggy that some part of her Steve endured.

Hydra stomper

Black Widow confessed that the Red Room likely commandeered the Hydra Stomper and suggested that Steve might be beyond salvation at this point. Engaged with the enemy and implicated in acts of terrorism, Steve’s perilous situation became evident when he attempted to harm Bucky. Black Widow intervened, incapacitating and deactivating him for Peggy’s examination.


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The analysis confirmed that the Hydra Stomper suit was the sole factor keeping Steve alive over the years, with little left of his original biological body. His visage retained its youthful appearance, akin to Peggy’s last sighting of him. Black Widow added that each reboot significantly diminished Steve’s chances of survival, clarifying why the Red Room deployed him sparingly for special occasions.

Steve had been under continuous brainwashing.

Black Widow and Captain Carter believed they successfully rebooted Steve, as he exhibited his old self and even volunteered to guide them to the Red Room base. Steve and Peggy engaged in a heartfelt conversation about their past and potential future. Just as they were about to share a kiss, the Red Room swooped in. It became apparent that Rogers had orchestrated a trap; undoing decades of programming wasn’t as simple as a few heartfelt words. Rogers made numerous attempts to eliminate Peggy, but eventually abandoned the effort. It seemed as though something within him snapped, and he propelled himself towards the Red Room base, successfully obliterating it.

This marked Peggy’s second loss of Steve.

Peggy holds onto the belief that Steve survived the destruction of the Hydra base.

Despite appearances suggesting Rogers took his own life by flying into the Red Room base, Peggy refuses to accept his death. She openly declared her commitment to explore every avenue to restore him, stating unequivocally, “Steve is out there somewhere.”

Steve waking up

This perspective aligns with the formidable durability of the Hydra Stomper suit, making it nearly impervious to destruction. As long as Steve resides within the suit, the remnants of his body are equally resilient. Peggy Carter remains steadfast in her conviction that the Red Room holds the key to saving him, and she is determined to uncover those answers upon her return from 1602.

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