What Is ‘Dragon Ball: Kakumei’ & Is It Canon? Explained!

What Is ‘Dragon Ball: Kakumei’ & Is It Canon? Explained!

After a long wait, Dragon Ball is finally back with a completely new anime series – but it is not what you think. And while we have already informed you about the upcoming official anime, Dragon Ball Daima, which is set to come out in Fall 2024, another Dragon Ball anime series is in the works and is much different than you’d expect. As the series’ authors confirmed, Dragon Ball: Kakumei will be getting an anime adaptation soon. But what is Dragon Ball: Kakumei? Is it a spin-off or some other canon work? Well, keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Dragon Ball: Kakumei is a non-canon fan-made doujinshi that was written and illustrated by REENKO, Poisson Labo, and Darkows, three fans who have decided to provide us with this fresh and alternative take on the story.
  • As a self-published work, Dragon Ball: Kakumei has nothing to do with Toriyama and the officially published manga series, but it is one of the more popular fan-made works despite having nothing to do with the official canon.
  • In August 2023, it was announced that Dragon Ball: Kakumei would be getting a self-produced anime that will premiere at an unknown date, probably online.

Dragon Ball: Kakumei is not canon, but it is a very interesting fan work

Dragon Ball: Kakumei is a title that might look a bit strange to fans of Dragon Ball, as they’ve probably never heard of it. And we don’t blame you. Even many die-hard fans of Dragon Ball and Toriyama’s work have absolutely no idea about Dragon Ball: Kakumei.

The official websites have no info on it, and not even the official Wikia lists it among its content, which has more than 8,300 pages, so you can imagine how obscure this title is. But if you thought it was something bad, no – there is a very specific reason why Dragon Ball: Kakumei is not listed there, and we will tell you about it.

Namely, Dragon Ball: Kakumei is definitely not canon, that much you could’ve deduced even without us confirming it, but not only is it not canon, Dragon Ball: Kakumei is also not even official. Namely, it is a fan-made doujinshi series that has been around for years. If you do not know, as per Wikipedia, doujinshi is defined as “for self-published print works, such as magazines, manga, and novels. Part of a wider category of doujin (self-published) works, doujinshi are often derivative of existing works and created by amateurs. However, some professional artists participate in publishing material outside the regular industry.”


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As you can see, these are self-published, fan-made works that are alternative and non-official, and while they rarely become globally popular, Dragon Ball: Kakumei is a great exception, as it tells a great story and shows just how much the authors are dedicated about it.

In August 2023, which was the ultimate testament to the story’s popularity, it was confirmed that Dragon Ball: Kakumei would be getting a self-produced anime adaptation, which is certainly going to be interesting to see, as not many such projects become so popular that the authors can afford an anime adaptation.

And there you have it. This is what you need to know about Dragon Ball: Kakumei, and before we wrap this up, we will tell you a bit about the authors behind the project.

Who created Dragon Ball: Kakumei?

As we have said, Dragon Ball: Kakumei is a fan-made doujinshi, and as such, it was created by three fans of the series, who are:

  1. REENKO, who describes himself on X as the “writer of Dragon Ball Kakumei”;
  2. Poisson Labo, whose X title reads the following: “Mangaka ✍️ 18 🇫🇷🇮🇹 Illustrateur de DBK c cool hein mais Viens sur insta mon ouzou” (he is the artist);
  3. DARKOWS, also a writer, whose X description reads the following: “Vidéographer and writer of Dragon Ball Kakumei/ Naruto Shometsu 26 yo | Brest”

And this is the creative team behind Dragon Ball: Kakumei. These three guys have provided us with a great story. These three guys are also providing us with an anime adaptation of their well-executed doujinshi, so as fans of Dragon Ball, even though this work is not canon, we’re looking forward to seeing how the anime turns out, as the doujinshi is truly great and a very professional alternative take on the story that has a lot of heart and shows a lot of dedication.

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