Dragon Ball Super Manga Arcs & Volumes in Order

Dragon Ball Super Manga Arcs & Volumes in Order (2022 Update)

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is one of the pivotal anime titles in the history of the medium. And while the anime series helped make the series popular around the world, the manga is the basis of the story and that is why we have decided to dedicate this article to the Dragon Ball Super manga. After giving you an overview of all the Dragon Ball Super arcs, we have decided to focus solely on the manga arcs (i.e., excluding the anime and movie arcs) and give you a detailed guide.

Dragon Ball Super manga arcs in order (at a glance)

Before we detailly explain them, here is a quick summary of all Dragon Ball Super manga arcs in order:

  1. Gods of the Universe Saga
    1. God of Destruction Beerus Chapter 1-4
  2. Zeno Saga
    1. Universe 6 Saga Chpater 5-13
    2. “Future” Trunks Saga Chapter 14-26
    3. Universe Survival Saga Chapter 27-42
  3. Universe 7 Saga
    1. Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga Chapter 42-67
    2. Granolah the Survivor Saga Chapter 67-78
    3. Super Hero Saga Chapter 88-

Now that you have a quick overview of the arcs in order, let’s take a more detailed look at them.

Dragon Ball Super manga arcs in order (fully explained)

This section is going to list all the major Dragon Ball Super manga and give you some basic info about their plots. The Dragon Ball Super arcs are going to be divided based on which saga they belong. The arcs are listed by the release date.

Now, since the Drago Ball Super manga itself wasn’t officially divided into arcs, but rather into sagas (which actually consist of arcs and mini-arcs), we are going to use the information we have to organize and group the manga arcs into larger sagas.

Gods of the Universe Saga

1. God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Beerus eat food

Chapters: 1-4
Volumes: 1

The God of Destruction Beerus woke up from a 39-year slumber and destroyed half a planet because the food is a little greasy there, and a planet where he wanted to eat some of the dinosaur meat which seemed succulent, before finally returning to his planet, where he has lunch.

Whis, his attendant, makes him discover that the planet Vegeta has indeed been destroyed by Frieza. Beerus confesses that he would have liked to destroy Frieza, but Whis informs him that he was eliminated by Son Goku sixteen years earlier on the planet Namek. Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan reminds him of the warrior he saw in his dream, the Super Saiyan God.

Seeing that five Saiyans are on Earth and that Goku is on the Northern Kaiō star, they decide to go find out about this Super Saiyan God. Where Goku was training, he claims he doesn’t know the Super Saiyan God stage, he ends up facing the God, while Whis hesitates to take Bento. Goku goes Super Saiyan, then Super Saiyan 2 during the fight.

Beerus, unsatisfied, decides to leave, but Goku reveals his Super Saiyan 3, only to be beaten by God with a flick and a shoulder crush. Beerus ends up leaving with Whis, who ends up eating his Bentos. On Earth, Bulma’s 39th birthday is happy. Vegeta after some training in the gravity room, having been informed of Goku’s defeat through Kaiô, ends up joining the cruise, where his wife’s birthday party is taking place.

He is immobilized by Beerus, the latter reminds the Prince of the Saiyans, of what he did 41 years ago, to his father, King Vegeta, that is to say, to hurt him for not having given comfort to the God of Destruction. Bulma notices the two strangers and invites them to her party. Vegeta does everything to distract Beerus, so he doesn’t get angry and destroy planet Earth.

Majin Buu, eating plans and not wanting to share any with Beerus, angers God and engages in a fight between Beerus and Buu. He is then relayed by Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Android 18, and Gotenks. With all six weak, and having pissed Beerus off, Bulma slaps him, telling him he ruined his birthday party, but Beerus throws a much stronger one back at her, which pisses her husband off.

Vegeta then goes into a mad rage which makes him extremely powerful, able to rival 10% of Beerus’ power. The Prince attacks him, but Beerus has nothing. Part of Janken will decide whether to destroy the planet or not. Beerus defeats him and decides to finally destroy the planet once and for all, but Son Goku, having hidden on the boat, prevents him by calling out to him…

Zeno Saga

2. Universe 6 Saga

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Kamehameha

Chapters: 5-13
Volumes: 1-2

Champa, Universe Six’s God of Destruction and brother to Beerus, appears on Beerus’ planet. Beerus serves him instant noodles from Earth, which Champa finds delicious. Seeing that in Universe Six, Earth is completely uninhabited, Champa decides to compete with Beerus, and if he wins, Beerus would give his Earth to Champa.

Champa reveals that he is collecting and already has six of the “Super Dragon Balls”, so large they are the size of planets. They can trade Lands if Champa wins, and if Beerus wins, Champa will give him the six Orbs he has. The competition will be a tournament between the two universes, with five fighters from each universe! Goku and Vegeta, who were there, say they want to participate in the tournament.


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They call Piccolo and Majin Buu to participate, and Beerus says he’s already chosen the last person, and he’s stronger than Goku. He is a little alien named Monaka. Champa’s fighters are Botamo, Frost, Magetta, Cababe, and Hit. The tournament takes place on the “Nameless Planet”, in the neutral space between Universe 6 and 7.

A written test takes place before the fights, and Majin Buu ends up falling asleep, failing, and not being able to participate in the fights. Having lost, Champa gives Beerus his six Super Dragon Balls, and Bulma uses her radar to discover that the Nameless Planet is the last orb. Summoning Super Shenron, Beerus makes his wish in the language of the gods. He wants the Earth and humanity of Universe Six to be restored, so Champa owes him one…

3. “Future” Trunks Saga

Trunks v Dabura

Chapters: 14-26
Volumes: 2-5

In Trunks’ alternate future, he fights and tries to escape from Goku Black, a being that looks like Goku, who has already destroyed the population of several planets and is now trying to destroy the inhabitants of Earth. Bulma stays hidden, trying to gather energy for Trunks to travel in his time machine to ask Goku and Vegeta for help in the past, but she can only get energy for one one-way trip before being killed by Black.

Trunks then go back to the past, where he explains to everyone what happened and how Black looks like Goku. Soon after, Black also appears in the past, having followed Trunks with his “Time Ring”, a magical ring that can travel through time, and only Kaiohshins can use it. Goku and Black fight, but in the midst of the fight, Black is pulled by the time warp and thrown back to the future.

Past Bulma finds a notebook with notes made by future Bulma, able to repair and create more energy for the Time Machine. Beerus and Whis, who were on Earth and saw what happened, realize that Black has the same ki as Zamasu, Gowasu’s apprentice, who is Universe Ten’s Kai. They go there to investigate, and Goku goes along.

Beerus asks to see Gowasu’s Rings of Time, and can see that he lacks none. Zamasu was promoted to Kaiohshin’s apprentice because of his skill in combat, and upon hearing this, Goku asks to fight Zamasu. Goku easily defeats him, then leaves with Beerus and Whis. Zamasu doesn’t trust mortals much, that is, people who are not gods, and thinks that Goku is dangerous, because he is so strong.

He watches the tournament video on “Kamitube”, and after Gowasu explains to him about the Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu travels to Zuno’s planet, and orders him to explain everything about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku. When Beerus learns of this, he imagines that Zamasu will use the orbs to transform into Black, then kill Gowasu to steal his time ring, and then start destroying all the inhabitants of the planets, as well as Black. Beerus prevents Zamasu from killing Gowasu, and then destroys him, figuring that this way, Black will no longer exist in the future…

4. Universe Survival Saga

Dbsm ch28 3

Chapters: 27-42
Volumes: 5-9

Bored of his life as a farmer, Goku decides to train more. Goku calls Whis and asks him to pick him up from Capsule Corporation. Arriving there, Goku discovers that Bulma is pregnant and that she will soon give birth, so Vegeta refuses to go train with Goku on Beerus’ planet.

After training with Whis for a while, Goku remembers Zen’oh’s promise, that he would make a tournament between all the universes, but Beerus orders Goku not to remind him of the promise, as Zen’oh must have already forgotten, and that something dangerous can happen. Goku thinks nothing bad will happen, so he breaks orders and goes to Zen’oh.

Remembering the promise, Zen’oh decides that the tournament will indeed be fun, and the High Priest says that he will soon let all Kaiohshin know the details of the tournament. Returning to Planet Beerus, Goku asks to go to Planet Kaiohshin to hear the details of the tournament. A short time later, the High Priest appears with Zen’oh’s warning.

Zen’oh has decreed that on the 157th hour of the 3,135,500,603rd day of the Royal Calendar, a “Tournament of Power” will be held with ten fighters selected from each universe. The tournament will take place in the World of Void, a place where nothing exists, so that all fighters can fight at will. The tournament-winning fighter will earn a wish for the Super Dragon Balls.


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The universe that wins will receive nothing, but the High Priest elaborates: the universes that lose will be erased by Zen’oh! Also, as Future Zen’oh did not attend the previous tournament, as a special request, the High Priest asks Goku to gather three warriors to face Universe Nin in a “Zen Exhibition Match” so Future Zen’oh can see how tournaments work.

Beerus is angry with Goku because of him, the universe can now be erased. Shin wonders why Universe Nin was chosen to face them. Goku doesn’t care too much, as they’ll just have to win! Goku returns to Earth to choose two more fighters for the exhibition match, and soon chooses Gohan, as well as Boo who soon arrives at Gohan’s house along with Mr. Satan. Goku explains to Gohan that the universes can be erased, and they agree to keep it a secret…

Universe 7 Saga

5. Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

DBS45 1

Chapters: 42-67
Volumes: 9-15

After the fight with Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Chamber. When asked about Ultra Instinct, Goku says that he was unable to transform after the Tournament of Power. Bulma contacts the two and says that Mr. Satan calls saying that a mysterious group is trying to kidnap Majin Buu, whereupon the two Saiyans go there.

At the house of Mr. Satan, he tries to stop a group of people from putting Buu in his spaceship when Goku and Vegeta arrive. Goku attacks the kidnappers, but Merus, the leader, uses his energy weapon to knock out Goku and Vegeta, and tells his men to take them as well. Goku wakes up and sees Jaco, and finds he is at Galactic Patrol Headquarters.

Merus appears and apologizes for his actions, but says he didn’t have a chance because they wouldn’t listen. Vegeta asks why he needs Buu, and Merus says that a dangerous criminal has escaped from the Galactic Prison, and to recapture him they need the help of Grand Kai. 10 million years ago, Grand Kai and Southern Kai fought against Moro.


Goku Vs. Moro: Who Would Win, the Super Saiyan or the Ancient Wizard?

Using his powers, Moro absorbed life energy from a nearby planet and ate the energy. He launches several bolts of energy at the Kaishins, and with no other choice, the Grand Kai decides to use all of his divine power in a special technique, Kai Kai Matoru, to seal Moro’s magic. This allows the Galactic Police to arrest him, where he was held until recently.

Merus then tells the listeners that Moro was still powerful even without his magic, and was sentenced to death, but no one was able to kill him. Merus says that they need Grand Kai’s help again, and for that, they need to extract him from Boo. Goku and Vegeta offer to help them capture Moro, and the Galactic King gives them temporary titles as members of the Galactic Patrol.

Then, Merus and the others receive the urgent message that the Macareni Brothers have stolen something, and Goku and Vegeta join them in their quest to capture them. On planet Jung, the Macareni brothers are in the midst of their train robbery, trying to steal the valuable mineral called Blue Aurum. The Galactic Patrol lands near the train on their ship, and Merus confronts the gang leader…

6. Granolah the Survivor Saga

DBS 72 03

Chapters: 67-87
Volumes: 15-20

Granolah returns to the planet Cereal where he is welcomed by the Sugarians, a people who had been left without a planet and who had paid the Heeters handsomely to be able to live on Cereal. Granolah returns to his house which is on a mountain, far from the city. Meanwhile, on Beerus’ Planet, Beerus teaches Vegeta a lesson on how to prepare to gain the power of the Gods of Destruction.

Beerus then reveals to Vegeta that it was he who suggested that Freeza exterminate the Saiyans. Beerus also tells Vegeta that in order to be ready he must get rid of the thoughts of the past and recreate himself from scratch. Meanwhile, the Heeters visualize the memory of Seven-Three and, in addition to discovering the position of Zuno, they discover the existence of the Dragon Balls.

Granolah returns home where Monaito, an elderly Namek, awaits him. Granolah explains to Monaito that Freeza is still alive and wants to take revenge on him. To do this he would like to use the two Cereal Dragon Balls. Monaito warns him that they are not made for revenge. Granolah, however, hears the news of the discovery of the second sphere and decides to go to the city to steal it.


Goku vs. Granolah: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Back in the mountains, Granolah thus reunites the stolen sphere with the one that Monaito possessed and summons the dragon Toronbo. It appears and Granolah wishes to become the strongest warrior in the universe. The dragon Toronbo explains to Granolah that he can only become one on the condition that he gives up his 150 years of life in front of him to concentrate all the power of this time in three years.

Granolah accepts and is now only three years old but has become the strongest in the universe. Monaito tries to stop Granolah by warning of the danger he faces but Granolah intends to find Freeza and to do so he goes to Elec. Meanwhile, on the planet of Beerus, Vegeta begins to practice the technique of Destruction and Whis notices the enhancement obtained by Granolah.

Granolah after two days comes to Elec to ask him where Freeza is. Elec and his brothers don’t have time for him but the Cerealian proves to have become strong by fighting against Oil and Maki without any difficulty. Elec explains that he doesn’t know where Freeza is but that he will warn him when he does. Granolah goes away. Elec understands Granolah’s power and is intent on killing him to prevent him from replacing Freeza. So Elec, to beat Granolah, thinks about using the two Saiyans who defeated Molo: Son Goku and Vegeta…

7. Super Hero Saga

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Saga

Chapters: 88-
Volumes: 20-

After cosmic battles on the Planet Cereal Goku and Vegeta continue their training on the planet of the God of Destruction well-known to the fans Beerus. The duo is afraid of the destruction that might be unleashed by the new and improved Black Frieza.

Back on Earth, Trunks and Goten are finding themselves in self-appointed superhero roles going under the names Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2.

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