What Is the Wuxi Finger Hold From the Kung Fu Panda Movie? Is It a Real Move?


The Kung Fu Panda movies were created by DreamWorks Animation in 2008. The other two movies came out after three and eight years. It is one of not so many animated movies for children showing the martial arts in such an accurate but innocent way. The Dragon Warrior, Po Ping, is the main character – clumsy, loud, and pretty fat. Still, he manages to use his weaknesses as his strengths and his knowledge of Kung Fu. When it comes to Kung Fu itself, one question the fans always ask is what exactly is Wuxi Finger Hold, and is it a move you can do in real life?

The Wuxi Finger Hold is one of the most powerful and advanced Kung fu techniques. In the movie, it is known to Master Shifu, Master Oogway, and Po. The move is based on the knowledge of Chi – life energy and this move can send the mortal to the Spirit Realm.

What does it really do to a mortal and how did Po know about this secret technique that is known to few people? What even is Chi and how would The Wuxi Finger Hold move work in real life? To find the answer to these questions – just take a look below!

What is the Wuxi Finger Hold from the Kung Fu Panda movie? 

What is the Wuxi Finger Hold From the Kung Fu Panda Movie?

The Wuxi Finger Hold is a Kung fu technique that is very advanced and difficult to master. It is also very secretive even in the Valley of Peace. The Wuxi Finger Hold is noted to be a Red Panda Style move. The Red Panda who created it was Master Wuxi, after whom the technique was named.

There is not much information about him, but thanks to Po we find out he developed it sometime in the third dynasty. Po was chosen as the future Dragon Warrior and had to start training in the Hall of Warriors. The Dragon Warrior should be the one to know the secret to the Dragon Scroll, someone who would receive limitless power and become the next legendary Master.

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The true secret to the Scroll was much more simple since it needed to be positive and uplifting to children – believe in yourself. That is in a way the point of Kung fu and the teachings of Chi. Confidence, self-respect, and trust are not easy parts of martial arts. So this was a great way to show the importance of willpower and belief to the younger audience.

Master Oogway was the one to understand this and was the creator of the Dragon Scroll. 

What does the Wuxi Finger Hold do? 

What is the Wuxi Finger Hold From the Kung Fu Panda Movie?

The Wuxi Finger Hold requires very little physical strength and effort while creating a lot of damage. The use of this technique has to take the enemy’s hand, hold his finger with his index finger, and thumb with a pinky held up. By flexing the pinky finger downwards the move is complete and is capable of dealing a great amount of damage to the opponent.

The shockwave of energy that is caused by the person’s Chi acts just like a bomb. The technique can only be effective on mortals since they are the ones who go to the Spirit World after they die. Po was able to send Kai, who was not a mortal but a Spirit into the Spirit World by grabbing him and doing the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself.

The technique uses the Chi to accomplish its cause. Chi is the spiritual energy, an energy that flows through all living things. By being in tune with it one is able to bend it and master the skill of Kung fu.

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The center of Chi among living beings is found with the giant pandas who live in the secret village. They spent their days carefree, enjoyed their freedom and simple needs. They were healers, and Chi was often used to heal beings and helo nature grow. So it is no wonder the pandas were connected to the Chi. In the Kung Fu Panda movies, we see the representation of good and bad energy Chi – good Chi is showed as golden yellow, while the bad energy was given green color.

As the movie lets us see in a scroll about the past, when Oogway was badly injured, a medicinal Panda village used Chi to bring him back from near death. After healing, Oogway stayed with the Pandas to learn this new power but Kai became jealous and wanted the power all to himself. Oogway did not let this come to pass and remorsefully banished his former friend to the Spirit Realm, thus beginning the rivalry.

Is the Wuxi Finger Hold real? 

What is the Wuxi Finger Hold From the Kung Fu Panda Movie?

The Wuxi Finger Hold from the animated film is not real. However, Chi is a very real, abstract, and spiritual term. It is a term used to describe the life force just like in Kung Fu Panda movies. 

It is literally translated to a breath of air. Chi and Kung Fu often go hand in hand. Jow Gar Kung Fu has its roots in the Shaolin Temple where Chan Buddhism, Martial arts, and Chi Kung became a tool for the monks to achieve enlightenment.

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Breath control is a very important technique for relaxation as well as feeling connected and in control of your body and mind. It is used in Yoga, meditation, and forms of martial arts. Many of them also include spiritual practice instead of just focusing on the body alone. Due to this connection, many Kung fu masters are able to do painful things with a straight face.

How did Po know the Wuxi Finger Hold?

What is the Wuxi Finger Hold From the Kung Fu Panda Movie?

Po Ping was interested in Kung fu even before he was chosen to be the Spirit Warrior and way before he got a chance to train. Po was adopted by Mr. Ping but the panda chi was in his blood before he even knew it.

He was born in a village but got separated from his birth parents very early on. His adoptive father wanted him to inherit the family business – owning a noodle shop. Po was, however, a lover of eating noodles and not selling them. He was drawn to Kung fu and was interested in legends, including the dangerous and difficult Wuxi Finger Hold Master Shifu threatened him with during his training.

He was by no means a natural. He was clumsy and unfit and had trouble getting up on time and learning the simplest of moves until Master Shifu used food to allow Po to demonstrate his abilities without even noticing his power and progress.

More than anything, Po wanted to join the Furious Five. His wish to become a Kung fu fighter was silent for years until he accidentally got picked as the Spirit Warrior while watching the ceremony. 

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He was so obsessed with seeing the Furious Five that he left the cart with noodles that his father left him with claiming it will be good for business. After the gates closed, Po’s dedication was demonstrated. The fireworks he used had shot him into the sky when he landed right in front of Master Oogway’s finger. Master Oogway was convinced it was destiny that brought Po to him, while others very much disagreed.

Po was discouraged by basically everyone in the temple and decided to seek comfort in food. So he ravaged the pantry. When Master Shifu found him Po was in between counters doing the splits.

At that moment Shifu realized Po had potential but was not properly motivated and understood. So Master Shifu simply used dumplings – Po’s favorites to train him. His skills started getting better and better, thus proving himself able to defeat Tai Lung and becoming the Dragon Warrior while staying true to himself and believing in himself.

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