When Does Iris Find Out Barry Is The Flash?

When does Iris finds out Barry Allen is Flash

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The Flash is an American TV series currently airing on the TV network CW. The Flash is the part of the Arrowerse and a modern portrayal of the famous DC superhero. The first episode was aired in 2014, and Barry Allen’s first appearance in the Arrowerese occurred in the second season of the Arrow. Like most superheroes, The Flash also has a lover and partner. The most famous one is definitely Iris West. In this article, we will discuss when Iris finds out Barry is the Flash TV show.

Iris founds out about Flash’s identity pretty early in the show. Officially, Iris West found out about Barry Allen’s identity in the twentieth episode of season one of the show, when Flash is trying to chase after Reverse Flash and save Iris’s fiance, Eddie Thawne. However, during episode fifteen of the same season when Barry tried to stop a tsunami, Iris was there and saw him change into his Flash suit.

We will analyze further Iris West and her first realization of Barry Allen being the Flash and explain the circumstances of how she got that information. If you are interested, definitely stay with us until the end of the article. Without further ado, let’s start!

What Was Happening When Iris Found Out Barry Is the Flash?

The first season of Flash presented us with the vague origin story of the Flash and an accident that gave him the powers, with some people of Central City essentially becoming meta-humans as well. Barry Allen was working in the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of the Central City Police Department with Joe West, Iris’s father, who took him in when his mother was killed and his father was falsely accused of the murder.

He was always in love with Iris, however, she considered him more of a brother than a potential love interest. It all escalated when Barry was struck by lightning after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, and spent a few months in a coma. After gaining powers and becoming the fastest man in the world, the Flash, Barry always wanted to tell his family and friends, especially Iris about his true identity. However, he was scared of the consequences that knowledge could harm his loved ones and decided to keep it a secret.

The Flash

During the first part of season one, Iris was dating her father’s partner, Detective Eddie Thawne, and later even got engaged to him. Barry knew he missed his chance but was happy for Iris, and wanted for her to be happy. However, as time went on trouble in Central City became more regular and meta-humans used their powers for the crime.

Barry assembled Team Flash, which helped him with fighting crime and developing his abilities. One of them was Harrison Wells, which was later revealed to be Eobard Thawne, an evil speedster from the twenty-second century, also known as Reverse Flash. Eobard Thawne also killed Barry’s mother and has stolen Harrison Wells’s identity under which he acted as him for 15 years.

At the end of season one, it was revealed that Eddie Thawne, fiancé of Iris West, is an ancestor of Eobard Thawne. The Flash found out about everything and decided to stop the Reverse Flash from destroying everything. The peak of the season occurs when Eddie Thawne, realizes that Eobard Thawn is his descendant, and decides to sacrifice his life to erase the Reverse Flash from existence and save his friends.

The season ends on a cliffhanger – paradox appears because of the timeline change and Barry tries to stop it. It is revealed it is the same tornado from episode 1.


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When Does Iris Find Out Barry Is The Flash?

After we explained the circumstances of season one, now we can discuss when and how Iris realized Barry is Flash. As we already mentioned, there are actually two occasions in which Iris finds out about Barry’s superhero identity. First, we need to go to the Episode 15 of season one called “Out of Time”. This is the episode where the Team Flash start suspecting Harrison Wells as the imposter in their team. Cisco and Caitlin jump on it immediately and start investigating him. Meanwhile, Barry goes on a double date with Linda Park, and Eddie and Iris. It’s awkward and ends up with Eddie and Linda questioning Barry and Iris and their feelings for each other.

A mercenary from Joe West’s past haunts him and seeks revenge against him for his deceased brother. After the whole ordeal, Captain Singh is in hospital, and the mercenary escapes. Reverse Flash stabs Cisco and tells him he has been dead for him for centuries, and Iris confesses feelings for Barry in front of the waterfront.


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At that moment a giant tidal is headed for the city, and after saying they love each other, Barry tells Iris he is the Flash and goes on to save the city. While saving the city and trying to stop the tidal wave of destroying everything, Barry accidentally goes back in time, specifically, the moment when he was going to the morgue to save Joe West and his Captain from a mercenary.

That means, Iris once again does not know that Barry is Flash but also marks the first time she finds out about his identity. Episode 20 of the first season marks the official moment when Iris finds out about Barry’s identity – this time much more subtle. The Team Flash fights Harrison Wells and tries to stop him.

The Flash

In all that ruckus, Flash finds out that Reverse Flash is tracking Iris’s whereabouts and races him to her location to save her. Iris walks with Eddie, who stops her and proposes to her. Before she can say anything, Reverse Flash, after failing to kill her, actually kidnaps Eddie to preserve his life since he is his predecessor. Flash promises Iris he will find Eddie and save him, and something interesting happens. When Flash touches Iris’s hand, a jolt of electricity appears between their hands, and while he leaves, Iris is reminded of a similar occurrence when Barry was in a coma.

This is the end of the article. Hopefully, we analyzed this topic properly and you liked our article. The Flash TV show will have the ninth season as well, so definitely check it out. Thank you for reading and until the next time!

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