When & How Does Armin Become a Titan?

When & How Does Armin Become a Titan?

Armin Arlert, one of the protagonists of Attack on Titan, is the 15th and last Commander of the Survey Corps. He is a childhood friend of Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman who became a Titan Shifter at one point in the manga. In this article, we are going to talk about Armin’s transformation in to the Colossus Titan, as we intend to tell you when and how Armin actually became the Colossus Titan, as well as everything else you need to know about this major event.

During the battle to retake Wall Maria, Armin is nearly burned to death by the steam emitted by Bertolt Hoover in his Colossus Titan form. To save him, it was necessary to inject him with the serum and make him eat Bertolt himself, making him the Colossus Titan in the process. However, he lost this ability when the Titans ceased to exist after Eren’s death.

In the rest of this article, we are going to give you more information about Armin and his subsequent transformation into the Colossus Titan. You’re going to find out all the circumstances surrounding this transformation, including how, when, and why it happened. We’re also going to tell you a bit about Armin’s Colossus Titan form, since it’s somewhat different than we’re used to seeing.

Does Armin become a Titan?

Armin Arlert is an elite soldier of the Survey Corps and a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Although Armin is not in the top 10 cadets of the 104th Survey Corps, his intelligence and strategic genius make him one of the most valuable fighters in the Survey Corps, especially when paired with Hange Zoe. Although Armin is an Eldian and someone who could become a Titan, this wasn’t initially planned.

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But, after his life ended up being in danger and turning him into a Titan was the only was of saving him, Armin was transformed into the Colossus Titan. This means that yes, Armin does become a Titan in Attack on Titan.

How does Armin become a Titan?

The events surrounding Armin’t transformation into the Colossus Titan take place during the Return to Shiganshina arc. Having woken up Eren, Armin was preparing to carry out the plan he had already devised. Telling Eren what it was about, he doubted the safety of his friend, but Armin tells him that for now, he will not die because his promise to see the ocean will not allow it, opening a little more hope to the friend of him Eren, however, missteps and falls from the wall to the ground.

Therefore, Bertolt attacks the surface of the wall, but Armin dodges the attack and quickly approaches the danger area. Bertolt launches a new steam blast, leaving Armin trapped in it; thanks to him having pierced the bone and not the muscle with his attack, Armin was able to stay inside the blast and forbade himself to escape. Losing more and more life stamina, he burns to the ground, and Bertolt now recognizes his bravery.

Walking over to where Eren is, he realizes that he has only left a hardened decoy that sealed the inner door. Confused, he didn’t wait for Eren to attack him, pulling him off his Titan and cutting off his arms, pinning him down. Eren has now completed his part of the plan, and sees in Armin the brave man he had become. While Eren believed that he was dead, Armin continues to fight off his injuries.

After Eren’s encounter with Zeke and the Cart Titan, Armin exhales as a sign that he is still alive. Eren, instead of being relieved, approaches him to implore him not to die, that he can’t leave them now because they have to see the sea. Mikasa can’t stand her ground either and cries at the sight of Armin; now with a chance, Eren asks Levi for the serum to use on Armin. He agrees until he realizes that a soldier is bringing Erwin with him, who is still breathing.

Both differ on who should use the serum. Levi assumed that Erwin would survive and so he planned to give Armin the serum at first and didn’t count on him seeing Erwin on the verge of death. With his decision made, Eren continues to refute his reasons and Levi punches him brutally in the face. Floch supports the captain’s decision and restrains Eren to prevent him from doing more damage.

To continue the transformation process, Levi asks everyone to back off, with Eren reminding Levi of Armin’s dream of seeing the ocean re-immersing Levi in ​​deciding who he will live on. Minutes later, Armin in his Titan form devours Bertolt, usurping his powers and gaining a new hope for life.

When does Armin become a Titan?

As we have said, the events we have described here happen during the large Return to Shiganshina arc, which is one of the major arcs in the Attack on Titan manga. The events unfold in Chapter 84 of the manga, titled “Midnight Sun”. The chapter was first published on August 9, 2016 and is the 2nd chapter of Volume 21 of the Attack on Titan manga.

What episode does Armin become a Titan in?

As for the anime, the episode in which these events unfold is a direct adaptation of the manga chapter. It is also titled “Midnight Sun” and it was the 18th episode of Season 3 of Attack on Titan and the 55th episode overall. The episode premiered in Japan on June 3, 2019.

Why is Armin’s Colossus Titan stronger and bigger?

The Colossus Titan is known for its size. His height is 60 meters; this height is enough for him to look behind the wall (the walls are about 50 meters in size each). While the Pure Titans immured in the walls are also huge and skinless, similar to Armin’s Titan, it is likely that the size of the Colossus is also a hallmark of this Titan, which is inherited with the transfer of power to the new shifter, as evidenced by Zeke Yeager’s opinion that a man with the power of the Colossus, inherited from Berthold, helped Eren Yeager destroy 32 reconnaissance ships sent to the island of Paradis.

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So, after this introduction, you’re still wondering why Armin’s Colossus Titan is bigger? You shouldn’t because he’s not. The visual impression you might have is completely off, as both Berthold’s and Armin’s Colossus Titans are of the same height, i.e. 60 m both. This has been confirmed on page 143 of the Attack on Titan Character Encyclopedia, written by Hajime Isayama himself and published back in 2017 as the official companion to the Attack on Titan manga.

As for Armin’s strength, this is something that is debatable, but is probably a result of Armin’s own skills and powers in comparison to Betrhold’s. As the official sources state, both iterations of the Colossus Titan had the same powers and abilities.

The unique ability possessed by the Colossus Titan is to completely control the release of steam in Titan form. Under normal circumstances, Titans only release steam when injured, and their bodies evaporate completely upon death. On the other hand, the Colossus Titan can release any amount of steam at will. This ability can be used for various purposes.

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With strong steam generation, it can burn anyone who is nearby. However, prolonged use of this ability takes a toll on the Titan himself, gradually reducing his muscle mass until only a skeletal structure remains. In some cases, when necessary, the Colossus Titan is able to completely vaporize his entire body, instantly disappearing.

Although all human Titans during transformations produce a huge amount of heat and energy, reminiscent of an explosion, Armin has this ability on a new level. He can manipulate the energy generated during his transformation to create various effects. A powerful explosive transformation was also possessed by Berthold, who demonstrated it during the Battle of Shignashina. This seems to be the only difference in their powers and is, as we have said, a consequence of Armin’s intrinsic skills rather than anything else.

Why doesn’t Armin’s Colossus Titan have any ears?

If you observe the two panels above, you’ll notice that there is a difference between the Colossus Titans shown above. On the left, we see Betrhold’s Colossus Titan, while, on the right, we can observe Armin’s. And while the most obvious difference between them is due to the Colossus Titan “wasting” his muscles and his body with each transformation (due to the transformation burning a lot of energy, which is how the trademark steam is created), you’ll also notice that Armin’s Colossus doesn’t have ears. Why is that?

No official explanation has ever been given for this, but it is assumed that Armin’s Colossus Titan doesn’t have ears because Armin doesn’t want to hear the screams of the people he kills. Armin has never really blended with his Titan and as we know, at one point, he simply refused to transform due to his Titan’s destructive potential.

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