Where Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally? (2023 Update)

Where Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally

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Monster Anime is a captivating Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa. It is a psychological thriller but it also has mystery and character development themes. So, where can you watch Monster Anime legally?

You can watch the first 30 episodes of Monster Anime on Netflix, the full series is not available. Amazon Prime no longer offers Monster anime in its catalog. Some users can still find the series but it’s unavailable for streaming.

In this article, I will give you a breakdown of the different ways to watch Monster Anime legally. It would seem that the anime is far available on Netflix, but it’s complicated. If you want to find out more, stay with us and keep reading!

Is Monster Anime Available on Netflix?

Where Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally?

Monster Anime is now available on the Netflix streaming service. Published by Viz Media on the streaming services for the North American market including USA and Canada can now watch it. Fans can watch the 30 chapters of the series on Netflix but they have to be in North America to watch it legally.

On Netflix, the series is not available for other countries since Viz Media only produces for the North American market. Initially, Viz Media released 15 episodes but now viewers can get the full episodes available on the streaming service. Viewers in the United States have been available to watch the series on Netflix since its release date on June 20th, 2011.

The manga series got a good reception in the United States market. Due to the huge fan base in North America, it even got a nomination for the Eisner Award. In case you want to watch it on Netflix, it has ‘T+’ for Teens.

On Netflix, the series is uncut and based on the manga graphic novel. It has a TV-MA rating and non-Japanese watchers get English subtitles on the screen. The viewing quality on Netflix is better when compared to other watching platforms like Hulu.

Viz Media has never released the series on DVD so fans get a chance to stream the series for the first time. The media company decided to increase the number of Anime series they offer to the public by releasing Monster Anime together with other Anime series like Death Note, Bleach, and Naruto. Netflix is currently the most popular movie streaming service so it is no surprise that Viz Media decided to go with them.


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Is Monster Anime on Amazon Prime?

You can no longer watch Monster anime on Amazon Prime. After a period of availability for all users, the show has been removed from the Prime library. It is not known whether the show will return.

Initially, the Anime series was in a box set with the first 15 episodes. However, the box set did not do well and they had to discontinue it due to low sales. The streaming version on Amazon Prime is doing much better and getting an audience in the United States. Amazon has a DVD version that has part one of the series. It is quite pricey but for viewers who want to watch out of the United States, this might be a good option since Amazon Prime is not accessible.

Is Monster Anime on Crunchyroll?

Where Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally?

Monster Anime is not available on Crunchyroll. The website offers a lot of Anime series but they do not have Monster for some reason. Fans of the show talk about the series on the website so fans of the series discuss different scenes on the forum section.

Since Viz Media distributes the series, many Anime websites have not been able to get it including Crunchyroll. There has been speculation that the series will not show soon after the merge with Sony pictures Funimation. 

On the Crunchyroll website, there is a specific library for discussions about Monster Anime. There is a library of pictures posted on the form displaying characters and scenes. It is an active forum with 175 posts, over 400 fans, Crunchyroll, and over 1000 comments where fans discuss the show and original book.

Crunchyroll is definitely a fan of the Monster Anime series. There are a lot of blog posts and articles discussing the series and also some reviews from fans. Unfortunately, there are no videos or uploads about the series anywhere on the website.

After merging Crunchyroll with Sony Pictures Funimation there is a chance that the series will not be uploaded. Most of the Anime series are uploaded on the Funimation online streaming platform and Crunchyroll remains a place where fans can find information or share views on the forum section. 

Fans interested in knowing more about the series can read blog posts on Crunchyroll since they have a lot of information. Crunchyroll forum also has fans who discuss different topics on the series. They also give reviews on the series and you can leave your comment.

Is Monster Anime on Funimation?

Funimation has been one of the biggest legal Anime streaming platforms but it does not have Monster Anime in its library. Recently, there was a merger between Funimation and Crunchyroll so the platforms are now one. Even after the merge, they are still not showing Monster Anime.

Monster Anime is not available on Funimation online platforms. However, the Funimation channel has shown the series on their television through sony pictures. Funimation offers a variety of Anime movies and series.


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They have other Anime series offered by Viz Media like Death Note. Unfortunately, their online streaming platform is not available in all countries. If you live in countries outside the United States, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, or New Zealand, and Mexico you might not watch Monster Anime even if it starts streaming.

Where Else Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally?

Where Can You Watch Monster Anime Legally?

The series is rarely uploaded online but it is sometimes available on television networks. One of the original television networks to show the series was Nippon Television. After that, there have been other networks such as Funimation Channel, Chiller, and Syfy.

There have been releases for the book that have happened over the years in Germany, France, Netherlands, and Brazil. The releases are separately done by media-licensed companies in those specific countries. If you happen to live in a country with local releases, you can get a book or a DVD.

The method that you decide to use to watch Monster Anime will depend on your location. If you decide to watch on Netflix then you have to be in North America. For people who are not in North America but want to watch, using VPN might be a good idea to conceal the IP address.

If you do not understand Japanese, the video should come with subtitles so that you can follow through while watching. You can get English audio versions for fans who do not understand Japanese. If you do not understand Japanese, you can get versions with English subtitles or a translated English audio version.

It is challenging to find Monster Anime online on other streaming platforms. On rare occasions, you will find the series uploaded on some websites. It is always difficult to find good quality 1080p videos for the series.

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