10 Best “Free” Websites to Watch Anime Online

best places to watch anime for free

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The world of anime is indeed one of the most colorful fictional worlds that you can actually imagine. The number of genres is amazing, and the series often breaks boundaries and introduces us to a world that we could never have imagined. This is why anime is one of the largest-growing media industries in the world and why even Westerners love it so much.

In Japan, anime are part of regular television airing. While some Westerners had the chance to experience anime on TV as well, today, most fans have to either find some streaming service that offers anime or a platform that sells individual anime episodes, movies, or seasons.

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the ten best places where you can watch anime online legally; the sites and services listed here are legal services that have legal distribution rights, as Fiction Horizon does not endorse piracy in any way. Some sites may offer only a limited number of content for free (or for a limited time).

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the primary source you’ll consult here, as it is the best and most reliable anime database online. The content ranges from children’s anime series to contemporary and old classics, so we guarantee you will find something for you if you go on Crunchyroll without much trouble.


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The quantity of free content is limited, but with a subscription, you’ll get access to an exceptionally large library and all the latest episodes. Subbed and dubbed versions of various shows are available, so you can enjoy them however you want. Despite losing some titles to its competition, Crunchyroll is the best anime source you’ll find.

2. Netflix

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And while Netflix is not an anime-exclusive site like Crunchyroll, its anime database has been steadily increasing, with both non-original productions like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba or Vinland Saga, as well as numerous original productions like Record of Ragnarok, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Baki.

Netflix is a solid and reliable source, and although it’s free only for a limited time, the subscription is definitely worth it. The anime on the site come in subbed and dubbed format.

3. Disney+

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Disney+ has become a major player in the anime market recently, acquiring more and more content, including some major titles like Bleach and Tokyo Revengers, which were supposed to go to Crunchyroll. And while the number of anime is quite limited, you can enjoy some great titles, and the overall quality of content will make it worthwhile.

A major downside is that not all content is available worldwide, so depending on where you are, there might be some titles you cannot access, but that could be remedied in the future.

4. Hulu


A service that is closely tied to Disney, Hulu also has a solid anime library and even some exclusive titles, like the currently popular Undead Unluck series. Most of the titles are old ones, but there are some real classics that you can enjoy, so it is worth it. The free offer is limited, but that’s the case with most services.

The downside is that the service doesn’t necessarily offer all the episodes of each show and that it is geographically limited.


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5. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also has a solid anime library but a solid video library in general, so this is not overly surprising. They aren’t that active on the anime market anymore, like before, but their library is nevertheless impressive, and you can find various amazing titles.

The downside is that Amazon Prime doesn’t have too many anime titles up for streaming, which means that you will have to buy them either via individual episodes or via batches.

6. HBO Max


HBO is a service that focuses mainly on its original content, and when anime is concerned, they don’t really have much to offer. But, they have a solid anime database that includes, for example, Jujutsu Kaisen, so they are open to other productions as well, which is a great thing, without a doubt. Of course, HBO is not your best choice, but if you’re a casual anime fan, it will do the trick.

The content is available in subbed and dubbed format.

7. Funimation


Although Funimation has been acquired by Crunchyroll, the site is still alive, and you can still access it. This is another anime-only site, and we highly recommend it to all who come from the States, especially if they are fans of dubbed anime, as Funimation was known for having the best-dubbed content on the internet. Of course, the library has been steadily decreasing and moving to Crunchyroll, but it’s still a great site.


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The major downside is that it has severe geographical limitations for non-US fans.

8. D Anime Store

D Anime Store

If you want to practice your Japanese, well – D Anime Store is the best place for you. This is also a major downside, as the content is not accessible for non-Japanese speakers, but if you want to learn or improve your Japanese, then this site is absolutely great, as it contains a lot of content.

9. U-Next


Like D Anime Store, U-Next is a great site if you want to improve your Japanese. It is similar to D Anime Store but seemingly has less content, so if you want to improve your Japanese, it would be best to combine these two.

10. YouTube


YouTube might be a weird choice, but it is the only absolutely free site on this list and in recent years, YouTube has streamed a lot of anime content, including a very popular One Piece OVA recently, so we definitely recommend that you check it out from time to time.

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