Where Is Netflix’s ‘Bodies’ Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed

Netflix bodies filming location

If you’re in the market for an exciting new crime-thriller, look no further than Netflix’s ‘Bodies.’ Based on the DC Vertigo comic and graphic novel of the same name ‘Bodies’ deals with an interesting premise and explores murder investigation that spans several time periods. Such shows that look at a single event from different historical points often have exciting filming locations, and today, we’re going to shed some light on them. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Netflix’s ‘Bodies’ was primarily filmed in England.
  • Some of the locations include Kingston upon Hull, Port of Grimsby, and City Cruises Boatyard in the city of York.

‘Bodies’ will be a crime-thriller adventure that spans several centuries

The central premise of “Bodies” involves a murder investigation that spans different time periods—1890, 1940, 2014, and 2050. The narrative follows a single murder mystery but unfolds simultaneously in these four different periods.

The series explores the interconnectedness of time and how past, present, and future events are linked as detectives in each time period investigate the same murder. This is why we’re going to be led through some interesting locations that have to be of both historical importance and visually appealing to fit the current and even perhaps futuristic narrative. Luckily, there are some clues already regarding where the series was filmed. So, let’s check them out.

‘Bodies’ was filmed in England

The original ‘Bodies’ comic took place in London, so the primary filming location for the miniseries reflected that as the show was mostly based in England in several locations. 

1 City Cruises Boatyard in York

The series was filmed over the course of 2022, and the filming crew was often spotted around various boatyards around York and its immediate area. One such boatyard was the ‘City Cruises’ Boatyard. This location most likely proved to be perfect for the show due to its unique features in the background and historical significance.

The filming crew was also spotted aboard Hornblower Cruises’ boats as that type of scenery will be predominant in the series.

2. Grimsby Docks “Kasbah” area

Moving onto the World War 2 era, the filming moved to Grimsby Docks “Kasbah” area. The Kasbah area in Grimsby Docks has an industrial and maritime atmosphere specific to the area that has held significant importance during the war, and the architecture of the area reflects that. During World War II, Grimsby Docks and the Kasbah area played a significant role in the war effort, particularly due to the strategic importance of Grimsby as a major port on the east coast of England.


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The architecture of the area has functional and utilitarian designs to support wartime activities. It features industrial infrastructure such as workshops, cranes, and other facilities.

3. High Street, Old Town, Kingston upon Hull

In June 2022, the filming crew moved to Hull to film some Victorian scenes due to the area being famous for the striking architecture that includes Victorian-era buildings, cobblestone streets, and narrow and adjoining buildings. Old Town is known for its historical charm and well-preserved architecture. The area offers scenic views, especially along the waterfront. The juxtaposition of historic buildings against the Hull River or nearby landmarks offers for some exciting cinematic experiences.

‘Bodies’ arrived on the Netflix streaming platform on October 19, 2023. It is an 8-episode mini-series, and hopefully, more locations will be clearer once we have an opportunity to check out the show in its entirety.

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