The 25 Best Murder Mystery (Whodunit) Movies Ever Filmed

best murder mystery movies whodunit

Best murder mystery movies have a way of gripping our attention, keeping us on the edge of our seats as we piece together clues and try to solve the puzzle before the big reveal. These films immerse us in intricate plots, challenging our wits and engaging our emotions, making them timeless favorites for many.

1. ‘L.A. Confidential’ (1997)

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Set in the glamorous backdrop of 1950s Los Angeles, “L.A. Confidential” weaves together the tales of three very different cops who find themselves embroiled in a multifaceted mystery. The brilliance of this movie lies in its ability to combine the traditional elements of noir with a fresh narrative, delivering a gritty representation of corruption, scandal, and intrigue.

Its strong character development, intricate plot, and stellar performances, particularly by Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey, make it an unforgettable whodunit experience. The film’s atmospheric recreation of post-war Los Angeles is both haunting and enthralling, providing a perfect setting for a tale of deception and murder.

2. ‘Vertigo’ (1958)

Directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, “Vertigo” is a tale of obsession, identity, and deception. James Stewart plays a retired detective suffering from acrophobia who is hired to follow the wife of an acquaintance to uncover the mystery of her peculiar behavior.

The movie stands out not just for its suspenseful plot but for its deep psychological undertones. Hitchcock’s masterful use of color, innovative camera techniques, and haunting score by Bernard Herrmann contribute to a palpable sense of unease. The narrative’s twists and turns, combined with its atmospheric tension, make “Vertigo” a timeless masterpiece in the murder mystery genre.

3. ‘Primal Fear’ (1996)

“Primal Fear” plunges the audience into the dark world of courtrooms and legal battles. Edward Norton delivers a breakthrough performance as a young altar boy accused of brutally murdering a beloved archbishop. Richard Gere plays the role of a high-profile defense attorney who takes on the case only to find himself navigating a maze of lies and deceit.

The film’s greatness lies in its ability to blur the lines between guilt and innocence, making viewers question the very nature of truth. The unexpected twists, stellar performances, and a gripping narrative solidify “Primal Fear” as a top-tier murder mystery.

4. ‘Rear Window’ (1954)

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Another Hitchcock classic, “Rear Window” tells the story of a wheelchair-bound photographer, played by James Stewart, who believes he has witnessed a murder in his apartment complex. Stuck in his apartment with a broken leg, he becomes an obsessive voyeur, watching his neighbors through a camera lens.


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The genius of “Rear Window” is its simplicity—the entire film takes place in a single setting, turning the apartment complex into a microcosm of human behavior. Hitchcock masterfully builds tension, making the audience share the protagonist’s anxiety and paranoia. Its blend of suspense, character study, and innovative storytelling make it an iconic murder mystery film.

5. ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ (2011)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2011 DI to L10

Based on the bestselling novel by Stieg Larsson, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a modern murder mystery that delves into the darkest corners of family secrets and societal corruption. The film follows journalist Mikael Blomkvist and computer hacker Lisbeth Salander as they investigate the disappearance of a woman from a powerful family.

The chilling Swedish landscape and the dark, intricate plot create an atmospheric tension that’s hard to shake. Rooney Mara’s portrayal of Lisbeth Salander is particularly noteworthy, adding depth and intensity to the story. The film’s ability to weave a compelling narrative with important social commentary makes it a standout in contemporary murder mysteries.

6. ‘The Maltese Falcon’ (1941)

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One of the defining films of the film noir genre, “The Maltese Falcon” is a tale of deceit, treachery, and obsession revolving around a priceless statuette. Humphrey Bogart’s portrayal of the hard-boiled private detective Sam Spade set the standard for many detective characters that followed.

John Huston directed the film’s moody black-and-white cinematography, snappy dialogue, and complex characters, elevating it to legendary status. The film isn’t just a murder mystery; it’s a deep dive into the human psyche, exploring themes of greed, loyalty, and betrayal. The quest for the elusive Maltese Falcon is a metaphor for the unrelenting human desire for power and riches.

7. ‘Memories of Murder’ (2003)

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Directed by Bong Joon-ho, “Memories of Murder” is based on the true story of South Korea’s first serial murders. Set in a small town during the 1980s, two detectives, with contrasting methods, grapple with gruesome killings. The film is notable for its suspense-filled plot and commentary on the political and social climate of the time.

Bong’s unique blending of dark humor with intense drama sets this film apart. Its haunting atmosphere and brilliant performances make “Memories of Murder” a standout in the murder mystery genre and a testament to Bong Joon-ho’s storytelling prowess.

8. ‘Dial M for Murder’ (1954)

Yet another Hitchcock masterpiece, “Dial M for Murder” is a meticulously crafted thriller set primarily within the confines of a single apartment. The film revolves around a husband’s intricate plot to have his wealthy wife murdered. What stands out in this film is its emphasis on the intellectual game between the characters, where every move is calculated.

Hitchcock’s genius lies in his ability to create nail-biting tension in a confined setting, making viewers feel the walls closing in. With its clever plot and dramatic twists, the movie is a masterclass in suspense, making it a quintessential murder mystery that continues to inspire filmmakers.

9. ‘Se7en’ (1995)

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Directed by David Fincher, “Se7en” is a chilling tale of two detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, on the hunt for a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. The film is known for its dark and gritty atmosphere, further intensified by the haunting score and gloomy cinematography. Each murder scene in the film is meticulously crafted, reflecting the twisted psyche of the killer.


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The film’s climax, which remains one of the most shocking in cinema history, cements “Se7en” as a masterpiece in the genre. Its ability to delve deep into the darkest corners of human nature makes it not just a murder mystery but a profound exploration of morality.

10. ‘Clue’ (1985)

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A departure from the darker tones of the other movies on this list, “Clue” is a murder mystery comedy based on the popular board game. Set in a sprawling mansion, a group of eccentric characters, each named after game pieces, find themselves trying to solve a murder they might have committed.

The film’s charm lies in its witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and delightful ensemble cast, including Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd. While it provides laughs, “Clue” also delivers genuine suspense and multiple endings, allowing viewers to choose their favorite conclusion. It’s a delightful blend of humor and mystery, proving that murder mysteries don’t always have to be dark to be captivating.

11. ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ (1991)


This psychological thriller is renowned not just for its gripping narrative but for the chilling performances by Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The film follows FBI trainee Starling as she seeks the assistance of imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer Lecter to catch another murderer on the loose.

Directed by Jonathan Demme, “The Silence of the Lambs” expertly weaves suspense, horror, and psychological drama, making it one of the most unforgettable films in the murder mystery genre. Its detailed exploration of the human psyche and meticulous character development mark it as a standout in cinematic history.

12. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (1974)


Based on Agatha Christie’s beloved novel, this film captures the essence of a classic murder mystery. When a passenger is murdered aboard the luxurious Orient Express train, renowned detective Hercule Poirot takes on the case. The confined setting of the train, combined with the diverse array of suspects, creates an atmosphere rife with tension and suspicion.

Directed by Sidney Lumet, the film benefits from a cast of Hollywood heavyweights, each bringing their unique flair to their characters. The film’s methodical pacing, intricate plot, and period detail make it a quintessential example of the whodunit subgenre.

13. ‘Oldboy’ (2003)

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Directed by Park Chan-wook, “Oldboy” is a visceral and intense exploration of revenge and redemption. The story revolves around Dae-Su, who, after being inexplicably imprisoned for 15 years, is released and given just five days to find his captor. More than just a murder mystery, “Oldboy” delves deep into themes of identity, humanity, and vengeance.

Known for its stylistic flair, unforgettable fight sequences, and a plot that keeps viewers guessing until the end, the film is a testament to Korean cinema’s capability to offer fresh takes on established genres. Its blend of dark narrative with profound philosophical questions elevates it beyond a mere mystery tale.

14. ‘Chinatown’ (1974)

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Set in 1930s Los Angeles, Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown” is a neo-noir that expertly marries classic detective tropes with contemporary storytelling. Jack Nicholson stars as private investigator Jake Gittes, who is embroiled in a complex web of deceit, corruption, and murder. The film is notable for its rich atmosphere, sharp dialogue, and intricate plot that touches on real historical issues related to L.A.’s water rights.

Beyond its gripping narrative, “Chinatown” delves into broader themes of power, morality, and the inescapability of the past. Its ability to challenge the noir genre conventions while paying homage to its roots makes it an essential watch for murder mystery enthusiasts.

15. ‘Zodiac’ (2007)

zodiac film

Directed by David Fincher, “Zodiac” chronicles the real-life hunt for the elusive Zodiac Killer who terrorized San Francisco in the late 1960s and 1970s. Through the eyes of three main characters – a journalist, a cartoonist, and a detective – the film delves deep into the obsession and meticulous investigation surrounding the case.


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The movie’s attention to detail, methodical pacing, and atmospheric tension stand out. Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo deliver compelling performances that drive the narrative. “Zodiac” excels not just as a murder mystery but as a study of obsession, highlighting the toll that unsolved mysteries can have on those seeking the truth.

16. ‘The Name of the Rose’ (1986)

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Based on Umberto Eco’s novel, “The Name of the Rose” is set in a Benedictine monastery during the Middle Ages. When a series of mysterious deaths occur, the monk William of Baskerville, played by Sean Connery, arrives to investigate. The film, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, masterfully combines elements of historical fiction, theological debate, and classic whodunit to create a rich tapestry of intrigue.

Its atmospheric setting, compelling plot, and philosophical undertones set it apart in the murder mystery genre. The movie provides viewers with a mystery to unravel and profound questions about faith, knowledge, and power.

17. ‘The Chaser’ (2008)

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A South Korean thriller directed by Na Hong-jin, “The Chaser” introduces viewers to a former detective turned pimp who stumbles upon a serial killer while searching for his missing girls. The film is an intense cat-and-mouse game filled with suspense, unexpected twists, and raw emotion.

Beyond its compelling narrative, “The Chaser” offers a gritty portrayal of Seoul’s underbelly, touching on corruption, redemption, and morality themes. With its relentless pacing and realistic portrayal of its characters, the movie cements its place as a standout in the modern murder mystery genre, showcasing the best of Korean thriller cinema.

18. ‘In the Heat of the Night’ (1967)

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Set in the racially charged American South of the 1960s, “In the Heat of the Night” follows African-American detective Virgil Tibbs, played by Sidney Poitier, as he aids a prejudiced police chief in solving a murder. Directed by Norman Jewison, the film is as much a social commentary on racism as it is a murder mystery.

Poitier’s stellar performance and the nuanced portrayal of racial tensions make this film resonate even today. Its strong character dynamics, coupled with a suspenseful plot, ensure that “In the Heat of the Night” remains a captivating mystery and an essential commentary on American society.

19. ‘Shutter Island’ (2010)

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Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, “Shutter Island” is a psychological thriller set in a mental institution located on a remote island. When two U.S. Marshals are sent to investigate the disappearance of a patient, they are plunged into a labyrinthine mystery filled with twists, turns, and mind games. With its eerie atmosphere and haunting visuals, the island becomes a character in its own right, amplifying the film’s suspense.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are forced to question the nature of reality and the reliability of the protagonist’s perspective. “Shutter Island” excels in its ability to blur the lines between reality and illusion, making it a riveting and thought-provoking murder mystery experience.

20. ‘Mother’ (2009)

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Directed by Bong Joon-ho, “Mother” is a gripping tale of a devoted mother’s desperate quest to prove her son’s innocence after he’s accused of murder. Set in a small town, the film masterfully combines mystery, drama, and psychological tension elements. The mother’s relentless determination and love for her son drive the narrative, making viewers question the lengths one would go to protect a loved one.

Bong’s distinct style blends dark humor with intense emotion, creating a multi-layered experience. “Mother” stands as a testament to the profound bond between a mother and child amidst the backdrop of a compelling murder mystery.

21. ‘Searching’ (2018)

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“Searching” is a modern thriller that utilizes technology to its advantage. Directed by Aneesh Chaganty, the film unfolds entirely on computer screens and smartphones, following a father’s frantic search for his missing daughter. John Cho delivers a powerful performance, making the digital storytelling approach both believable and engaging.

The innovative format perfectly serves the plot, emphasizing technology’s role in modern relationships and investigations. “Searching” is a suspenseful mystery and a reflection on today’s interconnected world, proving that innovative storytelling techniques can bring new life into the classic whodunit.

22. ‘Psycho’ (1960)

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Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” is nothing short of iconic in the realm of murder mysteries and horror. Centered around the Bates Motel and its mysterious owner, Norman Bates, the film’s shocking twists, haunting score, and unforgettable shower scene have left an indelible mark on cinema.

More than just a murder mystery, “Psycho” delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of identity, duality, and madness. Hitchcock’s meticulous direction, combined with Anthony Perkins’ chilling performance, makes “Psycho” a masterpiece that continues to influence filmmakers and terrify audiences.

23. ‘Mystic River’ (2003)

movie mystic river 2003

Directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, “Mystic River” is a haunting tale of tragedy, revenge, and the shadows of the past. When a childhood trauma resurfaces with a current-day murder, three childhood friends find themselves ensnared in a web of suspicion and regret.

The film boasts powerful performances from Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon, each portraying deeply flawed characters navigating grief and vengeance. “Mystic River” stands out for its raw emotional depth, probing the darker recesses of the human heart against the backdrop of a compelling murder mystery.

24. ‘The Fugitive’ (1993)

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Andrew Davis’ “The Fugitive” is a high-octane chase film centered around Dr. Richard Kimble, played by Harrison Ford, who’s wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder. While evading Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, brilliantly portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, Kimble races against time to find the real killer.

The film masterfully balances suspenseful chase sequences with a gripping mystery, ensuring viewers are on the edge of their seats from start to finish. “The Fugitive” remains a standout in the genre, showcasing the lengths one man will go to clear his name and seek justice.

25. ‘Gone Girl’ (2014)

gone girl

Based on Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel and directed by David Fincher, “Gone Girl” delves into the dark intricacies of a marriage gone sour. When Amy Dunne disappears, her husband Nick becomes the prime suspect, igniting a media frenzy. The film’s strength lies in its layered narrative, shifting perspectives, and unreliable narrators, making viewers constantly question the truth.


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Rosamund Pike’s chilling portrayal of Amy and Ben Affleck’s nuanced performance as Nick create a tense atmosphere of deception and suspense. “Gone Girl” offers a modern take on the murder mystery, highlighting the dangers of public perception and the facades people maintain in relationships.

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