Where Is Netflix’s Welcome to Eden Filmed? Every Location Revealed

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Welcome to Eden is the newest thriller series on Netflix as it features some colorful characters in a story that is set against the backdrop of a secluded island controlled by people who abduct young men and women so that they can build their own society on it. But while the series may be set on an island, there are other different locations featured in it. So, where is Netlfix’s Welcome to Eden filmed?

Welcome to Eden is filmed in Spain, as it is a Spanish production. However, it is mainly filmed in Barcelona, Puerto del Carmen, San Sebastian, and Teruel. The beach and island portion of the series are mostly filmed in the Canary Islands. Meanwhile, Barcelona is the stage for the city portion of the series.

The thing about Welcome to Eden is that it is mostly set on an island setting, and that means that only the best beaches and island paradises were used to film the series. Of course, the series itself allows the audience members to have a better appreciation for the natural wonders and gorgeous beaches that can be found in Spain. That said, let’s look at every filming location.

Where Is Welcome To Eden Filmed?

One of the most popular series that you can watch on Netflix today is Welcome to Eden, which is a thriller series that combines a lot of different aspects like drama, suspense, romance, and other similar themes in one fun experience. And while it isn’t necessarily the best in terms of its overall quality, it is still a series that is more than worth the binge during a lazy weekend.


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An aspect that makes Welcome to Eden so intriguing is that it is set against the backdrop of what seems to be an island paradise. The series opens up with young socialites and partygoers getting invited to a secluded island for an exclusive beach party. However, while some of the partygoers were allowed to leave the island the following day, the chosen few were kept on the island so that they could join a small community that is able to have comfortable and seemingly worry-free life on the island.

Still, everything wasn’t what it seemed to be as the ones running the community, a pair of environmental activists, were keen on keeping the young partygoers on the island by any means necessary. So, in a sense, plenty of young people were forced to live on that island with no means of escaping.

With that said, we do know that this series takes place on an island. But where exactly does Welcome to Eden take place? The series was mostly filmed in Spain, considering that it is a Spanish production. However, the filming locations changed depending on the setting of certain scenes in the series.

Barcelona, Spain


A good portion of the series was filmed in the big city of Barcelona, Spain, which is located on the northeastern coast of the country and is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. 

Barcelona is known for its rich culture as a good part of the city was able to retain some of the classic architecture. That’s why Barcelona has one of the best and most picturesque cityscapes in the world, and a lot of different tourists love visiting the city for the beautiful architecture and cityscape. On top of that, Barcelona is also a prime destination for art lovers.

Another aspect that makes Barcelona great is the fact that it has favorable climate conditions all year long, and that’s why it is one of the best filming locations for movies that are set in Europe. This is why plenty of Hollywood productions are filmed in Barcelona instead of any other European or Spanish city.

In Welcome to Eden, Barcelona was used as one of the places where the series was filmed because there were some parts of the series that were set in the city. Gaby, Zoa’s younger sister, also spent a good time touring the picturesque city of Barcelona in the hopes of increasing her social media status as she was trying to find a way to look for her missing sister.

Puerto del Carmen, Spain

95894 Puerto Del Carmen

Considering that a good part of Welcome to Eden takes place in an island setting, it was only right to choose a good filming location that was able to capture the paradise-like environment where most of the series takes place.

In that regard, the picturesque tourist town of Puerto del Carmen, which is located in the Canary Islands, was chosen as the filming location for the island paradise scenes of Welcome to Eden. This town is located on the southeast coast of Lanzarote, which is one of the islands in the Canaries. And the fact that this location is full of picturesque scenes makes it perfect for the island paradise that Welcome to Eden was trying to capture.


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Of course, there were some scenes in the series where the main characters were partying. In that regard, the series made use of the beautiful beach of Playa Chica as the location for the beach party scenes in the series. There were also some scenes that were filmed on Caletón Blanco beach, but most of the beach scenes were filmed on Playa Chica. 

Puerto del Carmen might be a good destination for beach lovers out there because of how picturesque the town is and how it allows you to feel secluded from the rest of the world. And this is a pretty popular tourist destination, considering that it sees over a million visitors all year long.

Other Filming Locations

Castle town Alcaniz Spain.jpg

While Barcelona and Puerto del Carmen were the main filming locations for Welcome to Eden, there were also other locations that were chosen for some of the scenes that didn’t necessarily involve beaches or cityscapes.

For one, the community of Aragon in Teruel was also used as a filming spot. This is a high-altitude community that is known for its combination of Islamic and Gothic architecture. In that regard, this is an area that is also quite popular among tourists that want to feel like they are transported back in time.

Another location where some of the scenes of Welcome to Eden were filmed in San Sebastián, which is also called Donostia-San Sebastián. This is a city and municipality that is located in the Basque Autonomous Community and is also known for its beautiful beaches, considering that the city is located in the north of the Basque Country, on the south-eastern coast of the Bay of Biscay.

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