Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft?

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

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Trees are one of nature’s treasures, being also the backbone on which most constructions take place, and in Minecraft, the most beautiful tree you can find is the Acacia Tree. The Acacia tree is one of the many variants of trees in Minecraft, and they are very easy to spot because of their unique Orange color. They of course have a variety of uses when you do find them, but where exactly “can” you find and make them?

The Savannah biome is one of the most unique biomes in Minecraft and it is also the birthplace of most Acacia trees. Savannah biomes are not very difficult to locate, since they are mostly close to deserts or plains biomes. Furthermore, a player can make Acacia wood by chopping down an Acacia tree.

Acacia trees grow naturally in the Savanna biome and they are one of the most unique trees in Minecraft. Just like other trees in Minecraft like the Dark oak tree, an Acacia tree can be cut down and converted into other useful products. These products can also be used to craft other items or build structures with a unique and gorgeous look.

However, due to their unique nature, some players often feel that the Acacia tree is a rare species of tree in Minecraft when it is not. Just like I said earlier, the tree spawns naturally in the Savanna biome and can even be grown artificially under the right circumstances. Since the Savanna biome is also not rare, then players can find this tree even just a few minutes after they spawn into a world.

There is no such thing as too much information, so even though you know where to find an Acacia tree, you still need to know how to work/craft with it. Today I will be telling you everything you need to know about the Acacia tree, so just relax and read on.

Where to Find Acacia Wood in Minecraft

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

Acacia trees naturally spawn in the Savanna biome. Although, if you want to spare yourself the time of searching for this biome, you can always use the Savanna seeds, 5436, 12947, 666, to spawn directly into one. 

The trees are usually about 8 blocks high, with a unique diagonal trunk, and some occasional canopies. They are also formed distinctly unlike any other tree in Minecraft.

Unlike other trees in Minecraft like the giant jungle and dark oak tree, the Acacia tree’s branches grow in a different pattern. In some cases, the Acacia trees could have multiple straight logs and a curved top, sometimes the curve is at the bottom, and others are curved both at the top and bottom. Typically, the canopy is just made up of two to three layers of leaves.

There are three types of Acacia trees in Minecraft. 

The first is a common/regular acacia tree, it has a single canopy and a diagonal trunk. Second is the multi-canopy Acacia tree, its trunk forks around the middle and each end of the canopy. Last is the second form of the multi-canopy Acacia tree, it features a straight trunk with a small canopy at the top, from which a second Trunk and a higher canopy grow out from. 

Both the Multi-canopy Acacia trees grow taller than the regular acacia tree.

How Do You Get Acacia Wood in Minecraft?

Players can obtain Acacia wood from Acacia trees which spawn naturally in the Savanna biome. Acacia wood was among the two types of wood introduced into Minecraft in update 0.9.0, alongside the dark oak wood. They can be smelted into charcoal and can also be used to craft acacia planks on a crafting table.

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How to Plant Acacia Trees in Minecraft

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

If you don’t want to go through the stress of finding the Savanna biome every time you need Acacia wood, then you should consider planting the tree. To plant an Acacia tree or any other tree in Minecraft, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Collect the Saplings from the tree. Unlike other crops in Minecraft, tress can only grow from Saplings, so you first need to acquire the Saplings of the Acacia tree before proceeding. The easiest way to harvest a sapling is by cutting down the tree with an ax, to do this, simply right-click and hold down on the tree with an ax in your hand.

You can of course use your bare hands to cut down a tree but it is time-consuming. Once you have completely cut off the woodblocks from the tree, the leaf block starts to vanish, some of which has a chance to drop sapling. It is important to note that not all the leaf-textured blocks will drop a sapling, so harvesting a lot of saplings could take some time.

Step 2

Next, you have to choose a location you would want to grow your acacia tree. You can of course plant the tree anywhere but I would advise that you grow the tree very close to your spawn point, or player base, or your house to make the process more convenient for you in the long run. Once you have a location, make sure that the soil is either made up of dirt, Podzol, or grass.

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The location also needs access to light, so planting the tree outdoors seems to be the most logical thing to do unless you have an alternate light source like torches and glow stones. Bear in mind that trees do not ground while they are obstructed by other blocks directly above them.

Step 3

Now that you have the ideal location and criteria fulfilled, you can plant the Acacia sapling. You first need to hold the Sapling in your hand then right-click it on the soil you choose between Dirt, grass, and Podzol.

Materials Required to Make Acacia Wood

An Acacia wood is a block that has the same texture as the log’s bark on all 6 sides. To make Acacia wood, you’ll need a crafting table and 4 Acacia logs. 

Acacia Logs

To make an Acacia wood, you’ll need to cut down at least 4 pieces of Acacia logs. 

How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

How to Make Acacia Wood with Bark in Minecraft

To make an Acacia wood with bark, you need to have all the needed items and your crafting table ready. Once that is complete, simply follow the steps below to craft yourself an Acacia wood. This Process can craft 3 blocks of acacia wood with bark

Step 1

Right-click your crafting table and open the crafting menu, then locate the 3×3 crafting grid on the right-hand side.

Step 2

Next, you have to add the items needed to make Acacia wood to the 3×3 crafting grid. So place all 4 Acacia logs in the 3×3 crafting grid. Bear in mind that the pattern of placing these items on the grid is important if you want to achieve the correct results.

In the first row or column, you have to place 1 acacia log in the first cell, and 1 acacia log in the second cell. While in the second row or column, you have to put 1 acacia log in the first cell and 1 acacia log in the second cell. This is the main recipe for crafting an Acacia wood with bark in Minecraft.

Once you have filled the cells of your crafting grid in the correct pattern, then the crafted acacia wood with bark appears in the box for crafted items.

Step 3

Once you have achieved the required results from the crafting table, you can now move your Acacia wood with bark from the crafting grid to your inventory. Simply right-click and drag the item to your inventory.

So with that, you have successfully crafted an Acacia wood with bark in Minecraft, congratulations. 

How to Make Acacia Wood Planks

To make acacia wood planks, you will need to get an Acacia Woodblock. Next just follow these easy steps and you’re good to go.

Step 1

Open your crafting table and locate the 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2

Now place an Acacia wood block in the center of the grid or any of the cells. At the crafted item cell, you will see the successfully crafted acacia wood planks. The process can craft 4 Acacia wood planks from a single acacia log.

Step 3

Add the crafted acacia wood planks to your inventory by right-clicking and dragging the items to your inventory. That’s all. 

How to Make Acacia Wood Sticks

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

To make acacia sticks in Minecraft, you’ll need to have some acacia wood planks in your inventory. Once that is done, follow these easy steps to craft an Acacia wood stick. This process can also be used by other wood planks types to craft the same type of sticks.

Step 1

Open your crafting table and locate the 3×3 crafting grid on the right-hand side.

Step 2

Next place Acacia wood planks in any cell of the first row. Then place an Acacia wood plank in the cell directly underneath the first plank(Adjacent to the first plank). This process can craft 4 sticks.

Step 3

Now add the crafted sticks to your inventory by right-clicking and dragging the 4 crafted sticks to your inventory.

How to make an Acacia Log in Minecraft

To make an Acacia log in survival mode of your Minecraft world, just follow this step-by-step process for an easy result.

Step 1

First, you have to find an Acacia tree, they are mostly located in the Savanna biome in Minecraft. Next, hold an ax in your hand, although you can chop down a tree with your bare hands, using an ax is faster. Bear in mind that the better your ax, the faster the process will be. 

Step 2

Chop down the Acacia tree with your ax, you can do this by right-clicking and holding down the action button. You have to continue shopping until a small-sized acacia tree log appears. Make sure you remove every log from the tree to prevent floating trees in your world.

Step 3

Pick up the Acacia log before the item despawns. It will automatically enter your inventory once you walk over it unless your inventory is full. You can keep it in your inventory until you are ready to use it for another task.

How to Make Striped Acacia Wood in Minecraft

Where to Find and How to Make Acacia Wood in Minecraft

For you to make a stripped acacia wood you’ll need an ax in your hand. To do this, you have to right-click the block of wood with the ax in your hand. You can either do this while the log is still on the tree or you can place the cut log on the ground and do it there.

A stripped acacia wood can add some texture and color to your building design thanks to its unique orange look. It can also be used as a source of fuel just like other woods. Although, using stripped acacia wood as fuel in a furnace is less resourceful than using other fuel sources.

How to Make Acacia Slab

An Acacia slab is a halved version of its respective block, and it can occupy either the top or bottom half of a block or both. To make an Acacia slab, you’ll need to get some Acacia wood logs and some acacia wood planks. Simply follow these steps to craft yourself an Acacia slab.

Step 1

Open your crafting table and locate the 3×3 crafting grid on the right-hand side.

Step 2

Now add 3 acacia planks to the 3 cells of any row(That is, put 1 in the first cell, 1 in the second cell, and 1 in the third cell of any row in the grid). The process can craft 6 acacia slabs which will appear in the crafted box.

Step 3

Next, right-click and drag the crafted items to your inventory.

Is Acacia Wood Good in Minecraft?

Although Acacia wood is not the most used wood out there compared to plain and dark oak wood, it is still the most unique wood in Minecraft. If used correctly, the Orange color of this wood can make certain parts of your structure pop out even more. I highly recommend giving this wood a try if you want a fancy and color structure in Minecraft.

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