Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact? (Location & Map)

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The world of Genshin Impact is a vast one that requires you to understand that there are different items that you can collect so that you can become stronger. In that regard, one item that you end up becoming useful for you in your Genshin Impact playthrough is the Valberry, which should allow you to ascend certain characters in the game. But where can you find Valberry in Genshin Impact?

Valberry is a rare item in Genshin Impact and can only be found in one corner of the Mondstadt region. They are very small plants that anyone can easily miss, and that means that you may struggle to find them. However, as you proceed through the game, farming Valberry will be easier.

Unlike some of the ascension items in Genshin Impact, the Valberry is a little bit more difficult to obtain because of how rare it is. Meanwhile, some of the other items tend to be more common and are a lot easier to obtain because of how abundant they are. Now, with that said, let’s look at where you can find Valberry in Genshin Impact.

What Is Valberry In Genshin Impact?

Those who have been playing Genshin Impact for a while would understand that this game is full of different things that you may want to discover for yourself. That’s why there are still a lot of players playing Genshin Impact, as they don’t run out of things to do. Of course, collecting items that can be useful will help you out in getting stronger in this game, and that is where an item like the Valberry may come in. But what is a Velberry in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, some characters require certain items to ascend and break through their level limits so that they would end up becoming stronger. Valberries are some of the items that certain characters may need if they want to ascend. As such, if you have certain characters that require a Valberry, you should be able to find a way to collect these items.


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The Valberry is an ascension material that is required for these three Mondstadt characters:

  • Rosaria
  • Noelle
  • Lisa

So, if you have any of those characters in your regular party, you may want to collect Valberries in bunches so that you can ascend these characters. However, while the Valberry may be useful for ascension, it can also be used as a crafting item for certain items in the game. That’s why you may still want to collect Valberries even if you don’t use any of those abovementioned characters.

The Valberry is useful if you want to craft red dye or if you want to use it in a few recipes for item crafting in the Serenitea Pot. Other than that, this item isn’t very useful. That means that it should be something that you should collect only if you have a use for it.

However, the Valberry can be quite tough to find in Genshin Impact, especially when you compare it to some of the other items that tend to be a lot easier to spot. And you’ll need a lot of them if you want to ascend your Mondstadt characters.

The bigger problem is that Valberries only grow in one spot in the Mondstadt region, and that means that you may end up missing them. They can be tricky to spot because of how small they are, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem to farm and collect once you’ve progressed through the game enough.

Best Place To Get Valberry In Genshin Impact

As mentioned, the Valberry is an item that can only be found in a certain area in the Mondstadt region. Specifically, Valberries grow in the Stormbearer region of Mondstadt, and they can be easy to miss if you are not keeping your eyes open enough to spot them in this area. And the problem is that, when you want to ascend some of your characters later on, it might take days for you to actually find all of the Valbberies you need. Nevertheless, we are here to help you out in your quest to find Valberries.


The area where you can find Valberries has a few pinecones scattered around the region as well, and that means that you would know that you are nearby when these pinecones appear. You can also collect them if you want to use them in your recipes later on in the game.

Considering that the Valberry can only be found in Mondstadt, it is a specialty item that only grows in this region. But the thing is that, once you’ve progressed through Genshin Impact enough, you will be able to unlock the Realm Within in Chapter 1 of the game. This will allow you to purchase the Jade Field farming plot for 300 Realm Currency from the Realm Depot.


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Once you’ve purchased the Jade Field, it will now be easier for you to farm Valberries in the game. You can just buy Valberry seeds from the Realm Depot or harvest the Valberries using the Seed Dispensary item that you can acquire after reaching reputation rank 3 in Inazuma. You can plant the seeds in the Jade Field and wait for the same number of days as the usual Valberry that grows in the wild (it can take a few days). This will allow you to easily farm more Valberries without having to wait for the wild Valberries to respawn.

Can You Buy Valberry In Genshin Impact?

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The good news for those who are using Mondstadt characters is that you don’t have to plant Valberry seeds or wait for them to grow in the wild if you are in desperate need of these items for whatever purpose. That’s because you can buy Valberries in Genshin Impact.

The only way for you to buy Valberries in Genshin Impact is if you run into the wander botanist named Chloris, who tends to wander around. She will allow you to buy five Valberries once every three days for a price of 1,000 Mora each. That means that you can spend 5,000 Mora every three days.

This isn’t the most efficient way for you to get Valberries, but it can still be useful if you are in a bind and you really need to collect more Valberries for whatever reason. 

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