Where to Watch Twilight? Are Twilight Movies on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu?

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 2011

In this article, we will show where you can watch The Twilight Saga and is it available on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, and Hulu. We will also show you where you watch Twilight for free.

Where to Watch Twilight Movies?

You can watch the Twilight Saga movies on the:

  • Netflix,
  • Vudu,
  • iTunes,
  • YouTube,
  • Google Play,
  • Peacock ,
  • IMDb TV,
  • Tubi.

Are Twilight Movies on Netflix?

All five Twilight movies are available on Netflix, but not in all regions.

As of 16 July 2021, all Twilight movies began streaming on Netflix. If you’re already a Twilight fan and a Netflix subscriber, you can now add all five of the saga to your watchlist.

Twilight being a popular movie series indeed, after just days that it started streaming on Netflix, claimed a spot in the list of most-streamed movies on Netflix with Twilight (2008) in third place, New Moon (2009) in the sixth, Eclipse (2010) in seventh, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (2011) in the eighth, and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (2012) in 10th.

Even though Twilight Saga is a very popular movie series globally, it’s not still available in all countries. It’s common with many other movies, if not all on Netflix. If you travel a lot, you will notice the absence of some of your movies on your Netflix watchlist.

Notwithstanding this, the fact remains that the Twilight movie is on Netflix. If faced with the problem of locations affecting your streaming, you can use a VPN to fix it. A well-known and trusted VPN that works with Netflix that you can use to access Twilight movies is NordVPN.

Are Twilight Movies on Amazon Prime?

The Twilight Saga movies are no longer available for streaming on Amazon Prime. 

Amazon is one of the top best sites that offer quality streaming services by offering fantastic movies and other film series. As of 2018, Twilight movies were available for free streaming on Amazon Prime until August 2020, when it was announced that this movie franchise would be leaving Amazon Prime in September.


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One will wonder why movies leave a streaming site, especially when they’re interesting, like Twilight movies. Movies are mostly taken down due to issues like production cost or licensing issues or a movie’s attractiveness to viewers and subscribers or content.

Twilight movies are not affected by production cost, licensing issues, or attractiveness, or content because Twilight was also one of the top streamed movies on Amazon Prime. The series was only moved from Amazon prime to other streaming sites like Hulu; they didn’t remove it from prime. The streaming service only knows the reason for this movement.

Are Twilight Movies on HBO Max?

Twilight movies are not available for streaming on HBO Max.

HBO Max is known as one of the best streaming services around in terms of the quality of films and TV shows available for streaming; HBO max also has a little turnover rate. Every month in every year, lots of movies are announced to be leaving the site.

So it is advisable to visit the site to check for movie leaving dates to watch your favorites before the due dates. HBO max is known for having high-rated movies, but it doesn’t have Twilight movies anymore. HBO might be working on bringing it back.

Are Twilight Movies on Disney Plus?

The Twilight Saga movies are not available on Disney plus.

Disney Plus is a streaming service that primarily distributes films and TV series produced by Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney television, with dedicated content hubs for brands such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, national geographic, and others.

Disney Plus is very strict with movies they stream on their service, so it’s hard to have movies like Twilight, which is not under their brand.

Are Twilight Movies on Hulu?

The Twilight Saga movies are no longer available on Hulu for streaming.

Hulu is another great movie streaming platform that allows users to stream top-notch movies and TV series with a subscription. Hulu, being among numerous top streaming sites like HBO Max, Disney Plus, and others, also tries its best to compete with other competitors by adding and removing specific movies and TV series from its site.

All the five Twilight movies were available for streaming on this site until the end of October 2020, when Twilight movies were removed alongside other movies.

Although Twilight movies stay on Hulu was short-lived from when it was moved in during September to its leaving in October.

As mentioned earlier, there is a kind of competition between these streaming platforms. They have their reasons for adding and removing specific movies and series from their platform.

Are Twilight Movies on BBC?

You can stream all five Twilight movies on BBC America.

BBC is a very wide brand company that offers a lot of services. They are known for providing the best break news on anything in the world, they also provide services like music, sports and lots more. BBC America and BBC iPlayer allow you to watch live BBC TV channels, enjoy movies and TV programs, and other exclusive content.

BBC is an online streaming site where you can watch all your favorite movies and TV programs, including Twilight movies. With the BBC iPlayer app, you can also stream Twilight movies and other movies either on-demand, live, stream them to your TV, and download them to watch offline later anywhere.

Where to Watch Twilight Movies for Free?

If you cannot pay for all the top streaming sites mentioned earlier, do not worry, I will give you some sites where you can watch Twilight movies for free.


First, let’s look at Peacock. Unlike sites like Amazon and Hulu, NBC universal Peacock is free. You just need to sign up with your Gmail and a password to instantly access thousands of hours of movies and other entertainment.

When it comes to watching movies on Peacock TV  for free, there is no special trick there. You just have to simply sign up to start your free account. You can watch all the Twilight movies for free on Peacock if you are not concerned with ads popping up while watching them. Peacock is the best site to watch Twilight movies and other movies for free.


IMDb is an online database of information related to films, television programs, video games, and other online streaming content. Just like Peacock, before you can access free streaming, you need to log in to IMDb, which you can do by creating a standalone IMDb account for free.

The Twilight Saga film series can also be watched free on IMDb without necessarily paying for subscriptions. IMDb is also ad-supported. Instead of paying for a subscription, you get served many disturbing ads. So you can also check out IMDb as a free place to watch Twilight movies.

Pluto tv

I also recommend Pluto tv as a site where you can watch all five Twilight movies for free. Pluto doesn’t require you to create an account or log in. In terms of quality movies, Pluto can be placed with top sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But what differentiates this site from these top sites is that it is ad-supported. Since it’s all free here, the ads won’t matter, though.

Out of all the sites mentioned for free streaming, Pluto is the best to check out and watch Twilight movies for free.


Vudu is also an ad-supported on-demand streaming service that does not require a subscription. It’s also a trusted streaming service to watch Twilight movies. The fact that it’s a streaming service makes it liable for a subscription. Yes, it is, but the choice is yours to subscribe when you decide to rent or buy a movie or series on Vudu.

Notwithstanding, you can enjoy free streaming of many movies and Twilight movies here if you are not bothered by the ads.

There is also another option I will recommend for you to watch Twilight movies for free. It is called Roku. Roku is a brand of hardware digital media player manufactured by an American company Roku inc. They offer access to streaming media content from various online services.

Roku has been influential on the digital media player market for making the concept of low-cost media consumption popular. There is no subscription fee for a Roku once you’ve paid for your Roku device. It’s your choice to add paid channels and subscriptions. A Roku can cost as low as USD 29.99 if you are interested in buying one.

Watch Twilight Movies with Free Trials

Another means of watching Twilight movies for free are platforms that offer free trials. Show max offers 14 days free trial to watch any collection of movies and TV shows. Twilight movies are available in show max.

You can watch all the Twilight movies in one day or two. The top streaming site Netflix also offers a 7-day free trial. You can make use of these few days’ free trials to watch the Twilight movies and other movies.


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There are other sites where you can stream these movies, like Tubi and YouTube. Others like 123movies and Fmovies are also included, but I won’t recommend them because they are not safe or contain some types of malware. It differs in regions in terms of safety because most regions are strict with copyright laws.

Stephenie Meyer, the writer of the Twilight novels, has a sixth part (midnight sun) which was rumored to be released in 2021. Since there has not been any news of its production in the past years and 2021 fans can only hope to see the sixth part in 2023 or 2024.