Where & When Does Alice in Borderland Take Place?

arisu and friends

One of the most popular Asian series that you can watch on Netflix is Alice In Borderland, which talks about characters that are trapped in a parallel world where they are forced to play deadly games so that they can hopefully escape this world. Of course, this all happens in a world that may seem familiar to them but is still quite different. So., where and when does Alice In Borderland take place?

Alice In Borderland takes place in the Borderlands, a parallel version of Tokyo with no other people except for the ones forced to play the games. It also takes place during a time period that resembles our own current modern time period but is still quite different due to how it has a few futuristic elements.

At this point, we really aren’t too sure what is going on in Alice In Borderland or why they are in a parallel world. But we do know that this is a world that was meant to be sick and twisted enough that it would force people to play games of life and death. Now, with that said, let’s look at where and when Alice In Borderland takes place.

Where Does Alice In Borderland Take Place?

One of the most popular Japanese series that you can watch on Netflix is Alice In Borderland, which follows different characters that are forced to play a series of different games that are meant to test their intellect and emotions. Of course, these games are actually life-or-death situations because of the fact that those who fail in these games end up dying. And winning these games would allow the players to extend their lifespan and eventually find a way to get out of the predicament they are in.

The storyline follows Arisu and his two best friends as they are both forced to play these games. They ended up playing games with other people. However, Arisu lost his friends in the game and was forced to find new allies. His friends, before dying, told him that they wanted him to find a way to get out of where they were. So, where does Alice In Borderland even take place?

the borderlands.

In the beginning, we saw that Arisu and his friends were in Tokyo. They seemingly grew up and met in Tokyo, Japan, and eventually became best friends since they were still quite young. Of course, while they were out hanging out in Tokyo, they were all transported to the venue of the game. But where is the venue of the game?

The venue of the game is actually still Tokyo. However, this is a different version of Tokyo because Arisu and his friends, when they got transported into this game world, realized that all of the other people were gone and that there were only a few people left in this game world. That means that Alice In Borderland takes place in a world that’s quite possibly a parallel version of Tokyo or even a simulated version of the city.


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But it was always clear that this was actually the real deal because everything about this city resembled the Tokyo that Arisu and the others were familiar with. It’s just that the non-players were now gone from the city, as only the players were left. Meanwhile, the ones who were organizing the games were acting as gods that pitted the players against one another in a high-stakes gambling game.

In that regard, Arisu goal is to find a way to get out of this seemingly parallel world that we know little to nothing of. He and his friends have to finish all of the games so that they can collect the deck of cards that represents the games. And even if they finish the games, there is no guarantee that they will actually escape this place called the Borderlands.

Of course, the twist in terms of what the Borderlands will come later in the storyline, as this place isn’t what Arisu and his friends thought it was. In that regard, it still is Tokyo but is a different version of Tokyo that takes place in an entirely different realm. And it will make sense once you learn what the Borderlands actually are.

When Does Alice In Borderland Take Place?

Of course, when Alice In Borderland started, it took place in a timeline that’s similar to ours because of the fact that Arisu was seen playing a modern video game. When Arisu and his friends went out to walk around the city of Tokyo, the entire city also resembles the modern-day version of this metropolis. In that regard, it is possible that Alice In Borderland takes place in the modern day.

arisu and allies

However, the catch here is that the Borderlands has some sci-fi elements that may not be from our current timeline. Technology in the Borderlands seems to be more advanced because there are certain gadgets that are so sophisticated that they work almost perfectly. And whenever someone is killed by the game, a pinpoint laser is fired from the sky to kill them.


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In that regard, it is clear that there are futuristic elements in Alice In Borderland. But the catch is that the Borderlands are located in a parallel version of Tokyo that may or may not be real. As such, this entire storyline probably exists in a world that was artificially created.

So, if the Borderland were artificially created, that would mean that the setting is the modern day but with technology that allows people to actually create a parallel or artificial version of Tokyo where people are transported to play a series of different games that determine life and death. This may sound confusing, but there is a good chance that the entire storyline takes place in our current modern world but with a few elements of sci-fi mixed into it.

And the fact this parallel world isn’t something that you probably expected it would be, it would make sense that it takes place in our modern world but is just different due to its sci-fi and existential storyline.

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