Who Is the Witch in Alice in Borderland? Revealed

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During the events of Netflix’s Alice In Borderland, we saw that the characters were seemingly able to hack the entire game when the Beach was formed to allow all of the players to consolidate the cards that they won and work together to formulate strategies that would allow them to win games while minimizing casualties. However, the Ten of Hearts game, which was the last game they needed to win before the Face Cards showed up, was what destroyed this alliance as a literal witch hunt began so that they could find the “witch” responsible for killing Momoka. So, who was the witch in Alice In Borderland?

The witch that killed Momoka in Alice In Borderland was Momoka herself. She committed suicide to sacrifice herself so that her friend could go back to the real world. She was one of the dealers the entire time, as she worked together with the organizers of the game to initiate the witch hunt game.

It is interesting to note that Hearts games were always meant to mess with the emotions of the players instead of making them use their logic. That is why no one was able to properly solve the Ten of Hearts game before Arisu escaped from his imprisonment. And had Arisu been around the entire time, meaningless deaths would have been avoided during the Ten of Hearts game because they would have found the witch sooner.

What Is The Ten Of Hearts Game?

As you probably already know, the story of Alice In Borderland revolves around a chosen group of people transported to an alternate world where they are forced to play games that are based on a deck of cards. These games are deadly as they can kill a person that would make a mistake while trying to solve them. And while a lot of the games required the players to have logical minds that allowed them to solve the puzzles, the Hearts games were trickier because they messed with the emotions of the players.

We saw how tricky the Hearts games are when Arisu lost all of his friends in the Seven of Hearts game that they played. As a result, he became more resolved in trying to get out of this alternate world as his friends sacrificed themselves so that he could stay alive.

Meanwhile, after that incident, Arisu discovered the Beach, which was an organization that was created for all of the players to be able to join up together and consolidate the cards that they won in the games that they played. Led by a man known as the Hatter, the Beach also allowed the players to party all the time so that they could enjoy their time in Borderland. And the best thing about the Beach was that the players were able to actually work together to solve the games and find a solution to return to the real world.


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It came to a point where only the Ten of Hearts card was missing before the Face Cards were going to reveal themselves. As such, the Ten of Hearts card finally began near the end of season 1 of Alice In Borderland. Of course, because the organizers of the game realized that the Beach was powerful and smart enough as an entire unit, the Ten of Hearts game was meant to plant the seeds of distrust within the players so that they would turn against one another.


The Ten of Hearts game began when Momoka, one of the players, was found dead on the floor. This game involved a hunt for the one responsible for Momoka’s death, as it was called a witch hunt. The objective was to look for the one responsible for killing Momoka and then burn her to end the game and win the Ten of Hearts card.

However, none of the players knew who killed Momoka, and this started a conflict that involved the militants on the Beach. Eventually, Aguni, the leader of the militants, a mass murder was started so that they could find out who killed Momoka without having to use their brains. As such, everyone began killing each other and burning the bodies of the dead so that they could hopefully randomly find out who killed Momoka. But that plan didn’t work.

The hotel where the Beach was based was converted into a literal warzone where everyone started killing people without remorse. In that regard, the Ten of Hearts game ruined what was supposedly a united organization of players that worked together to find a way to get out of Borderland. They all turned on each other when they saw a chance to preserve themselves in this witch hunt game.

Who Is The Witch In The Ten Of Hearts Game?

The reason why no one was ever able to solve the Ten of Hearts game before Arisu did was due to the fact that not a lot of them were experienced in playing a Hearts game. As mentioned, Hears games were meant to mess with the emotions of the players so that they wouldn’t be able to think properly and use their logic. The entire time that the players were killing one another, Arisu was locked up.


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But when Arisu finally escaped, he was able to use his combination of logical and emotional intelligence to find out that no one among the people on the Beach was the witch. That’s because the witch was actually Momoka herself, as she committed suicide for the game to start. As such, all that they needed to do was to burn Momoka’s body so that the game would end. All of the violence that began due to the Ten of Hearts game could have been avoided if they had just tried to work well enough together and resolve the puzzle before randomly killing people.


The truth was that Momoka was one of the “dealers” that worked with the organizers of the games. She and her friend were told that one of them needed to die so that one of them could escape. Believing that her death would allow her friend to escape and return to the real world, Momoka committed suicide. And that was when the game started.

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