Who Are Lunarians in One Piece? (& The Most Important Members)

Who are Lunarians in One Piece? (& The Most Important Members)

We know that Eiichiro Oda created a very large world in One Piece and that this world is full of various races, species, and different characters. One of them are the Lunarians. The Lunarians are a race that once lived above Red Line, in a certain “Land of the Gods”. In this article, we are going to collect all the known and unknown information on the Lunarians and give you a guide on who they are and who their best-known members are.

The Lunarians are a race that once lived above Red Line, in a certain “Kingdom of Gods”. Little is known about this people. King is the last known representative of the race. The World Government researched their bodies for unknown reasons, paying 100,000,000 Berrys for information to learn more about this species.

The Lunarians are a relatively obscure group in One Piece and there isn’t much available information on them. In this article, we have gathered all we could to provide you with a most comprehensive, detailed, and thorough guide – as always – on this intriguing race whose role in the story is certainly important, regardless of the fact that it has not featured much.

Who are the Lunarians in One Piece?

The Lunarians are a race of people from the Red Line who are able to create flames from their bodies. This race is considered extinct, and King is believed to be the only known survivor. The only known Lunarian, King, is a tall humanoid who has a pair of large black-feathered wings on his back. In addition to black wings, white hair and dark skin are characteristic features of this race, as well as a burning flame behind their backs, which they can burn at will.

It is not known whether King’s height is a hallmark of all members of the race or a feature of a particular representative. Lunarians have the Ignite ability, which allows them to create and manipulate flames in their bodies. In addition, their physiology somehow provides Lunarians with incredible resistance to physical damage, allowing them to live in any natural environment.

However, at certain moments, the Lunarian’s characteristic resilience is lost, at such moments the flames burning behind them are extinguished, and their speed increases significantly. Whether the Lunarian’s flames only go out when they want to, or whether there is a time limit on how long the flames can last (and thus their increased resilience) is currently unclear. Unlike the inhabitants of Skypiea, Lunarians’ wings are functional body parts and allow them to at least float in the air.

What are the Lunarians like?

The Lunarians were formerly known as a race of “gods” who lived at the top of the Red Line. According to Whitebeard, there was a “Kingdom of the Gods” on the Red Line that existed before Mary Geoise arrived there. However, under as yet unknown circumstances, the Lunarians nearly died out, with only one known survivor from the tribe at present. The World Government apparently hunts Lunarians around the world to this day, rewarding anyone with a hefty amount of 100,000,000 Berrys for any information about the whereabouts of any member of this race.

When Kaido met King, then known as Alber, at Punk Hazard, he remarked that the Government would never leave him alone. Accordingly, the Lunarians are one of three races that do not exist in Totto Land, which is inhabited by various races of the world. For this reason, Charlotte Linlin expressed her desire to recruit King into her team so that her country would have a representative of such a rare race as well.

Lunarians’ powers and abilities

Lunarians have the ability to emit fire from their bodies, which they can manipulate and use as weapons in combat, such as using flames to enhance the power of their melee attacks while covering their limbs in flames. The ability to create fire from the body can be used to enhance their melee attacks, unleash powerful fire blasts, and create voluminous fiery figures.

At its strongest, the royal flame is so powerful that it appears to take on the consistency of magma. It is unknown if excessive use of these flames causes any damage to the user. In addition, Lunarians are known for their incredible physical resilience, which supposedly contributed to their being known as “gods” in the past.


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The surviving Lunarian, King, was described by Queen as “a monster that can survive in any environment”. Moreover, the endurance of this race is so high that the scientists of the World Government conducted research and experiments on the King many years ago to test the level of its resistance. Currently, King has demonstrated the ability to withstand extremely powerful attacks without losing a single drop of blood in the process.

Moreover, Lunarians either lose after a while, or they can deliberately turn off the flames burning behind them, which will lead to a temporary loss of the indicated characteristic endurance, in exchange for receiving a sharp increase in speed, which allows representatives of this race to develop speed faster than one that can be developed by specially trained people.

Best-known Lunarians in One Piece

The only known Lunarian in the whole One Piece franchise is King, one of the three All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates and Kaidou’s right-hand man. He has enough power to fend off Big Mom’s Queen Mama Chanter ship and its crew without any difficulty single-handedly. King proves his great physical ability, as shown when he easily threw Shinobu out of the castle after grabbing her by the head, he knocked Sanji off without apparent difficulty on his Raid Suit.

King was also able to withstand several heavy blows from Marco as he exited without much apparent damage, he also proved his combat skills by showing great agility and speed against Zoro, who he actually overwhelmingly overwhelmed. attacks, sending him almost permanently out of the skull so away from the war, and he demonstrates this with his ability to cover a great distance in an instant. True to his epithet “King the Fire”, King is able to create flames.

King Anime Infobox 1 2

As one of the last representatives of the Lunarian people, King indeed has the ability to create fire with his body. He uses this skill, in particular, to increase his melee attack power, by giving a fiery punch for example or by firing projectiles, as he did in his pteranodon form, even being able to create powerful and wide fire attacks, taking the form of dragons.

King ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, an Ancient Zoan-type Pteranodon pattern allowing him to transform into a Pteranodon. This Zoan allows him to fly at an incredibly high speed and he transforms his beak into a spear that blocks the enemy and pierces them.

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