Who Are Naruto’s Brothers & Sisters?

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We all know how popular Naruto is and how it started from its humble roots during the 2000s when the titular character was just a boy trying to make his way in the ninja world. Naruto was a loner growing up, and that led to him becoming a mischievous young boy that wanted people to notice him. Still, he grew up to become a fine young man who a lot of people treat as family. So, who are Naruto’s brothers and sisters?

Unfortunately, Naruto doesn’t have any true siblings because his parents died too early to give him brothers and sisters. However, he ended up forming friendships with people that he soon began to treat as his brothers and sisters because of the bond that they share and the things they’ve been through.

There are a lot of different people who Naruto treated as brothers and sisters throughout his life, as his resiliency and friendly demeanor allowed him to attract the friendship and loyalty of a lot of different people all over the ninja world. So, with that said, let’s look at Naruto and who he considers brothers and sisters.

Does Naruto Have Any Siblings?

One of the most popular characters in the history of anime is Naruto, who is the titular star of the Naruto manga and anime that ran for a long time and has amassed millions of fans all over the world. Of course, the Naruto anime follows the story of Naruto, a young ninja who started from humble roots but eventually became the leader of the Hidden Leaf ninja village.

Those who have followed Naruto ever since the very first episode would know that the titular hero grew up as a loner who no one in the village liked because of his relationship with the Nine-Tailed Beast. So, with that, Naruto basically grew up on his own without anyone there by him. But if that is true, what about his siblings? Does Naruto even have brothers and sisters?


Unfortunately, Naruto is an only child with no immediate relatives in the Hidden Leaf. He didn’t grow up with any siblings precisely because his parents died early. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki both died trying to protect the village from the rampage of the Nine-Tails that was unleashed by Obito just shortly after Naruto was born. In that regard, they couldn’t give him a brother or sister.

On top of that, Naruto also didn’t have any immediate relatives in the Hidden Leaf. That’s because the Uzumaki clan is a near-extinct clan that no longer had any members except for a few remaining Uzumakis scattered all over the world. That meant that Naruto was basically an only child that didn’t have any relatives to take care of him while he was growing up in the Hidden Leaf.

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Naruto also grew up getting resented by the rest of the village because they knew that he had the Nine-Tails sealed inside him and that they were afraid that he might turn into the beast at any given moment. 

But while a lot of the villagers resented Naruto, the good news is that he still had some people who ended up offering their friendship to him. And these people basically became Naruto’s brothers and sisters not in blood but in heart.

Who Are Like Brothers And Sisters To Naruto?

As mentioned, Naruto grew up without any siblings or relatives. However, he was lucky enough to encounter people who went on to offer their friendship to him. And these people became very close to him such that he eventually treated them like brothers and sisters.

5. Iruka

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Iruka was Naruto’s first-ever sensei because he was the one instructing the students over at the ninja academy. Because Naruto was a troublemaker, Iruka was always there scolding him. However, it was the fact that Iruka risked his own life to save Naruto that allowed the two to become very close. In that regard, Naruto has since looked up to Iruka as an older brother and even went on to ask him to act as his father during his wedding with Hinata.

4. Shikamaru

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Shikamaru is the first friend that Naruto made while he was attending the ninja academy because they both had similar mindsets in the sense that they were a bit too lazy when they were still children. As such, Naruto has since treated Shikamaru as a brother. While Naruto and Shikamaru didn’t end up on the same team after graduating from the academy, they still treated each other as great friends. The brotherhood was carried all the way to Naruto’s time as Hokage as Shikamaru acted as his trusted adviser.

3. Sakura

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Sakura was never the nicest person to Naruto when they were still children because she was kind of a brat, and Naruto was kind of annoying as well. Naruto actually had a crush on her as they went on to become teammates along with Sasuke. However, this crush eventually turned into a strong friendship that resembled a bond between siblings. Naruto and Sakura have since treated each other as family.

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2. Gaara

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The relationship between Naruto and Gaara didn’t start off well because Gaara was treated as a weapon because he had the One-Tailed Beast in him. In fact, he was a jerk who tried to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf, and this was the result of how he was not in full control over his emotions. However, Naruto was there to knock some sense into him as they both became close friends when Naruto was the only one who could relate to what Gaara was going through. Considering that they are both Jinchuriki, their bond extends beyond friendship.

1. Sasuke

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Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke started off rocky because they both didn’t like one another for different reasons. However, after working together for a long time as members of Team 7, they eventually became rivals. But Naruto treated Sasuke as a dear friend and brother instead of just a rival that he needed to beat because he went through hell and back to knock some sense into Sasuke. In fact, because Naruto and Sasuke are the incarnations of the brothers Ashura and Indra, they are actually incarnated brothers.

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