Who Are the Azumabito Family in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know


As you probably know by now, Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga is full of interesting characters and details. The Azumabito Family has been introduced into the Attack on Titan anime series and in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

The Azumabito Family is a lineage from the nation of Hizuru. Their ancestors, more than a century ago, forged an alliance with the old Eldian Empire due to the friendly relationship that the Hizuru shogun had with the Fritz family. Mikasa Ackerman is the last descendant of the family that lives in the walls.

The rest of this article is going to give you a more detailed overview of the history of the Azumabito Family in Attack on Titan. We’re simply going to tell you everything we know about them so you can have a full set of information about them. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the Azumabito Family in Attack on Titan.

The history of the Azumabito Family

Before the Great Titan War, Eldia and Heazul were allied nations. A descendant of a great general was invited to stay on the island of Paradise. He and his family remained there after Eldia withdrew to the island and the creation of the Walls.


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The bloodline being immune to memory erasure, King Karl Fritz offered them ennoblement in exchange for their silence about the history prior to the construction of the Walls and any knowledge pertaining thereto. The clan refused and was therefore persecuted to near extinction. Their last descendant married an Ackerman and had a daughter, Mikasa, to whom she transmitted the mark of the clan before dying killed by human traffickers.

What happened to the Azumabito Family in Attack on Titan?

During the Battle of Trost District, Mikasa Ackerman recalls her childhood days when her mother and father were killed by robbers who wanted to sell her and her mother to potential buyers in Mitras. She was rescued by Eren Yeager, who killed two of the merchants before Mikasa killed the third one with her newly-awakened Ackerman abilities.

After her mother’s death, Mikasa Ackerman became the last surviving member of the Asian bloodline that existed within the walls. In a brief conversation with Levi Ackerman before her confrontation with Kenny Ackerman and his subordinates, Mikasa mentions that her mother’s family lost their homeland, possibly due to her Asian heritage.

Kiyomi Azumabito meets with Zeke Yeager sometime between 850 and 852. He tells her of his desire for the resurrection of Eldia and how helping him would successively benefit Hizuru, and therefore the Azumabito family.

She is skeptical initially, but Zeke gives her the majority of the vertical maneuvering equipment he has procured and explains that the icebreaking stone that could power the equipment can only be found in Paradis. Through an alliance, the Azumabito family could use it to revive Hizuru’s power as a nation.

Mikasa meets the Azumabitos

In 852, Kiyomi visits Paradis Island as a special ambassador. She meets Mikasa Ackerman, who is surprised by her resemblance to her mother. Mikasa shows her the Azumabito family crest tattooed on her wrist and is complimented. She reveals that Mikasa is the last descendant of a branch of the shogunate that had settled on the island, and is therefore directly associated with the Azumabito family.

At a gathering, Kiyomi explains a technique by which the island would catch up with the remainder of the planet. In 853, the Azumabito family responds that they’re not willing to assist Paradis Island in trading with other nations because they need all the resources for themselves. One month after the Marley Mid-East War, ambassadors from everywhere are invited to a celebration within the Marleyan city of Liberio.

Of those ambassadors, a minimum of one is distributed from Hizuru. One of these ambassadors is Kiyomi Azumabito. Udo, a warrior aspirant, accidentally spills wine on her kimono at a gathering on the eve of the festival. Kiyomi fears for Udo’s safety, as he’s an Eldian, and claims she spilled the wine on herself and asked the boy for help.

As she leaves, the opposite candidates serving the ambassadors are surprised by the ambassador’s kindness. Before the curtain rises on Willy Tybur’s speech, Kiyomi visits him backstage. Willy greets her on behalf of the whole Azumabito family and is praised by Kiyomi for his bravery. She prays that he will reach his duty before leaving the festival in its entirety.

After the raid on Liberio, Kiyomi returns to Paradis Island and meets with Darius Zackly to witness the Rumbling of the Titans. After Zackly is killed, Kiyomi is ordered to remain at the port for her own safety. She talks to Mikasa, who rightly accuses her of not caring who is accountable on the island as long as the Rumbling test could be a success.

Kiyomi is shot at

Kiyomi admits that this could be true. If the Rumbling test is unsuccessful, Hizuru would likely claim that the Azumabito family acted without permission. Thanks to the massive amount of cash the family has invested within the plan, in addition to their large debts, she believes this is able to ruin them. Nevertheless, Kiyomi insists that protecting Mikasa may be a genuine concern for her family.

After Eren Yeager activates the Rumbling, the Azumabitos are stuck in port among the Yeagerists. Two members of the family are killed while Kiyomi is held at gunpoint by Floch Forster. After Mikasa rescues Kiyomi and also the remainder of the engineers, everyone retreats to the basement with Theo Magath, Hange Zoë and Jean Kirstein.

The Azumabitos then reveal that it might take half a day to get a flying boat ready, which could spell doom for Liberio. However, Kiyomi suggests that they take the boat to Odiha and prepare it there. The Azumabito engineers run onto the battlefield to do to form it to the boat, but the Yeagerists fire at them with gunfire and thunder spears.

The Female and Armored Titans are forced to rescue them with their body parts. After they reach the boat, the Engineers help Onyankopon get the boat able to go.

Who are the members of the Azumabito Family?

Although the Azumabito family has and has had many more members, three of them have been identified as relevant characters in the Attack on Titan manga. We are going to introduce them in this section, telling you some basic information about each of the members.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackermann 28Anime29 character image 2885029

Mikasa Ackerman is the adopted sister of Eren Yeager, as well as one of the main protagonists of the series. After her biological parents are murdered by human traffickers, she is rescued by Eren and lives with him and his parents, Grisha and Carla, until Wall Maria comes down. Although she only desires to live peacefully with Eren, Mikasa chooses to follow him into the Human Army.

During her training in the 104th Training Corps, she excels in all areas and is ranked 1st in her class. She later joins the Survey Corps, aiming to track and protect Eren. We learn later that Mikasa is also the last descendant of a branch of the Clan Azumabito who had followed Karl Fritz when he left for the island of Paradise.

Mikasa’s mother

Mme Ackerman Anime 844

Mrs. Ackerman was the mother of Mikasa Ackerman. She lived as a civilian with her family near the fields, within the walls of Mur Maria. We learn later that she was part of one of the branches of the Clan Azumabito, the latter having followed Karl Fritz when he left for Paradise, abandoning the main branch.

She was an Asian from Paradis, an Azumabito, a descendant of the Shogun of Heazul, therefore a non-Eldian, memory alteration is not possible on her. That’s why she and all her clan were victims of persecution and she had to flee the city and go to the mountains. There she met an Ackerman, another line of outcasts. She fell in love with him, they moved in together, and had Mikasa as a child.

One rainy day in the year 844, she was home with her family. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Mikasa’s father, happy, left to answer believing that it was Doctor Yeager. As soon as the door opened, the bandits stabbed Mikasa’s father. His wife arrived and tried to snip the bandits, telling her daughter to flee. Annoyed, one of the bandits took his ax and smashed her skull with it, killing her.

Kiyomi Azumabito

Kiyomi Azumabito 28Anime29 character image

Kiyomi Azumabito is Hizuru’s ambassador to Marley. She came to the festival in Marley, held by Willy Tyber after the Marley-Middle Eastern War. Kiyomi attended a banquet on the eve of the Liberio Ghetto festival. One of the warriors, Udo, while serving drinks, accidentally spilled wine on Kiyomi’s kimono. Realizing that he would be severely punished for this, Kiyomi ordered him to calm down and informed the Marley lackey that she accidentally spilled wine on herself and asked Udo to help her.

The next day, Kiyomi met Willy Tyber in the backstage area of ​​his stage. Kiyomi explained that she just wanted to see him and called him a brave man. She then remarked that her family knew the truth and sincerely wanted Willy to do his duty to the end. However, after meeting Willy, she told her escort that they had better leave quickly and she didn’t want to see Willy’s play.

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