Are Levi and Mikasa Related in Attack on Titan?

Levi and Mikasa

The relationships between characters from Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan have been the topic of several articles here on Fiction Horizon. Now, some of those articles focused on romantic relationships, while others focused on familial ties between the characters. In this article, we are going to focus on the latter, as we are going to tell you whether Levi and Mikasa from Attack on Titan are actually related or not.

The exact nature of the relationship between Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman is not known. They do share a last name, which suggests that they are related, but the exact type of relation has never been revealed. Based on what is known from the manga, it is assumed that the two of them are distant cousins.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to explain the exact nature of their relationship in more detail. You’re going to find out some stories and facts from the manga and the anime, as we are going to try and decipher the exact relation that exists between them. We’re also going to elaborate further on the sentiments that the two had for each other throughout the story.

Is Levi Ackerman related to Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan?

If you simply observe their last names, you might come to the conclusion that Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman are related. The Ackerman surname is not a very common one and the franchise did not reveal many members of the Ackerman clan. This, of course, means that there probably is some relation between them, but just as you’d expect, Isayama never really bothered to explain this.

Official sources aren’t really unison when this fact is concerned – some state that there is a relation between the two, while others claim that their exact relation is unclear. From what we could gather, Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman are indeed related to each other, but it is a very distant relation and we cannot really pinpoint its exact nature, as it has never been specified by the author. In this section, we are going to tell you a bit about Levi’s and Mikasa’s families as a way of properly defining the exact nature of their relation.

Mikasa Ackerman’s family

Mikasa’s mother lived as a civilian with her family near the fields, inside the wall Maria. Later we learn that she belonged to one of the branches of the Azumabito clan that had followed Karl Fritz when he went to Paradis and left the main branch. She was an Asian from Paradis, an Azumabito, a descendant of the Shogun of Heazul, so she was a non-Eldian, which means that memory alteration is not possible with her.

Therefore, she and her whole clan became victims of persecution and she had to flee from the city to the mountains. There she met an Ackerman, another line of outcasts. She fell in love with him, they moved in together and had Mikasa as a child.


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One rainy day in 844, she was home with her family. While waiting for Doctor Yeager, she taught Mikasa her family’s traditional embroidery, which had been passed down from generation to generation in the weaving mill, and her husband was peeling potatoes. She complimented Mikasa on her embroidery and told her that one day she would teach it to her children as well.

Mikasa then asked how to make children, which made both parents nervous, and her father told her that the doctor would explain it to her when he came. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Mikasa’s father, who was happy, opened and thought it was Doctor Yeager.

As soon as the door opened, the bandits stabbed Mikasa’s father. His wife came along and tried to cut off the bandits by telling her daughter to flee. Angered, one of the bandits took his ax and smashed her skull with it, so Mikasa is now an orphan.

Mr. Ackerman was the father of Mikasa Ackerman and the husband of Mrs. Ackerman. He lived with his family in a clearing in Wall Maria Territory, not far from the Shiganshina District. He was calm, funny and quiet. He cared deeply for his family. Mr. Ackerman was a member of the Ackerman clan.

Due to the persecution that members of this clan faced, he lived on the fringes of society in the mountains near Shiganshina District. There he met Mrs. Ackerman, a descendant of Asian descent who had also found refuge far from the city and discrimination. They fell in love, and the fruit of their love was the birth of their daughter Mikasa.

The three of them lived happily for many years, making a living from farming and hunting, until that terrible afternoon when the bandits came, killed him and his wife, and kidnapped Mikasa, who was rescued but left an orphan.

Levi Ackerman’s family

Long after the Ackerman Clan’s persecution, Kuchel found a job in a brothel (house of prostitutes) in the underground city under the name of Olympia where she became pregnant by one of his clients. Her brother tried to convince her not to keep the child, but she didn’t listen to him. Several years after Levi’s birth, she fell ill and died.


Kenny decided to come downstairs to visit her. When he arrived, he was surprised by his thinness. It was then that Levi, curled up in a corner of the room, told her that she was dead. He then noticed that his sister had hidden their name from his son and decided to keep it secret, then seeing Levi in agony, he took the child under his wing to teach him the art of survival in the abominable shallows.


As you can see, there is no direct relation between the two, as their respective parent’s weren’t related. By all probability, Mikasa’s parents and Levi’s mother never actually met so we don’t know whether they knew of each other. This is why we assume that they were distant cousins rather than anything else.

Do Levi and Mikasa know they are related?

In Chapter 63 of the manga, Levi’s Squad is already on the way to the rescue of Eren and Historia. Levi tells them the obstacle that Kenny must represent to them, proposing that they think that his person will represent that same obstacle, but he retracts when he remembers the firearms that the enemy has.

Sasha and Connie say that in that case it would be impossible to defeat him, but Mikasa denies it, Connie affirms that it is true since they don’t know if Eren could be eaten. Hange asks Levi why the only detail they know is that he lived with Kenny for a while, Levi cites that the day before he found out the full name. Levi says that Kenny is probably related to Mikasa, the latter tells him that her father and the Ackerman family were persecuted within the walls as well as her mother, who was part of an Eastern tribe.

Both were exiled and hid in the mountains where they related and eventually married. Levi asks her if in his childhood she experienced a flash of strength that was released in a moment of danger, which Mikasa ends up confirming, to which Levi says that he has felt that same surge himself, but also Kenny.

This is the moment in which Levi and Mikasa realized that they were related. The same power surge, that both seemed to share with Kenny, was proof enough for them that they are relatives, albeit distant ones. Mikasa inherited her name from her father, while Levi inherited his name from his mother’s side, as his biological father was never revealed. Kenny Ackerman was revealed to be Levi’s uncle.

What episode do Levi and Mikasa find out they are related?

As for the anime, this particular scene was adapted into the anime during its third season. This scene, where Mikasa and Levi realize that they are distant relatives, happens in Episode 6 of Season 3 of the anime, which is the 43rd episode overall. The episode was titled “Sin” and it had its premiere on August 27, 2018 in Japan.

Can Levi and Mikasa be together?

Well, aside from the fact that they are actually related, which would make their relationship a bit bizarre and certainly inappropriate, Mikasa is truly in love with Eren so there was absolutely no way for Mikasa and Levi to actually end up together. Plus, as we are going to see in the next section, they had completely different sentiments towards each other.


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Does Levi love Mikasa?

Levi and Mikasa don’t have many “direct” contacts, except about Eren. While the young girl is ready to do anything to save Eren, Levi criticizes her for her lack of reliable judgment when it comes to the young boy. Besides, Mikasa still resents the master corporal for hitting Eren on the day of his trial. She often calls him a “pretentious dwarf”.

The rare times they speak to each other is to cooperate and bond their advanced abilities. But after the fight against the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees, tensions seem to have eased slightly.

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